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Chick Update

Things have been particularly busy at Twiglet Homestead lately, but I thought I better do a quick (haha ‘quick’) post about the chicks. Because everybody needs some cuteness. 691 more words


The Death of an Ice Queen

In the loving memory of R.

Windows rolled down, one puff two puff
Inhale once, elongate, hush hush
Keep it in, tiring eyes, crimson blush… 92 more words


Etymology Of The Day -Brooding/broody​: Pensive

Brooding / Broody: Two different words with different meanings, yet they both rest upon a common part – ‘brood’ how did these two come to be, and are they connected? 177 more words


In Which There Are BABIES, Amidst The Usual Amount of Nuttiness

I am proud to announce that we have two feather babies! They arrived yesterday and are doing well so far. I am totally stoked because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t going to end up with any chicks. 1,397 more words


The Chicken Madness Starts to Settle Down. Or Does it?

Things are a lot better in the bumblefoot department these days. Boy, bumblefoot is a pig to deal with! It has taken so much time to treat the girls’ feet and there are so many facets to it, but I have learnt a whole lot and am more confident in dealing with it now. 2,335 more words


Egg Hunts--Not Just for Easter Anymore!

“The only thing that ever sat its way to success was a hen”–Sarah Brown

My mom grew up on a farm and would tell me about how one of her childhood jobs was to climb up into the hay in the barn and find the eggs that the chickens hid there. 499 more words

Farm Life

Sofia Witch Project 

Sofia is getting much more mobile, she is so close to crawling. This has also been coupled with a cold and a general desire to flip on to her front at every opportunity to breathe more easily. 339 more words