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Broody cat

After our poor results last time, Dottie has decided to help out with the incubation process!

Maybe she’s just canny; she’s well aware that each of those round things contain a potential wee snack!

Egg Incubation

New Beginnings...

Spring is probably my most favorite time of year. There are new beginnings everywhere. Nature has stretched its arms, waking from a long winter’s nap and ready to show its beauty once again. 467 more words


Lucy - Candling day 14

Hello again,

This week has been absolutely crazy. I meant to post this the other day since it was day 14 was on Wednesday but time got away on me. 308 more words

Candling Lucy's Eggs - day 6

Candling a process using light to shine through the egg to see if the egg is fertile or not.

Today I got to candle Lucy’s Eggs to find out if they are fertile! 150 more words


Lucy - Day 5

Hello again,

Today is the 5th day that Lucy has been sitting on her eggs. She is still as committed as ever. So committed that I worry she is not taking time to get off the nest and eat. 175 more words


Spring = Broody Ducks

Broody Duck: When a hen (female duck) wants to hatch eggs and raise ducklings.

Hello again,

I have been trying to prevent the ducks from going broody till it would warm up a little more but I guess the ducks had other plans. 595 more words


I Am NOT Broody

Miss Kupsy has been on my case for a baby sister since last year in January.  I blame her friends.  No actually, I blame the mothers.   351 more words

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