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You're Hatching How Many Eggs?!

Chick-hatching time is drawing closer. Frodo has done so well sitting for longer than usual and with so many eggs. The Husband and I did the second candling session tonight, Day 17/16. 399 more words


Adjusting to life with PCOS


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on here, life’s been so hectic. But, I’ve come back to discuss a new twist in the story plot that is my life. 375 more words

Etymology Of The Day -Brooding/broody​: Pensive

Brooding / Broody: Two different words with different meanings, yet they both rest upon a common part – ‘brood’ how did these two come to be, and are they connected? 177 more words


Mother Hen

A good mother hen is worth her weight in grain; double, triple… decuple (that’s 10x) her weight in grain. Her skill-set is invaluable to your homestead. 352 more words


In Which Frodo Finally Gets Her Eggs

Frodo was waiting a while for some eggs to sit on. Well, some real eggs. The trouble with using a broody hen to hatch eggs is that you just have to run with whatever eggs you can get your hands on when she does go broody. 1,846 more words


I am the broody chick.

Instead of writing a well-thought-out post with the utmost intentions to impress you, I’ve decided that I’m just going to get right down to the point.  449 more words


Guinea crisis II

She’s on her nest alright, but the mystery of why I hadn’t missed her is solved: she can’t resist dinner.

The other guineas hang out right on top of her most of the day, sunning, and grooming, and chatting.  388 more words

Free Range