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Broody Hen vs. Incubated Eggs

Talking about Broody Hens vs. Incubated eggs. I can not say that I have had much experience up until most recent.

I had decided I would try my hand at trying to incubate some eggs after I had lost a hen to the neighbour’s dog. 453 more words

What are those Chickens up to?

We have had the barred Plymouth Rock pullets for four weeks now. Man, time flies! They were around 9-11 weeks old when we got them, making them around 13-15 weeks old now. 467 more words


Collecting Eggs

Although bantams are known to be good mothers, I didn’t trust that all 5 hens would go broody at once and choose to lay on a pile of eggs for 21 days. 261 more words


Rocker Chicks

Spring has sprung! What does this mean for The Little Reds? It means orange blossoms, baby chicks, and lots of maintenance. We were slated to have a Hell NiƱo for the record books. 400 more words

Spring has Sprung

When we were kids, our dad would always mark the arrival of spring with one of his typically silly sayings. It went like this:

“Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is!” 528 more words

Mother Hen

A good mother hen is worth her weight in grain; double, triple… decuple (that’s 10x) her weight in grain. Her skill-set is invaluable to your homestead. 352 more words


It's official.

I have Polycystic Ovaries.

A month ago I was referred for a pelvic ultrasound and some blood tests. The blood tests showed that PCOS was likely, but needed to wait for the ultrasound to confirm. 349 more words