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Call me Mrs Broody

There is officially no more denying it. I am broody as hell.

Jordan’s parents’ friends were over with their little boy and he is the cutest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. 156 more words

First broody hen

The white Silkie hen went broody today.  That was fast, 24 days after the first egg.

This is great.  She must be feeling good and healthy and content, and it’s a much more appropriate time of year to go broody than… 99 more words


How do I stop the broodiness?

I mentioned last week about feeling like I’m failing in life because everyone else around me is achieving things in their life that I thought I would be too, and I realised that I will – just not yet. 460 more words


Babies. Babies, everywhere! 

Dammit, what to do? I’m so broody.

Mum tells me 2 is enough.

££ tells me 2 is enough.

Lack of space tells me 2 is enough. 30 more words


Homesteading 101: Broody Chicken Day 5

It has been 5 days since my Buff Orpington started sitting on her eggs. So far, so good. In another 2 days, I’ll try candling them to see if they are developing. 157 more words

Homesteading 101

New Study on Baby Talk

A new study has revealed that women in their first 3 years of motherhood talk about their children at work for up to 6.25 hours per day. 163 more words

Fifi Goes Broody

Meet Fifi. She’s a pretty adventurous little Phoenix hen. Fifi seemed to go “broody” after improvements to our chicken run prevented her frequent escape adventures. We often would find her sitting in the nest box for hours moodily guarding eggs. 99 more words