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Sad News About The Chicks

All was going well with eight chicks after the saving of Slowmo, until Sunday morning, Day 7 for most of the chicks. I found a dead black chick in the coop. 1,383 more words



There is a danger in having more sleep, a danger in being less stressed, opening up your brain to let the thoughts back in. The first six weeks have been a blur, Poppy has been with us for forty two days, no moment left to think between feeding and sterilising and patting to sleep. 550 more words

May update 2018

Hatchday for the Pekins but the coop was dreadfully silent and it was a bitterly cold Spring morning. I peered into the house with little hope to see any bundles of fluff and I was not wrong. 233 more words

Broody to Brutal: Update

Well since I will be gone for a couple of days I went out this evening to get things set up as to make minimal work for Jax in the coop since he has a full week as well. 77 more words

Big day

It was one of those days, where I get up for the hens, but am not ready to commit to being awake, so I bargain with myself, … 964 more words


This is a PSA to approach conversations about having children with others sensitively and with an open mind, and try not to make assumptions.

Not all women are broody. 1,162 more words

Kirsty Rambles On About Life, The Universe, Tv, And Everything!

The Chickens Did What While we Were Away?

We know the chickens are organised. They’re always up to something. When we got back from holiday, all seemed well. Nobody died. Nobody looked sick or injured. 1,605 more words