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Hell Week (Or, Sleep Deprivation: Lest We Forget)

I never thought I’d get to the point where I forgot what sleep-deprivation was really like. Pixie, while still not a great sleeper, has been much better the last few months. 385 more words



Joseph, a friend who describes himself on Instagram as a Filmmaker | Dancer | Heaven-hunter….  I think these images speak for themselves or at least I hope they do..

Babies, babies, everywhere...

So, since my broody button was pushed almost two years ago, there’s been babies everywhere. Seriously. It’s like I’ve got a sign above my head. HEY COME AND SHOW OFF YOUR BABY. 369 more words


The story so far...

When I turned 25, it was like a countdown started. I wanted a baby and I wanted one now. It was such a strange feeling; when I was younger, I never wanted to get married, nor have kids.  514 more words


The broodiest man in the world

Love is so weird. Love, relationships, dates, flirting. All that shite, it’s all weird. I’m currently going through a transitional stage where I recently ended a complicated relationship (I know I’m only 23, “how complicated could it be” but just trust me, it was) and am now talking to just one person. 1,337 more words

Amy made me broody

Today, I spent some time with my one and only niece
This child is more boisterous than an army of geese

I rejoiced in the fact I could see her mischievous smile… 87 more words

Am I broody or just brooding?


a. Meditative; contemplative.

b. Oppressive: “The room’s air was broody and sullen, like the season’s own, full of storm clouds” (Nicholas Proffitt).

2. Disposed to sit on eggs to hatch them: … 1,069 more words