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Our First Broody Pullet

Brienne seems to have gone broody and has been sitting on a big ol’ pile of eggs for 2 days now. We are going to let her keep sitting as there is a chance they have been fertilized by El Hefe, but as this is our first pullet/hen to go broody we aren’t sure what our other options are. 8 more words


Broody for another monster

Oh dear, I’m broody.  Not for a baby, mind you, but a puppy.  I’ve just found out that Poppy’s doggy Mummy is hopefully going to be having some more pups, and immediately my head starting swimming with thoughts of cute puppies and a potential brother or sister for Poppy. 625 more words

Puppy Love

Day 18

It’s Day 18! Joanna is in her Maternity Suite. Man constructed the Box Suite and put it on the South Coop floor. Because we thought Joanna might not take kindly to being moved, we waited until after dark. 118 more words

Country Life

And Repeat

I really didn’t see that coming.  In fact, I didn’t quite believe Brett when he first told me.  But it’s true; one of our hens actually hatched a chick of her own! 314 more words


Thoughts That Plague My Mind

So, as my fiancé would tell you, I’m constantly broody, it doesn’t take much to set me off, sometimes it takes nothing. Now I’ve tried time and time again to convince Adam to at least try, but the response is always “we need to wait”. 391 more words

Personal Life


To dispel the totally unfounded rumor that all I talk about is chickens, I’d like to say EGGS.  Our 15 + a bonus fertile Buff Orpington eggs arrived early this morning. 159 more words

Country Life

Tiny Tina, last one standing...

One of our chickens recently decided to go broody – on nothing. On a visit to a local garden centre I spotted some chicken eggs, some very dark brown and some blue, which I suspected were probably from Marans or Welsummer (brown) and Araucana or Cream Legbar (blue). 121 more words