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Bitter Barn

Chloe and Mary are in the Bitter Barn, where broody chickens go to become unbroody. Chloe went broody the end of July and has been a permanent resident of nest #8 except when we forcibly remove her every day for a little exercise, food, water, and a poop. 336 more words

Country Life

Getting broody "again"!!! 

Who else gets that clucky feeling when you see tiny, fresh, new babies?! Anyone??

Or when your youngest is starting to get so big and time seems to be just flying by?! 138 more words



All three of our pregnant rabbits gave birth within the last 24 hours. 25 babies total.


Me? Broody?!

I have a confession to make: I’ve never liked babies. Don’t get me wrong. I actually love children. I especially love them when they’re at that cheeky age where they start to talk back and their wings of imaginations haven’t yet been clipped by adults. 263 more words


A Day Down Barry - 11/08/15

Hey guys, so as I mentioned yesterday today I went to Barry Island with Tammy and Zak, Tammy said to meet at around 11 at the train station so I woke up aat about 9 made my breakfast and headed into town for 11 leaving a little early to change my bank pink on my santander account, I am terrible at forgetting pins and I had just had a new one set out to me so to make my lie easier I just changed both my accounts to the same pin. 426 more words


God save Mr Tumble...

I’m afraid that this blog may not resonate with readers who do not have children of some shape or form in their lives (you don’t necessarily have to be the proud owner though!) 704 more words

Small Miracles

Two of my laying hens, both old heritage breeds, are in my flock because they lay lovely deep-brown eggs but give me very few eggs because they are broody most of the time. 249 more words

Urban Homesteading