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As flat as a pancake

You might wake up on pancake day to find yourself dealing with a different kind of pancake. one that has feathers, a beak and two wings! 381 more words

Tips For Keeping Backyard Chicks

Baby Chick's First Day Out

Mama hen takes an enthusiastic and well deserved dirt bath while baby chick watches anxiously. Our rooster, Lincoln, strolls by the on the other side of the temporary fence I put up to keep the chick safe. 151 more words

For The Love of Reading: A (BELATED AF) Broody Challenge

(originally, this post was supposed to be for the Broody book challenge #9, but I’m over a month late because of my hiatus… you should most definitely buy the book on… 680 more words


Second Hatch

Back in my August post, I mentioned that I isolated Molasses and the Dominique and Dominique cross hens in the stationary coop because I wanted to hatch eggs from that group. 1,316 more words


A Baby visits

Today a baby came to visit. A colleague has brought his eight week old baby son in. He is in his arms looking up into Daddy’s eyes with his own smiling grey ones. 212 more words


The Hatchless Eggs

It’s a sad day at our place today. Today we had to give up on eggs we’ve been patiently waiting on to hatch. When our chickens went broody we thought hey, why not put some of our duck eggs under a chicken since they want to sit anyways and see what will come of it. 369 more words

Chick Dramas: What Kind of a Rollercoaster is This?

Last time I posted about the chicks there were 13. Most of them hatched on Tuesday and one or two hatched on Wednesday morning. Then there was an anxious wait for the last three eggs. 1,343 more words