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Hatching eggs: broody or incubator?

It’s summer and hens are going broody and incubators are just calling to be used but which one is the best? Recently we’ve Been hatching lots of eggs . 473 more words

Reducing the Chicken Population

The separation of the buff roosters from the flock has been successful. On Saturday afternoon, we separated the three most aggressive roosters for processing on Sunday. 869 more words


Returning Home

Saturday morning, David C., our son Mr. G and I left to make a 6 day visit to the big city we left. The main goal was to spend 3 days visiting the ball of my “golden chain”, but we also left early so we could have Sunday to visit with friends and go to our old church. 1,241 more words


Outdoor Adventure Silkies

 No one expresses the joy of summer quite like the Silkies.  They sunbathe hard. 

 A bunch of white snowballs wriggling in the dirt or spread out flat like they´ve deflated. 430 more words


Broody Hen - again

We have a broody hen – again!

So what does that mean? Well, for us it means we have one less hen laying eggs. Sometimes farmers will try to break their hen of being broody because all broody hens do is sit – almost all day. 360 more words

Yard Hay

I made a very neat discovery this week. After I mow the lawn, I usually rake up the grass clippings and throw them into the brooding house run for the Delaware and New Hampshire chicks. 1,308 more words

Farm Needs

I miss having a newborn

Kory is almost 10 months old, he’s going to be 1 soon which means I won’t have a baby anymore, I’ll have a toddler. I don’t know where the time has gone, I keep finding myself looking at pictures of him from when he was first born and I miss that. 165 more words

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