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The Windmill

The music stopped. I came back to my senses. It is just a toy. A glitter globe. A glass ball filled with colorful shimmering confetti that churn up and make a festive and merry scenery when shaken. 923 more words


Baby thoughts..

This is crazy and I don’t know why but I keep dreaming and thinking about babies and being pregnant. No, I am not pregnant, far from it given its been nearly 6 months since I last had sex with anyone. 256 more words

One of THOSE days

I struggle living in the country, but I didn’t grow up here, I married to be living here. Most of the days are great but with drought brings a whole new load of challenges, ones that only those who live it can relate to and survive it. 618 more words

Daily Blog

Those Tricksy Feather Children

We’ve been having problems with the feather children. They’ve been very tricksy. First Frodo, the Australorp, went broody and then Sam, the Orpington, thought, “Hey, that looks fun; I’m going to join you!” Good one, Sam. 286 more words


Feeling Broody

As we approach Bella’s second birthday in a couple of weeks I’ve noticed that I’m being asked more and more if and when there will be a Baby Lee number 2. 431 more words


It's starting again...

The emotional rollercoaster has started again. 549 more words



I couldn’t persuade this broody hen to come out of her hutch and into the light a bit more … not even for a piece of cake and a cup of tea ! 68 more words