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Martha's Brook & Sam's Trail Loop

The Piscataquog river watershed is protected and preserved by the Piscataquog Land Conservancy and through their efforts many parcels of land are accessible to the public. 298 more words

Merrimack Valley (South)


I was very challenged this morning when I read the 40Acts email, a theme I am following during Lent, along with many other Christians. The theme today is “In Courage” and it was reminding us that millions of Christians all over the world face persecution for following Jesus and need tremendous courage to do this. 610 more words

Hampstead Trails

Extensive, well-mapped and constantly being improved, the Hampstead Nature Trails are large and interesting enough to keep you busy for a couple of days. With over 1000 acres open to the public, it’s no surprise. 337 more words


Garwin Falls

This is another popular location for photographers and with good reason. Not only do we have an impressive waterfall, but the brook itself is gorgeous, winding through dense groves of mountain laurel. 480 more words

Merrimack Valley (South)

A Secret Place

Stories of a secret place,
legends and lores
of days past and
nights cold where
a brook trickled past the
cold hard ground,
brushed against the bellies… 150 more words

The Abstractions.

Little River Conservation Area

Utilizing the resources of this very site I found information about this location and I’m very happy to have explored it. It took me a while to find the parking area which has a sign, but is too far back from the road to really see. 350 more words