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A Note From JobGiraffe's Summer Interns...

When it comes to World Giraffe Day, we are more than just interns. At JobGiraffe, we experienced being leaders and innovators on a major company event. 386 more words


Brookfield Zoo: Help Name Our Mexican Gray Wolf Pups!

(STMW) — The Brookfield Zoo is hosting a naming contest for three of its Mexican gray wolf pups that were born in May.

One of the wolf pups has already been named Nestor, in memory of Ernesta, a female wolf who lived at Brookfield Zoo from 2010 to 2012. 161 more words


Brookfield Zoo Part Two

Here is the second part of the zoo trip pictures!! :) I’m not much of a writer so yeah lets look at some pictures :) 66 more words

Brookfield Zoo Part One

On Saturday Scott and I took our youth group to the Brookfield Zoo! It was a ton of fun. It was a long day but we had such a great time! 50 more words

Motor Safari Manager (and Wendy's Former Boss) Jullee Long

Jullee Long, manager of the Motor Safari at Brookfield Zoo, talks about her over three decades at the zoo and her time serving as Wendy’s boss! 11 more words

Bill Leff And Wendy Snyder

Bill and Wendy Meet the Animals!

Tami Jo Brightrall, lead animal care specialist at the New Wild Encounters exhibit, joins the show to introduce Bill and Wendy to a bunch of animals. 19 more words

Bill Leff And Wendy Snyder