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Quantum Dots: Enhancing Light-to-Current Conversion: Better Semiconductors, Solar Cells and Photdetectors

Single nanocrystal spectroscopy identifies the interaction between zero-dimensional CdSe/ZnS nano crystals (quantum dots) and two-dimensional layered tin disulfide as a non-radiative energy transfer, whose strength increases with increasing … 676 more words


New Discovery Could Lead to Cheaper Screens

Photo from CORE-Materials/Flickr

By Kevin Matyi and Tibian Ahmed

Graphene layered on common glass can potentially lead to cheaper solar panels and touch screens, a research paper released by scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Feb. 604 more words


A Nuclear Story

By Karl Grossman | CounterPunch | February 1, 2016

The class action lawsuit—begun 20 years old—that charges Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) with contaminating neighborhoods adjacent to it will be moving ahead again in New York State Supreme Court this month.

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Images of a Replisome Offer a New Look at DNA Replication

By Cerise Carey

Scientists have never been able to capture an image of the molecules behind DNA replication until now. A team of researchers from Stony Brook University, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Rockefeller University, including Dr. 183 more words


Another Reason Why Science Is Cool

This seems important.

The nuclear strong force binds the smallest bits of matter together to form atoms, thereby making our material world possible. Now physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have made the first-ever measurement of a similar strong force for antimatter — the mirror image of regular matter that lies at the heart of one of our biggest cosmological mysteries. 42 more words


Rutgers, Brookhaven National Laboratory Get $12M for Advanced Materials Effort

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded a $12 million grant to establish a new research center led by Rutgers professors Gabriel Kotliar and Kristjan Haule to accelerate the development of materials that improve energy efficiency and boost energy production.

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