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Collusion to Crackdown: Islamist-Military Relations in Egypt

Collusion to Crackdown: Islamist-Military Relations in Egypt
Source: Brookings Institution

Nearly two years after ousting President Muhammad Morsi, Egypt’s military continues to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Tony Cartalucci: U.S. to begin the invasion of Syria. Washington policymakers call for the division, destruction and military occupation of Syria

The hubris and arrogance of these Americans who make policy and manipulate governments as if they are personal property is breathtaking. For more of the same that is also openly published, read… 1,319 more words

Deconstructing Syria: Towards a regionalized strategy for a confederal country : US To Begin Invasion of Syria

Unbeknownst to the general public, their elected politicians do not create the policy that binds their national destiny domestically or within the arena of geopolitics. Instead, corporate-financier funded think tanks do – teams of unelected policymakers which transcend elections, and which produce papers that then become the foundation of legislation rubber stamped by “legislators,” as well as the enumerated talking points repeated ad naseum by the corporate-media.

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Rethinking Cuba: New Opportunities for Development

Brookings Institution 06/02/15
Ted Piccone, Stefan Selig, Juan Triana Cordovi, Archibald Ritter, Yaima Doimeadios, Richard Feinberg, Saira Pons, Rafael Betancourt, Ted Henken, John McIntire, Mark Entwistle, Omar Everleny, José María Vinals Camallonga, Augusto Maxwell… 510 more words

Reforming Occupational Licensing Policies

Reforming Occupational Licensing Policies
Source: Brookings Institution (Hamilton Project)

Occupational licensing has been among the fastest growing labor market institutions in the United States since World War II.

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Happiness and health in China: The paradox of progress

Happiness and health in China: The paradox of progress
Source: Brookings Institution

The past two decades in China brought unprecedented rates of economic growth, development, and poverty reduction.

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