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This Is the Wrong Way to Fight Inequality

Originally published in New Republic on August 3, 2017.

So first, the good news: The notion that income inequality has caused harm in America has finally broken into the hubs of elite opinion. 1,522 more words

Who are the GOP warmists? — Watts Up With That?

July 17, 2017 By David Archibald They are the worshipers of a lesser god, global warming. Foreign Policy, the propaganda arm of the Brookings Institution, reports that a number of Republican congressmen helped defeat an amendment to the 2018 defense funding bill proposed by Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

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Climate Matters

Stakeholders Hope for Tough Trump Stance on Global Internet Rules

June 14, 2017

By Ayanna Alexander

Stakeholders are hopeful that the Trump administration will champion internet civil liberties amid increased pressures such as trade issues and rising cybersecurity threats. 280 more words

Libraries- an essential third place?

I recently posted a Rebuttal to Dewey Decimal Jokes, highlighting some articles that dispute the idea that books/libraries are becoming obsolete.  A recent article published by The Brookings Institution (a nonprofit public policy group), “ 413 more words

Interesting Articles

Im-Politic: Just What We Need: Another Species of Think Tank

I don’t think much of the writings of Washington Post blogger and Tufts University political scientist Daniel Drezner – mainly because he thinks he and other supposed establishment-worshiping experts are God’s gift to humanity and that populist voters and politicians are just too dumb to be grateful. 659 more words


Government Statistics Vital

The conservative American Enterprise Institute and the liberal Brookings Institution have jointly written a new report arguing for the importance of government statistics, especially the American Community Survey and the decennial census. 8 more words

Census 2020