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The news today: 7 trends in old and new media | Brookings Institution

US think-tank the Brookings Institution reports on Elaine Kamarck and Ashley Gabriele seven trends in the old and new media landscape and what each might mean for governance and democracy in the… 146 more words


Does the U.S. Care About Europe?

“After Paris, Islamic State’s rise and Syria’s agony are shaking a weakened Europe – and the broader international system,” writes the Brookings Institution’s Robert Kagan in yesterday’s… 320 more words

Jack Heidel

OPINION: A Mass Exodus Out Of Illinois

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 || By Rev. Regi Ratliff

ecently, I ran into a classmate at the District 209 School Board meeting. As we were discussing the crises that exists in the Village of Maywood, he revealed that he is preparing to leave the State of Illinois for several reasons. 906 more words


Expert Michael O'Hanlon on Paris Attacks: "There's just too much to track."

In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris we turned to our global terrorism expert, Michael O’Hanlon from the Brookings Institute. We discussed the likelihood of an attack in America, the idea that we have “too much intelligence” and overwhelm those who are trying to stop attacks, and if Syria will ever be united. 19 more words

Steve Cochran

Brookings Institution Report Welcomed, But Not Enough Regarding Scheduling Medical Cannabis

When the well-respected Brookings Institution issued its report, Ending the U.S. Government’s War on Medical Marijuana Research, there may have been a unified sigh of relief from medical cannabis advocates. 726 more words

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