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Phil Scott Makes Tax Cut Plan Somewhat Less Awful

It hasn’t been that long since Phil Scott unveiled his glossy 39-page economic plan, but he’s already acknowledging one major mistake.

As the Vermont Press Bureau’s… 1,113 more words

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Zoning Laws Can Restrict Racial and Economic Integration

This is an obvious point that I harp on. The zoning laws are things we can do something about. They are often used to keep people out rather than for health and safety. 533 more words

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The New York Times reveals the corporate influence behind some of its most-used sources

FAIR (Aug. 12) – The New York Times (8/7/16) reveals the corporate influence behind some of its most-used sources.

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Im-Politic: Little Thinking in The NY Times on Think Tanks

Even though news organizations like The New York Times are big outfits where it’s hard to keep the left hand informed about what the right hand is doing, it’s disturbing to see how completely the paper has ignored its own reporting about the sophisticated form of corruption perfected by major American think tanks – and keeps mindlessly citing their work and staff members in articles. 906 more words


Think Tank Smells Like Corporate Money for Clinton

On August 8, The New York Times published an investigative report on the increasingly blurred lines between think tank researchers and corporate lobbyists. Their strongest cited supportive evidence involved the Brookings Institution. 643 more words

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Trends in Advanced Industries- Brookings Institute.

The Brookings Institute has prepared a comprehensive report on America’s Advanced Industries- Industries that invest at least $450 per worker in research and development and employ at least 20% of their workforce in STEM- intensive occupations. 249 more words

Manufacturing Careers