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A hundred eyes look upon us but cannot see us

A hundred eyes look upon us but they cannot see us

Two bridges in fog and no one to cross them


Cities from my Past - New York

In 2012, I was lucky enough to be awarded a travel fellowship which allowed me to study in New York city for a few months. During the weekends I would play tourist, visiting different neighbourhoods and sights. 52 more words


New York...

Just came back home- Dubai- from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh! Had a really long day and the only thing I had on my mind was, literally, my bed! 265 more words

A Pin On A Map

Pretty pastel sunset in NYC

Pretty pastel sunset on Valentine’s Eve in NYC.


How to Love New York: a Triptych

New York is a funny town. It’s not ineffable — but it is both whatever adjective is put to it and the opposite of that adjective, sometimes simultaneously. 651 more words

New York

I’ve known my life would be different from my parents lives since I was 21. Sitting in my college apartment in the middle of the day pondering my life thus far, as people are wont to do on birthdays. 1,039 more words


Room Blocking for your Brooklyn Wedding

Prior to couples touring Deity we see the worry on their faces about having dozens of out of town guests who will need places to stay. 512 more words

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