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Republicans Need to Break Baseball's "Color Line"

Try to imagine the outrage that would follow a 2017 major league baseball team that included no African-American players on its roster.

After Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, major league baseball integrated at a pace slightly faster than one team per year. 237 more words

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Jackie Robinson: Legacy Redefined

Jackie Robinson will always be remembered as the man who broke the color barrier in all of sports. He was the first African-American athlete who played baseball in the Major Leagues. 437 more words

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Bob Aspromonte - His New York Mets Career 1971

Bob Aspromonte a 3rd baseman who started his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956 ended it in 1971 with the Mets.  He was the last Brooklyn Dodger to play in the majors. 104 more words

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Chico Fernandez - His New York Mets Career 1963

On May 8, 1963, the Detroit Tigers traded Chico Fernandez to the Milwaukee Braves who then turned around and traded him to the Mets in exchange for Larry Foss.  95 more words

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Beyond The Game Podcast: “Until Everyone Has It Made: Jackie Robinson’s Legacy”

The second episode of Beyond The Game aired on Tuesday night. Listen in as a I chat with Katy Lasdow (Brooklyn Historical Society) and Daniel Yanofsky (Double G Sports) about the legacy of Jackie Robinson. 40 more words

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John T. Meyers

John T. Meyers was a full-blooded Native American from the Cahuilla Tribe, raised on the Santa Rosa reservation in Southern California. Known as a “cultured and witty” individual, he attended Dartmouth, an ivy league school, but quit to pursue a career in something quite unorthodox for someone so intelligent: professional baseball. 655 more words


Boston Braves win at the South End Grounds beating the Dodgers 11-7 (May 2, 1912)

Team owner William Hepburn Russell died after the 1911 season and his stock was bought up by a group including James Gaffney and former baseball manager John Montgomery Ward. 131 more words

Boston Braves (1912 - 1935)