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Jackie Robinson’s Life Was No Home Run for Racial Progress

Jackie Robinson’s story brings together two American obsessions: sports and freedom. This is why we never tire of his tale. Yet in the way that the story has been handed down, it masks as much about our national identity as it illuminates. 1,309 more words

Pre-Civil War Brooklyn Atlantics Baseball Card Expected To Auction For $50K

NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, a circa 1860s Brooklyn Atlantics team baseball card was tucked away, first inside a secret drawer of a bedroom set and then between the pages of a photo album. 614 more words


SABR 2015 Convention

The SABR 45 Convention kicks off tomorrow, June 24, in Chicago. This is a time for baseball fans to come together to meet players, managers, analysts, writers and other fans and surround themselves with the history, mechanics, and love of this great American sport. 155 more words


Southworth and winds of change (1947)

Billy Southworth is the manager in 1947. He had his first season as manager in 1946. The changes he brought to the team now appeared to not short term luck. 137 more words

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The Rich Got Richer, The Poor Got Poorer: The Mansions And Shantytowns Of The NFL Before It Discovered League Parity

Today we take it as a given: A professional sports team will play an even number of games at home and on the road across the course of a regular season. 903 more words

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Walter's trade pays off (1919)

The Boston Braves played the Philadelphia Phillies on May 30, 1919. It was a great game for the Braves as they shut out the Phillies 6-0. 274 more words

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