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Takeout Apps: DoorDash and Seamless

One of the great things about living in New York is the food. I haven’t physically been in any new restaurants lately but I have enjoyed great food from new places courtesy of the apps. 195 more words

Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review: Rustik Tavern

I discovered Rustik last year when I attended a function held at the event space next door. To kill time, I ordered food and drinks. I’ve been back ever since. 324 more words

Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review: Peaches

This post will contain more pictures than writing. I’ve tried to detail my experience a few times and the words aren’t coming to me. 

Earlier this week after a hair appointment in Bed Stuy, I went to… 365 more words


Restaurant Review: Umami Burger

Chain restaurants usually make me shudder and I avoid them as much as I can when going out for lunch and dinner.  One exception is Red Lobster.  364 more words


8 Things to Eat in Brooklyn This Season

I called Brooklyn home during the high holy days of pork in the mid-aughts. It wasn’t that the borough was a meat-larded monolith or even that it didn’t offer a panoply of compelling dining options. 955 more words

Sushi in Brooklyn, Ichi

What determines whether a dish is good or not. Is it because it looks appetizing and is picture worthy? Or is it because it’s delicious? How about the combination of both. 303 more words

Authentic Sushi

Lokal, Brooklyn, NYC (Now Closed)

During my last visit to NYC, I stayed with my friend Andy, who I’ve known since we were both wearing parachute pants in primary school. At the time, he was staying in a brownstone in Brooklyn that had been configured into two separate apartments. 179 more words