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To Half or Not to Half....That's Definetly a Question

At the top of the year, just a few months ago, I had a clear plan for getting ready for the Venice Marathon in late October. 287 more words

This Years Main Events

Last night, it became official – I’m running the New York Marathon in November. And with that, my racing schedule for the year is pretty much set. 199 more words


stretch of imagination

since the snow storm, the face of city has taken on a sickly pallor–icy, salty, and peppered with mild disappointment.  because of my hip flexor strain, and because i prefer to run outside when the sidewalks are clear of bone-shattering obstacles, i’ve dialed it back and have been doing everything else but run outside. 388 more words



nothing like a blizzard snow storm to slow this runner (who hates the treadmill) down.  it’s a good thing, though.  i’m keeping it easy, remember? 362 more words


a slow approach to 13.1

last week i did something pretty awesome–i registered for the brooklyn half marathon!  i wasn’t ready to do it last year (nor was it on my mind at the time) but now i’m ready. 367 more words


52.13 ~ just me and just you (juste moi et viens de vous)

Falling in love.  There is nothing quite like it.  It reminds me of going for a good run…

For those of you who know me – you must be thinking, “did David just use the word ‘run’ in a sentence?”  I would never have put the word “good” in front of the word “run” until very recently, so no worries, you’re not too out of the loop! 733 more words

Project 52!

Race Autopsy: Brooklyn Half Marathon 2014

Unless you’re a pro runner with some writing chops, who runs in exotic locales against the best runners in the world, like Dakota Jones, or… 940 more words