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Testing the Waters

I’m slowly dipping my toe back into running but it’s still hard.

The fact that I haven’t been running consistently means that I’m still horribly out of shape and have very little conditioning. 706 more words


Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

So this was my first half marathon in over five years. My last one was in March of 2010 at Cherry Point and it might have had 200 runners. 744 more words

Race Recap: 2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon

The Brooklyn Half has always been something of a fun-run for me. In 2013, I signed up after the race re-opened with additional entries to run with a friend, even though it was two weeks after the Long Branch half. 1,696 more words


Running in the Zone or Sometimes It's Good to Be Out of Your Mind

I ran the Brooklyn Half last weekend. Just as in the five other half marathons I’ve run, I felt OK, even good, until around mile 9. 542 more words

Race Review: AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon

Let’s preface this by saying we LOVE the Brooklyn Half and have for years. We’re a little biased.

If you read our tips for a great race, you’ll know this was Sirrah’s fourth and Katie’s third time running the race. 939 more words


Race Report - Brooklyn Half Marathon

Over the years I’ve either run most of the local spring half marathons or decided they just weren’t for me. This year I was looking for something a bit different. 1,538 more words

2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon: Progress isn't linear

Oof, I’m a little behind! In my defense, I’ve been trying to write this and not make it into a novel! I wish I could come back to you with a report of a great race, but the fact of the matter is that I really didn’t enjoy the Brooklyn Half – and not just because I didn’t hit my time goals. 1,032 more words