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Montour Trail 8-mile Run of Ubiquitous Self-Loathing

Yesterday in Pittsburgh it snowed. It might be two months to Summer but all the same it rained, sleeted, and then snowed. I could not handle running in the morning with snow stinging my eyes so I ran 5k after work. 144 more words


Hyperloop of Boredom 10K

I’m in the final third of preparation for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  The third that truly sucks.

To illustrate my self loathing, viz:

The Hyperloop of Boredom is the route in Virginia Manor, near to where I work.  107 more words


10K of Disproportionate Exertion

This morning I ran my training loop “10K of Disproportionate Exertion.”  It’s chilly here in Pittsburgh and I’m still running in tights and a jacket with gloves but without hat. 128 more words


I don't always run in a thunderstorm. But when I do I run with someone taller than me.

Weekly Recap

Runs – 4

Miles 26.44

There are now 49 days until the Brooklyn Half Marathon.  I ran the Brooklyn two years ago.  It ends at the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island on the Boardwalk and that is a mere mile from the apartment where my father’s parents lived from the 40’s until the 70’s.  225 more words


5k of Perpetual Suffering

I ran my training route today. 30 degrees and steady rain. I used my waxed hat for the first time and it was excellent. I applied Otter Wax as a water repellent. 48 more words


I'm In: The Brooklyn Half

I managed to register for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

This means that I’ve gone from half marathon FOMO to “I’m registered, OH NO” in about two weeks. 213 more words


Brooklyn Half Marathon - Conquered.

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, and I hope that you have had an enjoyable few weeks since my last post. I’ll apologise for the delay, but finding the time to write has been difficult. 851 more words