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Crawling Along the Rockies...

It’s been a while since my last post. It has been really busy: more doctor appointments, a new drug (CellCept) to adjust to, and an infection that just refuses to die no matter how many antibiotics I swallow. 742 more words


d-stashed project #1: Truss sweater limbo

I’ve hit that moment when you’re knitting a sweater and you start to get bored with the project.

For me, it started when I realized that I had to rip out several rows of the front of the body of the sweater. 87 more words


past projects: Brooklyn Tweed's Adara sweater

One of my first completed sweater projects was Brooklyn Tweed’s Adara sweater. I knit this sweater in one month (still can’t believe that) using Cascade 220 yarn (worsted weight).



wip wednesday - july 15

I plan to check in on Wednesdays with updates on any works in progress. Sometime there will be some. Sometimes there will be none. That’s how life rolls. 104 more words


Here comes the sun

I am ridiculously pleased with this shawl. I started knitting it on the plane to Istanbul in February, and it’s finally done! I still need to block it, but that can wait. 285 more words

tour de france knitting

I am knitting along with the Tour this year. I always spend July in a daytime stupor from staying up so late watching the cycling. This year, I am challenging myself to finish a cardigan during the Tour. 107 more words


Two Cultures

As someone who both knits and crochets, it’s been a little surprising to learn recently of the so-called ‘divide’ between those who knit and those who crochet. 601 more words