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The path unknown - sweater for man

My attempts to knit something useful for my husband have not been the most successful ones. I started my career many years ago by knitting a woolen hat that turned out to be way too big. 160 more words

In which I tempt a curse and thus far succeed

In the knitting universe, there is a phenomenon known as “The Sweater Curse,” whereby if you knit a sweater for your significant other, the relationship will end during the knitting of or sometime in the near future. 1,036 more words


Unselfish Knitting

It’s a bit weird, I absolutely hate sewing for other people, but I rather like unselfish knitting. Maybe it’s because I know that there are only so many hand knitted things I need for myself, but I really like the process of knitting, so knitting gifts gets around that problem. 735 more words


Brooklyn Tweed Bronwyn Pullover!

Hello, friends! Here I am, at the advent of spring, with a worsted-weight wool sweater, just in time to pack it away until October! What can I say? 502 more words

My Bronwyn Pullover (or, how I knit all the cables ever.)

Happy Easter/ long weekend everyone! We made our annual trip out to the boonies to spend the long weekend dancing Balboa and eating excelent food in a rural lodge overlooking the sea, which is always a nice relaxing time. 889 more words


Women Persist! Interview 1: Sarah Eichhorn (Part Two)

This is Part 2 of the Women Persist! Interview with Sarah Eichhorn, an ethical fiber and textiles artist. Sarah had so much good to say that I’ve split the post in two. 1,152 more words


No Spring in Sight

It’s supposed to be almost spring here, but it doesn’t feel like it.  Many of us around here were fooled a couple of weeks ago when local highs reached 60 for several days in a row.   570 more words