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I'm a "Professional Runner," I promise

This morning I ran, came home, and changed into yoga pants and a hoodie sweatshirt. I stretched for about a millisecond, scarfed down some tea and a crumpet (yes, I eat crumpets: with jam), made breakfast, dressed my two daughters, got one of them ready for her preschool field trip to a… 394 more words

From Head-Scratchers to Marvels: What's New (to me) in Running

Anyone remember the movie Adaptation? The one about the orchid hunter?  There’s this great scene between Meryl Streep (Orlean) and Chris Cooper (LaRoche) that I think of from time to time. 1,194 more words

Happy Labor Day!

Gooooood mooooorning- from the comfort of my bed and a bunch of allergy pills and Day Quil! I hope everyone’s Labor Day is starting with a bang. 597 more words

March 2016

Body and inSole

This may sound like a familiar complaint (see Remember the Brannock Device?), but it’s a whole new one, I promise.

As you may recall, I injured my leg somehow last week. 701 more words