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"Boot Scootin' Boogie" by Brooks & Dunn - 40 Days Of Country - Day #38 - Lent 2016

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn
40 Days Of Country – Day #38 – Lent 2016

There was a period in the early 1990’s when the CMA awards went hand in hand with Brooks & Dunn taking home the prize for “Best Group or Duo.” This was, in part, thanks to their fourth hit single, 1991’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” which also became their first cross-over success, landing at #50 on the Billboard Top 100 and #1 on the country charts. 343 more words


Brooks and Krugman

Bobo’s at it again.  In “Livin’ Bernie Sanders’s Danish Dream” he babbles that his policies would give several of our systems northern European characteristics, including some that could surprise some of his supporters.   1,877 more words



While checking Brooks’ teeth:
“Brooksie, you didn’t brush any of your back teeth!”
“I wanted to save some for you.”

After a hot shower:
“Brooks, do you want to put some lotion on?” 49 more words


My Cheating Feet: The Guilt of Changing Brands

Back in 2012 I decided to jump feet first into the world of semi-serious long distance running. As part of my initiation into this subculture, my runner girlfriend (now my runner wife) let me know in no uncertain terms that I needed to buy “real” running shoes. 713 more words



Injury – it might as well be an ugly, 4-letter world to an athlete of any sport.

Last year, after my 2nd half marathon I wound up being sidelined for 5 weeks with posterior tibial tendonits and a tibial stress fracture in my left leg and peroneal tendonitis in my right. 834 more words

Bobo from yesterday, Friedman and Bruni

I had some minor eye surgery yesterday, so didn’t spend any time on the computer.  But I couldn’t POSSIBLY not post Bobo’s cri de coeur from yesterday, titled, and you can’t make this stuff up, “I Miss Barack Obama.”  Turns out that President Obama is okay after all…  In the comments “gemli” from Boston had this to say:  “Let’s skip the disingenuous ode to Obama. 2,764 more words