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Solo Bobo

Bobo has decided to tell us all about “What Moderates Believe.”  He babbles that instead of ideology, moderation is a way of coping with the complexity of the world.   1,151 more words


Wartime message from Quitman

We bring you this special wartime bulletin from the January 14, 1943 Quitman Free Press and the Ilex Theatre:

The Ilex, whose listed history on… 59 more words


Brooks Medieval Faire

Last weekend I was at my first ever medieval themed festival in Brooks, Alberta(Canada). The Brooks Medieval Faire is a yearly event which has jousting and combat competitions, vendors selling themed goods, villagers explaining history, and more. 166 more words


Bobo and Bruni

Bobo has decided to tell us all about “How to Roll Back Fanaticism.”  He gurgles that modesty is the most powerful answer. It means having the courage to see the world as complicated and progress as a product of balancing competing truths.   1,725 more words


What Run Oregon is Wearing: Fremont Shorts and Distance Sweatshirt from Brooks

I’m just going to say it – Brooks makes some dang good running gear. We have been reviewing their line for years and often find it difficult to say a bad word about them. 464 more words

Running Apparel

Bobo and Krugman

Oh, dear, oh dear!  Bobo’s delicate, fragile, white male sensibilities have been wounded.  Time to head to the fainting couch and clutch the pearls.  In “Sundar Pichai Should Resign as Google’s C.E.O.” he moans that his handling of the fallout from James Damore’s memo shows he’s in the wrong job.   2,209 more words



Bobo is wailing about “Getting Trump Out of My Brain” and laments that things won’t just snap back to “normal” after Trump’s gone.  “Jasoturner” from Boston will have something to say.   1,014 more words