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Neko-chan Techo-chan (Product Review: Censi Cat Ear Headset)

Let me begin with a bit of backstory.

My husband is a gamer, like hard core. The man is devoted to his WoW raid nights and spent hours laughing and screaming in high pitches playing PUBG. 1,017 more words


Biosense Travel Pillow

Biosense Travel Pillow
Thank You For Visiting Our Store! BioSense Travel Pillow. Two Pillows In One! Perfect For Any Sleep Position, Our Travel Pillow Relieves Pressure And Provides Cozy, Plush Comfort. 386 more words


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In addition to laying eggs, the queen performs an important function in maintaining the colony’s cohesiveness and stability. DJI just lately released a brand new platinum version of the Mavic It lists for $one hundred more, however ups the maximum flight time by three minutes and uses new propellors that make flight a bit quieter. 682 more words


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Most authors differentiate public administration and personal administration by academic establishments (public schools vs. non-public schools). With a max flight time of 25 minutes and the clever flight battery, the Phantom 3 has a max speed of 35 mph in sport mode. 552 more words



A few days ago, after band, my dad and I went up to Brookstone Church. I may not have mentioned this yet, but my dad is a landscaper, and the company he works for, does the landscaping there. 250 more words


Neko-Kitty Kat Headphones (In Blue)

Her name is Himeko! She will be my Himeko! And Himeko will be mine!

When I bought this from Brookstone via ebay.com on sale for $130 – i seriously was not expecting to love them this much. 158 more words

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