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conserved wetland ...

Some pics of wetlands near Broome, now part of a looming Conservation Park. Birds range from Glossy Ibis to Spoonbills, Storks and Egrets.


random Broome ...

Some random pics from around the holiday town of Broome, what a visitor might see. Click to enlarge. 38 more words


Broome's rare coastline ...

Some extraordinary beaches surround Broome, including Cable Beach, interspersed with rocky outcrops, much of it sandstone, with some prints of past travelers from 130 million years ago. 15 more words


street colours in Broome ...

Parks and gardens are the essence of a community, we are fortunate to have a lot of them in this small town. The Broome Shire gardeners do an outstanding job with their care and maintenance, in difficult circumstances, and sometimes when it’s a bit too hot out there. 12 more words


wilderness less ...

Oh no, the ABC’s catastropharian agenda is out there, again. The research isĀ  from the University of Queensland.

[…] Dr Watson said that the total area of wilderness was decreasing despite efforts to increase protected areas, partly because of a focus on preventing species from going extinct while ignoring the value of wilderness.

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tourists find more dinosaur footprints at Cable Beach ...

Dinosaur footprints can be seen at most beaches around Broome and north to Cape Leveque whenever strong winds and tides move the sand around, exposing the Broome Sandstone. 250 more words


brumby madness by bureaucrats ...

Australia’s brumbies across the nation are under threat from bureaucrats, who see them as a threat to their favored environmental lobby groups. The proposal is to remove, one way or another the environmental improvers of the environment. 162 more words