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the hottest and driest, a field trip ...

I am in the planning stage for a field trip this weekend into Australia’s hottest environment, the Great Sandy Desert.

Nature’s wonderland

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the darker side to the moon ... cooling

I was right when noticing hazy sunsets off Cable Beach, Broome, that they were probably a result of Chile’s volcanic eruption.

[…]Six months later, we are still seeing the effects of this material on sunsets in both hemispheres–and it appears to have affected the eclipse as well.” …

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the Kapok Tree ...

Latest entry in my new site northwestplants.net is a magnificent tall tree, Bombax ceiba,  related to the Boab. They are just finishing the flowering period before new leaves appear. 25 more words


great bower display ...

Bower birds are well known for building immaculate display bowers to attract the opposite sect. This male bower bird in Broome has built 2 bowers right next to each other, and collected shells, stones and building screws to show females his worth. 52 more words


good morning from Broome ...

Early morning in the tropics is always a renewing experience. This morning a ground fog, common at this time of year, persisted on low lying areas such as the airport and BoM offices and recording area. 68 more words


patterns ...

The tidal patterns of the Cambridge gulf region of the North Kimberley show intricate drainage systems of the tidal creeks and mangroves. Five major rivers enter the Gulf, including the Ord River, where Lake Argyle is still Australia’s largest dam.

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East Kimberley revisited ...

Each year I manage a trip or two to the other side of the Kimberley. Distances here are enormous, and a trip to the WA/NT border are is over 2 thousand km return.  87 more words