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cane toads march on ... bird numbers recover

Cane toads have begun their ‘death-march’ across the Kimberley over the past four or five  years. Some predators, like freshwater crocodiles and monitor lizards are being almost wiped out, and others like quolls are being trained to avoid the toads and their spawn. 170 more words


superfood, super-medicine ...

Vitamin C, now shown to have more useful medicinal properties:

Vitamin C could target some common cancers

Decades ago, Nobel Prize–winning chemist Linus Pauling was relegated to the fringes of medicine after championing the idea that vitamin C could combat a host of medical conditions, including cancer.

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a seedy time ...

Checking through some seeds this week. There is such a wide range of seeds, pods, the way they sit in the capsules, the way they naturally disperse, and process ready for germination: 8 more words


early storms ...

The season’s storms are showing lots of colour in this early stage of the 2015/16 wet season, giving us about 2 months before they usually reach the town, causing a lot of angst among the watchers and ‘newbees’ to town. 46 more words


pest control ...

This ‘dragon’ is a common Broome resident, getting very tame if you have a food source handy. In this case, the seeds remain free of grubs and caterpillars: 36 more words


desert trekking ...

A few days, and a lot of kilometres driven, my trek into the ‘hottest and warmest’, was not quite that. The Great Sandy Desert was somewhat overcast with a few showers, some water on the track, and a fire in the distance, started by lightning. 84 more words


the hottest and driest, a field trip ...

I am in the planning stage for a field trip this weekend into Australia’s hottest environment, the Great Sandy Desert.

Nature’s wonderland

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