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desert style wilderness of the SE Kimberley ...

Border country between WA and the Northern Territory close to where the Tanami Desert meets the Great Sandy Desert contains a large freshwater body called Lake Gregory.  31 more words


hot as hell field trip ... Sandfire

Just completed a 2nd field trip a month apart, to see what changes to vegetation to target plant species next to, and on a sand dune close to the Sandfire Roadhouse. 149 more words


weather happening ...

This is starting to look ominous. Record snowfalls across the Northern Hemisphere. So much for all that CO2 caused warming. The global warming scam is all but over… 541 more words


a time of plenty ...

Following on from December’s record 400mm+ rainfall, January 2017 exceeds the average, just before the end of the month with about 250mm recorded and a day to go. 75 more words


growing tough seedlings ... by being mean

Learning how to grow seedlings has kept me busy for nearly 2 decades, and working out the best survival tactics for seedlings is one positive result. 309 more words


life of plenty ...

Excellent conditions this wet season brings out the poor cousins of butterflies and other associated predators.

Out in the field or at home, nature carries on. 63 more words


a response to record rain ...

Between rain events in the tropics, it’s nice to get out and watch changes happening. The record early start to the wet season of over 400mm (8 inches) looks to be a big year for rainfall ahead. 21 more words