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unique indigenous food orchards on the way ...

I got a mention from an interview I did on ABC Rural about our land-use future in the Tropics. Well worth a read how a new Industry will use new methods of land use we call Savannah Enrichment. 784 more words


moisture, streaming across Australia ...

Watch all this cloud stream across Australia from a warm NEIndian Ocean, the last rites of the 2015/16 El Nino, as the last of the warmer Pacific Ocean is pushed through the Indonesian archipelago by the new cold stream pushing across the Pacific. 76 more words


win 100 million to lose 350 million ... mad Greens

The Greens have now caused the undoing of the only major environmental work in decades begun by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. This includes several ongoing projects ongoing here in Broome, planting thousands of trees. 268 more words


wide open space ... SE Kimberley

Wide open spaces where the Tanami Desert meets the Great Sandy Desert. Spinifex grasses are the most common, and a lake system of fresh to salt water ranging from full to dry as the seasons are extremely variable. 51 more words


wild and free for some ...

On my field trips searching for suitable plant species in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions, large animals are a regular sight, even well into dry desert regions. 53 more words


back to the beach ... again

Cable Beach, Broome is a great place to live, beaches on 3 sides, including Cable Beach, often in the top 10 of beaches worldwide.

Here is a short video which gives a show of the dimension at low tide. 7 more words


beach creature ...

How would you like a tickle sunbathing on Cable Beach?

The beach sometimes turns up amazing critters. These images were of a ‘worm’ with a million legs, about finger thick, a couple of feet long and live under the sand. 54 more words