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down at the beach ...

Marine creatures mix with the crowd at times, a very small crowd most times, the tracks of the hermit crabs take precedence on the sand it seems. 19 more words


pictures from the Kimberley ...

Some random photograph images from the past, scanned. The Kimberley is one of the last unspoiled landscapes. 30 more words


grand landscaping ...

The fabulous looking native gardens over at Yawuru’s own subdivision, designed by UDLA, the Government’s own Landscape Architects, an imaginative firm using all indigenous plants on it’s many rural subdivisions across the north. 74 more words


western australian desert colours ...

I have been trying to identify this species of Kurrajong, a Brachychiton species for years. Two schools of thought believe this may be Brachychiton multicaulis, or another B.tridentatus. 56 more words


dinosaur sites, by the dozen ...

Broome has become an international sensation in the world of paleo science, with up to 200 kms of sandstone reef shelves covered in dinosaur stories. Their footprints now provide enough research materials for decades and more. 165 more words


Selecting trees for parks and gardens ...

Trees from the East Kimberley can be found in West Kimberley gardens, pictured below. Here is a selection for a friend interested in some shady trees for the East Kimberley. 196 more words


tall tales of coral's imminent demise (scaremongering) ...

Coral Bleaching is Not a Tell-Tale Sign of Imminent Extinction (13 April 2016)
Fear is the tool of choice of many climate alarmists, who seem to be working overtime these days in an effort to persuade the public to support legislation to combat dangerous climate change, which they claim will occur unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.

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