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Selecting trees for parks and gardens ...

Trees from the East Kimberley can be found in West Kimberley gardens, pictured below. Here is a selection for a friend interested in some shady trees for the East Kimberley. 196 more words


tall tales of coral's imminent demise (scaremongering) ...

Coral Bleaching is Not a Tell-Tale Sign of Imminent Extinction (13 April 2016)
Fear is the tool of choice of many climate alarmists, who seem to be working overtime these days in an effort to persuade the public to support legislation to combat dangerous climate change, which they claim will occur unless CO2 emissions are drastically reduced.

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jet-fueled temperature rises for Broome ...

Once again, in fact, nearly every day, there is a spike of around 1C every time we have jet aircraft movements. Today 10th March is a fine example, when the… 543 more words


Happy Easter with bilbys...

Australia’s own Easter ‘Bunny’, the Greater Bilby inhabits the area around Broome. It is nocturnal, secretive, and under threat of predation from feral cats and foxes. 97 more words


weather stops near Broome ...

This season has all been about waiting for rain, after all this is the monsoon season, and it’s nearly done. Not what we expected after promising BoM long range forecasting. 21 more words


Big milestone ...

Finally reached the 250,000 page view magical number. Having this site and two other specific interest websites has contributed enormously to my education and general knowledge, and I hope to many readers who visit this site. 69 more words