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Shirtless Bros Do Beyonce's 7/11 - GawkUpon

Beyonce’s 7/11 may be making waves right now because it’s plain silly and of course it’s the Queen B but these bros were so game.

Wolf Alice/Bros

Bros is a sentimental tune to us, it’s grown and changed with us over the past couple of years, taking on different shapes and forms until it evolved into being this definitive album version. 65 more words

Wolf Alice re-release 'Bros'

Wolf Alice have re-released a newer version of their 2013 single ‘Bros’.

The new edition of the song features different musical arrangements and new lyrics with a slightly slower tempo. 85 more words



“Family isn’t always blood.”

Sebastian and I have an unexplainable relationship. He is like a brother to me. We wrestles and harass each other as if we were siblings. 161 more words


There Aren't Any Gentlemen Around Anymore, Just Douchey 'Bros'

I look around at the typical man today and I can’t help but feel disappointment.

What the hell happened? What happened to honor? To integrity? To common courtesy and manners? 1,276 more words