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ستة وخمسون

Today is this dude’s birthday.  He hangs out with mom a lot and sometimes he tags along to our adventures out to beaches, hikes and walks.   76 more words


bros manik2 dg mata2

sahabatt ini dia ada lagii kemaroin ada cm satu lusin langsung habis sekarang ini rede lgii cm 1 lusin ajjjah harga sm sperti kmrin 25.000 dan 250.000 untuk satu lusin ..warna yang ada seperti di gambar..kalau sahabat aa yng suka langsung ajjah hub kita di 082141585719 pin bb 282ad05f 32 more words

First Person Super Smash Bros.

We are all gamers and love Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros series , we have decided to share Youtube channels and videos that we love and keep up with every week. 49 more words

Nerd News

Bros in hats

Fashion bros! Always support your bro’s hat fashion choices.

Bros Before Prose

I’ve been trying to consciously read more nonfiction these days, or rather…just read more in general. I’ve been lax in reading, which is another reason I started doing the… 352 more words


At first light

So it has been day 5 of this week and here I thought I wouldn’t get pissed off and break the record of 4 days. Apparently I was wrong. 189 more words