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Rogue Flying Fish Cancels Super Mario Bros. World Record

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Darbian is one of the premier Super Mario Bros. speedrunners, and this is him getting wrecked by a Cheep Cheep.

Currently tied with Kosmic for first place in the game with a shared world record of… 272 more words


Visiting Harry Potter Studio Tour London

My first encounter with Harry Potter was back when the final movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2, came out. I was 11 and had only known Harry Potter as a world-famous fictional character. 654 more words


number 43 bus - facts

I know I haven’t met my brief of late and as such I have a couple of facts about the number 43 in popular culture, to wet your appetite and tide you over until the next instalment. 85 more words


bros cantik resin telur wire

Bros cantik resin telur polos dengan wire
Apakabar sahabat myhandcraftt yang di sayang Allah saya harap sahabatku selalu dalam keadaan yang bahagia lahir bathin,semoga sahabtku tetap semangat menjalani ibadah dan aktivitas sehari-hari sampai kita di panggil olehnya …amiin… 185 more words

Bros Cantik

The uniquely shared scares of enjoying horror as a group.

We seem to talk a lot about horror on this blog, don’t we? This is kind of odd, since I myself am not the biggest fan of horror games, being far too squeamish and otherwise ‘delicate.’ I was trying to ponder on why we end up talking about the subject matter so much if this is the case, I do end up playing quite a few of them when together with my bros. 1,206 more words

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Idaha 2

Selamat siang! ^o^

Bros Idaha 2 ada yang ready lagi lho setelah sekian lama~

Idaha 2

Bros yang terbuat dari kain satin, pita emas, beads, monte, renda, dan felt. 31 more words


WOLF ALICE - One Of This Decade's Greatest Pop Songs Live In Amsterdam 2014....

Smashing live performances…

Thrilling guitar pop quartet WOLF ALICE, fronted by the shining Ellie Rowsell just released their 2nd, impressive and much-acclaimed album VISIONS OF A LIFE… 98 more words

Wolf Alice