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Interview With the Devs of Balance Bros.

As a lifelong  fan of video games I respect the hell out of anyone who has the brains, creativity and patience to develop a game. That’s why I took the opportunity to sit down and ask the guys behind the new game Balance Bros some questions. 1,299 more words


This Silicon Valley Start-Up Accidentally Reinvented The Wheel

(Silicon Valley, CA) Over the last decade or so, young entrepreneurs have been making headlines by ‘disrupting’ this and reinventing that. It seems at this point like almost everything has already been done. 493 more words


Nintendo file patent for N64 in Japan! What titles could we see included?

It has been revealed that Nintendo of Japan have recently filed a patent for “N64” suggesting that a Nintendo 64 MINI system will be unveiled either this year or the next. 1,209 more words


Superman Prequel 'Krypton' renewed for season 2 by Syfy!

Syfy has renewed Krypton for a second season. The show’s first season was Syfy’s most viewed show by total viewers since 2014, so it seems like it was a sure thing for renewal. 213 more words


Smash Bros Character Checklist: The Metroid Series

There are times where I don’t know what to make of the Metroid series. It wasn’t a game series I dabbled in until the age of the Nintendo Wii, when the Virtual Console came into existence and let me play all the old NES and SNES games I missed out on. 1,230 more words


Smash Bros Character Checklist: The Zelda Series

With all the Mario and Mario sub-series talked about and out of the way, now it’s time to move onto discussing one of Nintendo’s OTHER gigantic franchises. 1,412 more words


Calico Critters photoshoot

Hi  guys! I have been wanting to share some photography, and I recently took some Calico Critter photo shoots, so I thought you might like them. 372 more words