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Successfully Surprising

This weekend, my brother-in-law achieved an incredible feat.

He  managed to plan a surprise birthday party for my sister which includes a hog roast, a small folk  band and 120 guests all arriving at their house by 2pm on Sunday and my sister had ABSOLUTELY NO idea. 1,110 more words

Where's Andrew?

This seems to have been the theme of the bachelor party weekend. Here’s 5 different texts over 3 days:


Star-fan Marfan

Have you ever heard of Marfan syndrome?

The first time I ever heard of it was almost ten years ago. Big Sis brought home this freakishly tall thing of a man home one day (6’ is freakishly tall for little 5’2” me.) He had really long arms and really long fingers and a kind of misshapen head. 614 more words

Looks Secure to Me--Daily Post Prompt: Security

My 16-year-old doglet Chili seems secure sharing a chair with my brother-in-law.

See more examples of the Daily Post prompt ‘Security’. https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/security/


Re: Making Sure You Know I Was Here

As you all know I have had a problem with a peeping tom, the guy that lives across the street that was seen but the police will do nothing about. 2,541 more words

This blogpost is in Dutch, it’s about one of my favorite Blogger who blog in Dutch.

Wie kent hem niet, the Blurry Blogger?
Ik mag van geluk spreken dat ik hem wel ken en persoonlijk nog ook. 30 more words


On the morning of my best friend’s wedding, one of the other bridesmaids and I went to the hotel where the fiancé and his family were staying.

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