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…which leads me nicely into an illegal subject which definitely needs some probing finally.

My brother-in-law, my one and only sister’s husband, ate canned dog food when he was growing up on a school bus in South Central Florida.   389 more words

Thank you Stella

You may not be a high achiever in the way that our society measures it but you are a woman of your own heart. You are a marvellous cook and love your home country of Greece and do what you to keep the culture alive for yourself. 357 more words


Thanks Hroni

A brother-in-law who is smart, genuine and puts up with my sister! But of course she’s worth it or you would not have been married for so long, but patience is a great virtue to have, which you have in abundance. 236 more words


Last weeks blog was “#mancegoesairborn”, if you haven’t read it yet, go and catch up on our last big adventure! Todays blog still takes place in California. 300 more words

Thoughts on meeting my soon to be brother-in-law

  1. Wow! He’s big!
  2. He’s a lot bigger than my sister.
  3. He is carrying her bag. That’s interesting.
  4. He’s a lot fatter than I saw on Facebook.
  5. 39 more words

Rocking Down the Aisle

From A Classical Bride:

I am getting married in a few months.  My future hubby’s family is…to say it politely…difficult.  His younger brother, “Roger,” who is inexplicably the favorite of the children – is INSISTING that we play “his song” when he walks down the aisle.  485 more words


March Madness

I had hoped to watch some college basketball over the past long weekend, but among marrying into a family that doesn’t like basketball, having a sick kid, and having a brother-in-law in rehab, that didn’t happen. 7 more words