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I'm fed up off being treated this way ... when all I do is try help!

      Hiyyah Everyone

      I Am so close to loosing it with my partners brother.

      All he does is disrespect me and I’m sick off it.

      I have to write about it in my blog because I have nobody to talk to who dosen’t defend my partners brother’s behavior. 532 more words

      Street Art--Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge

      Some examples of art found along the streets in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico that are fun, but a bit odd ball. Perfect for the Odd Ball Photo Challenge. 44 more words


      Edward Bernays’ Brother-in-Law Designed The Nuremberg Trials

      When we think of the name Bernays we often think of that Propaganda piece of shit. However his brother in law, Murray Cohen, sorry Murray Bernays, as he changed his name when marrying Edwards sister, was also cohencidentally a Jewish piece of shit who also got himself involved in the paperwork of war. 1,309 more words

      Historical Revisionism

      An Open Letter to my Brother-in-Law

      It’s not everyday you learn that money can’t hide a man’s true personality and after these latest social media out bursts I have learned that not only are you quick to anger and threaten violence, but you are not the person you protrayed to me. 480 more words

      Defriended Over a Wedding, a Straight Man Gains Perspective — evoL =

      Over the past weekend I went out to celebrate with my family. After dinner we were sitting around talking and sharing some beers. We were discussing politics and our disgust for some of the things that are happening, the racism, sexism, and the homophobia that exists in our country. 174 more words


      Brother in Law Advice

      Even though we intellectually know what matters, why do we waste so much energy on things that don’t?

      How much time have you spent talking about how much to save? 51 more words