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I Can't Think of a Title...

Where to start?

I’ve had a bad day. I won’t bore you with the details, but it culminated in a parking fine for failing to display the car park ticket clearly. 189 more words

Neil.  09.08.2015

What a strange place to be

Sending intermittent thoughts

Small prayers to ‘wasband’
he who was my husband

On the untimely but not altogether unexpected death of his brother, 552 more words


When The Commune Began...

3 months ago my Mother said to me “What if you, your sister Kirsty and I all buy a house together?”.

First thing I did was laugh, not only because I thought she was joking, but because along with my daughter, Kirsty is married with 4 kids of her own. 291 more words

8 Bed House


Home again. Our vacation is over. And I feel strange: mostly numb, but once in a while there’s a sudden feeling of sadness and disappointment. I am restless and drained at the same time. 730 more words

My Worst Fear

When you and H finally came back from that day trip, you said hello to me, but furtively and right away, you left again to go to the beach. 131 more words

Surprising Discovery

Shortly before 7 AM today, you and H left to go on that day trip together with your stepdad. You won’t be back before 9 PM, so now I have this vacation house to myself. 539 more words

Complete Relapse

Here we are again. Back at square one. I have completely lost my mind about you. I’m craving you. This vacation here has not been helping. 456 more words