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This blogpost is in Dutch, it’s about one of my favorite Blogger who blog in Dutch.

Wie kent hem niet, the Blurry Blogger?
Ik mag van geluk spreken dat ik hem wel ken en persoonlijk nog ook. 30 more words


On the morning of my best friend’s wedding, one of the other bridesmaids and I went to the hotel where the fianc√© and his family were staying.

275 more words

You Always Wear Such Bright Clothes

And here I have once again broken a promise of writing once a week but I will try and be better. Here is a new entry to my 30 day challenge. 177 more words


Happy Birthday BIL

This poem is for my BIL (Brother in law) on his birthday :)

So finally comes the big day,

Special in its own way. . . 124 more words


The long route from Glasgow to Edinburgh (Rousse)

My brother-in-law MF was driving our car with TPR in the passenger seat. I was in the back with another brother-in-law, RH.

It was going to be a long day. 32 more words

A first your called miserable and then your called a liar! 

Hiyyah Everyone.

So I’ve just been basically verbally abused by my boyfriend’s brother but my boyfriend said it was my fault!

How is it my fault? 468 more words

When you feel anxious all the time

Hiyyah Everyone

Sometimes your the only people I feel I can turn too when I feel this way.

So the only place I used to feel safeish well less anxious was in my home, my house, my only comfort was my home. 488 more words