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Intactivists are Dicks--and Crybabies too!

Intactivists didn’t get their way and now they’re throwing an epic tantrum that would even make Veruca Salt stop and say, “Wow, you’re a spoiled fucking brat.” Not because they care about Chase, the child in the middle of the battle between his mother, Heather Hironimus, and his father, Dennis¬†Nebus. 751 more words


Here's Why You Should Find The Bloodstained Men's Jumpsuits So Offensive

“Maybe you’d be happier with your hoodie on,” said a reporter who was concerned about my toddler’s refusal to wear a jacket on an unexpectedly windy Wednesday. 1,760 more words


Brother K presents: THE LUNAR JAM.

Brother K presents a mashup of genres, a collision of tastes, a cross-pollination of feels. Acoustic folk, indie pop, garage rock and prog metal are all on the menu. 67 more words

Brother K

New single "Bethlehem" available for download NOW!

We want to know what this drawing means too. Get the track at our Bandcamp site.¬† And if you’re feeling generous – for after all, tis the season – you can leave a digital tip in our digital tipjar here.

Brother K

Brother K ft. Jason Chu and Ryan Lucas - Payroll

Our tribute to the 99 Percent. Featuring international hip-hop artist jason chu, rising DC talent Ryan Lucas, and Lucas Kwong, frontman for garage rock outfit Brother K. 14 more words

Brother K


Scene of the skull had you hypnotized
All history in a two way slaying
It all finished, done, you find you done
Begun, blister out the gate… 65 more words

Brother K

Brother K - Money (Live at Trash Bar 7.27)

Back in July we played at Trash Bar and had the opportunity to do a number I’ve been obsessed with since I was twelve. This is the anthem of grad students, starving musicians, and of course, Bain Capital executives. 9 more words

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