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#0666: Book of The Vishanti Boxed Set



Oh no! It’s review number 666! Number of the beast! Sign of the Devil! 2,018 more words


Uncanny Avengers #1 (2015): Review

Uncanny Avengers #1

Written by – Rick Remender

Art by – Daniel Acuna

Published by – Marvel

Reviewed by – Chris William

Despite an opening action scene that takes place on a Marvel stage rarely scene with dazzling imaginary by the artist Danial Acuna this ‘premiere’ issue finds the new look Avengers Unity Squad picking up the pieces after the events of Axis rocked the Marvel Universe.  713 more words


Chiwetel Ejiofor up for 'Doctor Strange'

Finally! Finally someone out there is listening to the fans! Well, not exactly, but almost. CNN and Variety are saying that fan favorite, Chiwetel Ejiofor, is up for a role in the upcoming movie, ‘Doctor Strange,’ played by Benedict Cumberbatch. 194 more words


Who Needs An Oscar, Let's See Matthew McConaughey Play A Sorcerer Supreme.

When you have Benedict Cumberbatch as your star, the rest of your cast better have some acting chops.  Hollywood Reporter believes Marvel is doing just that courting Chiwetel Ejoifor of… 168 more words

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Werewolf by Night #40, 1976 "Souls in Darkness"

Wow, if you can find another decade that had as many off-beat (but crazy cool) characters created in it, please, let me know. In this issue, we see the return of… 199 more words

Comic Books

Issue by Issue - Moon Knight Volume 1 #21

So after a number of issues detailing the globetrotting adventures of Moon Knight and friends we find our hero once again outside of New York, this time down in Haiti where he does battle with a voodoo priest named the Grand Bois and gets a little help from a friend, namely, Brother Voodoo.  210 more words

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