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Friends are not Family.

I’m quite tired of hearing people call their best friends “sisters” and “family” and “brothers from another mother”. Because come on, that is totally belittling that awesome, amazing friendship you’ve got there! 178 more words

Random Ramblings :)

Woot!! \m/

What an amazing night!!! Tonight was the concert. I thought it was the benefit concert for Jeffery but that one is later. Tonight one of the bands Jeffery was the front man for played with his best friend doing to vocals. 207 more words


A Story From Back Home...

“Eighteen years after I was born a presence swarmed//Ripped of my interior, left to pick at my wounds//Sleepless I remained, yet troubled dreams came… 69 more words


Make My Day, My Brother and My Nephew!

Been trying to hook up with my brother for months. He is busy running his business. I keep forgetting to turn the ringer on my cell phone on! 145 more words


The Ring of Power

Over the past several weeks, my oldest brother and youngest brother and I have been watching Lord of The Rings. I know, that’s a long time. 710 more words

"bowled over" by Sasha at her kitchen table

Monday, April 19, 2015
5 minutes
The Cultch season announcement

Mimi gags. She wasn’t expecting the house to smell like skunks. “Dan?!” She calls, plugging her nose. 99 more words

Short Story

Family is first

I love my baby brother very much. He also has a blog, very similar to mine. Since he is in the blogging for a few months, I decided to make his blog more visible. 18 more words