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14/133 days of gratitude


Oh man am I grateful my mum was there when I fainted at the doctor’s office.

I am grateful for feeling better now, and at peace with every part of my body! 143 more words

My imperfect-yet-incredible brother

I wanted to write this post earlier, but my dad’s computer has completely stopped working all of a sudden so we’re all sharing one computer. 496 more words


August 23, 2016 | My Brother CC And My Sister-In-Law JC's Visit

My sleep got interrupted last night when I woke up to look at the time, I went to move up in bed so that I could see the time and I had some acid reflux-like experience where immediately there was something acid-like that shot up my throat causing me to try to stop it and it was going to come out like vomit but I accidentally swallowed it back down when I was trying to stop it so that I could get to the toilet first. 278 more words


Things to Consider When Choosing a Brother Toner or Inkjet Cartridges

When buying your Brother printer ink and toner, it’s important to know which ink cartridges are compatible with the printer that requires a replacement ink or toner? 1,266 more words

Laser Printer

Dear Baby Brother On Your First Day of College

I was two when momma brought you home from the hospital. I do not remember your homecoming or how annoying your crying was but I do remember a few years later. 419 more words

My Brother, Russ

My brother and best friend died on July 8, 2016. He was 57.

Russ died on a Friday night while I was at work and feeling that something wasn’t right. 401 more words