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True bonding is not measured by the time spent

True bonding is not measured by the time spent together or the favours done for each other but by the comfort you find when you realized that you care for each other. 54 more words


365 Q&A - Day 121

What is the simplest truth you can express in words?

Love those who are close to your heart because there will be time when they won’t be next to you. 119 more words

Decapitating A Dog

Dream 1

This dream took place during a gray day and me and my brother GC and possibly one other person walked out of my parents yard to walk past The Action Packed House, and as we passed between that house and the house to the left of it we got attacked by an aggressive dog from The Action Packed House. 400 more words

Dream Journal

The Legacy of an Abnormal Load

I have been extremely angry for a long time now since my brother died and the mistreatment at work which added to so much turmoil and pain. 670 more words

Grief, Bullying At Work

My Love for you

The only thing that
can never die,
The only thing that
is eternal,
Is my Love for you, dear bro


Inspiration from where?

I just recently shared with my older son where I get my daily inspiration from and he was touched by my story.

For those who don’t know me personally, I have four siblings but one was taken away too soon.  165 more words