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I Would

If I could replace
your light
So you shine once
again from inside,
Help your eyes have life
to them.
I would.

If I could quiet your… 108 more words


Brother Love...

We all love Milky… Given that we pay more attention to Milky, Latte is sometimes a bit jealous…😼 in particular when Felix hugs Milky!

Having said that, Milky and Latte love each other a lot… That’s brother love… 💕


Adulthood is a sneaky beast

Today is my older brother’s 30th birthday. It completely snuck up on me. Now I’m all in the feels. I’m up at 2:30 a.m. being all reminiscent. 928 more words


Brother - My first love

I remember that time when my brother and my toys meant the world to me. But time has changed drastically. My toys have been replaced by books. 148 more words

I Wish I Knew How

I wish I knew how to tell my family and friends about the inner turmoil that I feel everyday.
I wish I knew how to think of my brother with positve thoughts and not just anger and confusion. 211 more words


We're all mad here!

I am obsessed with my brothers new fitted and I am very inspired by it. Being twenty one I do believe that we are all mad and in mad I mean passionate about something or someone. 181 more words