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It's fucked how much our parents impact our lives

I sit here, staring at my keyboard trying to find words. I’m in my mid 30s and yet I feel like I am still licking the wounds of my childhood.  501 more words


Brother Hilariously Interrogates Younger Sister's First Date

1010 WINS — Protective older brothers may be a movie cliché, but it’s nice to see they still exist in real life.

Shaquille Jack, 21, wanted to ensure his sister Rochelle’s date was a worthy guy, and decided to take matters into his own hands. 209 more words


On Sex and Love Part 2 of 3

Intimacy is something that would come much later in life and will be discussed in length in a much later post.  Sex on the other hand, that was something I was good at. 544 more words


He is a brother

My love for you is like the sun, Maybe sometimes it hides behind the clouds, But it is always there to keep you warm.


The Waiting

Outside my operation theater there was a girl standing worried.

Hospital was not the place I was expecting her to be standing there waiting for me. 239 more words

Alexa Sing me a song !

Walking into Virgin Megastore (electronics and music store) with little brother ..

1 hour later as we’re walking out, we noticed Alexa ! “amazon’s bot” 110 more words


My brother

Happiness is not enough, gloomy days have become tough. Smiles don’t make any sense; the mist in my eyes has become dense. Nothing seems fun anymore, I keep feeling very sore. 11 more words