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"blackberry bushes" by Julia in her old room

Thursday July 20, 2017
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People have been taking care of me my whole life. I was lucky. I got a good sister. 98 more words

Good day

Hello all!! Today has been a good day for me because I helped at the store and feel like I did a good job as a cashier!! 43 more words

Immigrants and Prejudice

My mother’s family immigrated as Ukrainian homesteaders to the Alberta plains in 1898. Mom was the first in her family to go to school since┬áCanada offered schooling only to English-speaking children. 258 more words


Sometimes we’re real close friends. We stay up
late and talk at night. Other times we don’t get
along, There are even times we fight.

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Brother Sister
He pulled my hair and called me
He smacked on my head and laughed
about it, He
called me names and didn’t care to explain why,

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