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Aaron's Landscape: Urban

Yesterday, Lee and I went to Jackson, MI. We walked around and took a bunch of pictures for this week’s challenge, which was technically “urbanscape”, but Jackson, MI does not have much urbanscape, so we changed it to just urban. 229 more words


Hold it, bruh! 

Hey there Sid! Thanks for staring right into my phone while I begin an honorable blog about you.

I don’t mean the Sid in Ice Age. 513 more words

Embroidered Cord Wrap - Tutorial 

One of my goals for sewing this year was to take on more practical projects and this one fits right in there. And with the new uber-rad Marvel iBroidery designs, it makes it even easier to do practical with some flare. 114 more words


My brothers shelf. 

Here is some beautiful ornaments for my brother. He has a shelf in my front room, I have not included some with his personal details, although they are beautiful. 37 more words

Mental Health

Well Lived Paupers and Sheltered Rich Kids

I am not exactly a sociable person. In my youth I was, when I drank most nights and surrounded myself with a hoard of acquaintances posing as best friends. 1,169 more words

Brother's Keeper (Flesh and Blood Trilogy book 3) by Christina Morgan

5 star

by Krystal Amora

Excitement and sadness is what I’m feeling while reading and finishing this trilogy.  As I stated in my previous review of book 2 I was eagerly awaiting reading this installment.  412 more words