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Jeff Portrait

The first and usually above all frays
a cup of coffee in family of milk
remembering his first days.

When his younger siblings climbed trees… 196 more words


My little brother ain't so little anymore. 

My brother is my favourite person in the entire world.

We share the same sense of humour, like the same types of movies, and we never end the day on an argument. 687 more words


Dear Brother

I hope you realize you are worth more than you think you are. You deserve better than what she would have provided you. A woman is not suppose to stay home all day, do nothing, and have you come home to a messy house, with no appreciation to show towards you. 677 more words

Against All Odds

Achieve the Unachievable

I wrote my book about the secret to success in college, and in my book I wrote an entire chapter about my brother. 636 more words

Personal Development

Missing My Sister

I’m not showy of my feelings and how much I care, but I do miss my sister already.

She could be a pain in the ass sometimes and I know that she’ll only be gone for 2 weeks somewhere that’s just 5 hours away from where we live. 86 more words


Oh, what a tangled web we weave.

I have to admit right off the bat that I’m extremely pissed off and hurt. I never thought someone I loved so much, who said she loved me just as much, and called me her soulmate, would ever stoop as low as I have found out. 294 more words


Is this Manchester City's best ever shirt?

Like most clubs, Manchester City have had some great kits over the years.

Like most clubs, they’ve also had some absolute rotters over the seasons. 246 more words

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