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"this is my brother"

“This is my brother” were the words I found written in Czech behind a very old black-and-white photo that belonged to my grandfather.

I kind of understood the sentence but to be sure I also used google. 55 more words


The Day of Love

The best kinds of gifts are those that come from the heart. Am I right? But what about that $400 Apple Watch for Christmas? The $300 Wireless Beats for your birthday? 1,619 more words

Part 3: Meeting Caroline

Continued from: Part 2: The Phone Call

Still dripping with chlorine-saturated pool water, I followed my mother and sister out to the parking lot to the beat-up clunker that we call a car. 2,277 more words


Itulah gunanya seorang kakak.

Kita ini hanya bisa memiliki satu sama lain sebagai saudara.
Walaupun begitu,aku akan selalu ada disana untukmu.
Meskipun jika kau membenciku atau hanya akan menjadi rintangan untuk kau hadapi dilain hari. 6 more words


Itulah gunanya.

Apapun itu dan disaat itu dan bagaimanapun juga akan ada masa dimana aku tidak akan pernah memikirkan diriku lagi.
Tumbuhlah adikku!
Dan jadilah sesuatu yang kau inginkan,berjalanlah,larilah hingga kau tidak akan pernah merasa lelah. 272 more words


births and deaths

Today, my best friend turns 28.
Today, a colleague mourns the sudden death of his younger brother.

Feelings of joy and sorrow concurrently within me. I celebrate my best friends birth while at the same time I feel an intense sadness for my colleague’s loss. 175 more words

Bedtime Cookbook

How far shall we flash back this fine Friday?  More than a lifetime for some of you, and just a drop in the time bucket for the rest of us. 262 more words

A Lifetime Of Being Me