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Sometimes the stories are easy, but the titles are hard

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the overwhelmingly lackluster first blog title. I think I’m funny from time to time and it usually turns out that I’m wrong and this title is as clever as it gets today. 2,260 more words


Jihadi John: Another Known Terrorist Travels To Syria

Anthony Freda Art

Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post

In what has become an all-too familiar story to those with an attention span that goes back farther than one week, it has… 1,790 more words


Baseball, Heroes & Protectors - #MenBeingMen

Men are heroes to other men, to children, to women, to the weak, to the strong.  Men do this simply by being men.  Men who are not ashamed of associating with the weak, but – rather – take up the universal call to protect the weak.  81 more words

Doesn't Matter

It doesn’t matter
if you’re Christian, Muslim or Jew.
If you hate your brother
you have a lot of work to do.
God made us all… 44 more words


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○ ○ If you’re Christian, Muslim or Jew, if you hate your brother, you have a lot of work to do.

An Homage to a Brother I Wish I Met (the homage series)

Beto slowly blinks, one, two, three times. An automatic attempt to make his surroundings seem a bit brighter, and a little less etched in shadow. He doesn’t quite understand how he got here, or why but this is definitely unusual territory. 281 more words


Ode To My Beloved Men of West Harrow

The rush of never knowing,
Always on the brink,
Of that nameless better something.
Lovesick together,
Drunk on our own emergence,
Our brotherly bond in desperately seeking purpose. 23 more words