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Be still

be still

but not the stillness
of muffled voices
of gagged mouths
of fearful eyes
of frightened souls
and dead bodies

not the silence… 55 more words


The Brotherhood

He is the invisible man. His strength a hushed whisper overshadowed by feminism or the piercing pain in her song. Scattered notes torn in half with thoughts unspoken and slavery chords not so easily broken. 158 more words


لا للتنازل عن جزر تيران وصنافير المصرية... الدفاع عن السيادة الوطنية واجب مقدس

د. محمد أشرف البيومي

صدمت صدمة كبيرة كما صدم ملايين المصريين عندما أسقطت السيادة المصرية عن جزر تيران وصنافير. يتذكر الشعب جيداً التضحيات الهائلة التي قدّمها للدفاع عنهما، والدم الذي بذل والثمن الغالي الذي دفعه شعب مصر وجيشها في مواجهة العدوان الصهيوني والتآمر الاستعماري الامبريالي بالتعاون مع الرجعية العربية.

Zionist Entity

The Brotherhood of Humanity

My first attempt at Lectio Divina reading Genesis 1.

  1. Listen: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him.”
  2. 175 more words

Planning to Ride

“Alright everybody! Grab some seconds and then a seat. Each table will make a group to brainstorm new ideas for rides.”

The laughing bunch of riders eventually settled down to start the Harley Owners Group (HOG) activity meeting. 382 more words


Refusing to Use a Muse

Artists come in many different shapes and forms but what happens when two come across each other and both are ready to give up and are uninspired. 172 more words