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I am rain
Some people hate me
Others just love the way I am
I can be tough and bring the storms
I also can bring someone’s sweetest memories. 16 more words


Only One Gospel

The language of religion
Is everywhere the same
In every age of history
That one might care to name

So similar to one another 
Our religions be
That Hindus, Muslims, Jews
As well as Christianity

Have holy texts beginning
Exactly identical
So same be every message
Human visionaries tell

In the beginning was the Word
Each one of them assure
And that the Word was with our God
Of this they all seem sure

Likewise that the Word and God
Became one entity
And also that speaking that Word
Caused all we know to be

But indications many of
Divine universality
Go far beyond these simple few
For there passages be

In holy texts existing 
Since the dawn of history
In diff'rent words describe the same
Exact reality

One wonders why we are at war
Each other to convince
Of identical tenets
Why we use our words to mince

More minor complications
Than anybody need
When holy texts and inner heart
Are all that we must heed

So let your brother walk his path
And you walk yours beside
Neither wasting energy
The other's to deride

For if you look more closely
Then you will surely find
All those paths lead equally
None gone ahead, none left behind

The strong to no advantage
Unless they help the weak
Unto that selfsame Deity
That every Spirit seek


Is the Islam Consist of the Peace, Justice, and Equality?

There are many misconceptions about the Religion of Peace, Islam all over the world. The Muslims have disgrace Islam and lost their reputation. The number of haters of Islam being increasing day by day. 382 more words


Police and Paramedics

We are plugged into a church, and a Sunday school class to boot! I know some of you have been praying for Steve and me during this time of settling in, so thank you very much. 367 more words

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader loses appeal against life sentence

CAIRO (Reuters) – The leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, Mohamed Badie, lost his appeal on Wednesday against a life sentence for his role in violent clashes during political turmoil in 2013, judicial sources said.

President Al-Assad: Hitting National Belongingness Weakens Defense Line against Cultural Invasion Attempts

Tuesday, 14 November 2017 17:28

DAMASCUS, (ST)- President Bashar Al-Assad has stressed that “hitting national belongingness weakens our first defense line, as a society, ¬†against cultural and intellectual invasion attempts that seek turning us into helpless machines that act according to foreign-prepared plans.” 3,634 more words

War On Syria


What is Brotherhood? Is it really about DNA?

I watch a lot of TBN as most of my readers probably already know. One preacher is asking for money to build a retirement home for Haulocaust survivors in Israel another is doing DNA tests to verify Jewish ancestry of tribes in Africa. 161 more words