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What to Expect from Brow Lift Surgery

It is normal to expect a full rejuvenation when you decide to undergo a brow lift, but it is necessary to understand the process it takes to achieve it. 175 more words

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What You Can Achieve with Facial Plastic Surgeries

Your face is the instrument that you use to greet the world. That is why being unhappy with even a single element of your face can be a very frustrating experience. 190 more words

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What Can be Done When Facial Plastic Surgery Results Are Not Satisfactory?

Facial plastic surgery has never been safer or more effective than it is today. However, there are times when some patients who have undergone a procedure are not entirely satisfied with the results. 204 more words

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How Long Does Eyebrow Lift Recovery Take?

Understanding the potential time that you will be in recovery from an eyebrow lift is going to require making a decision regarding the treatment. The type of procedure that has the absolute easiest recovery is going to be the chemical option, because there are no incisions in the procedure. 168 more words

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Pros and Cons of Lateral Eyebrow Lift

The lateral brow lift is a rejuvenation procedure that requires incisions near the temples. Once these incisions are created, the expert in eyebrow lift surgery in Los Angeles… 184 more words

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How Much Does Brow Lift Cost?

An angry or upset expression created by a loss of skin elasticity in the brow area is an embarrassing problem. Rarely does this issue call for a full facelift, though, because there is too much risk of over-correcting youthful areas of the face. 174 more words

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Brow Lift

A brow lift at Jade Plastic Surgery by Dr. Jino Kim involves tightening the forehead and eyebrows to counteract the effects due to aging. While similar to upper blepharoplasty, an eyebrow lift is applicable for those who have thicker skin. 83 more words

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