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How is Brow Lift Revised?

A brow lift is a very effective treatment option for correcting the issue of a sagging brow due to aging. Even though brow lifts have never been safer or more effective, it is still possible to end up with results that do not match your desired treatment goals. 207 more words

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I Got a Facelift!

Well…. a Jade Non-invasive facelift that is!

Ella Bardo is giving me the celebrity treatment and sharing some of her most desired services. I originally went to Ella to work on my Flux Red Body Sculpting… and I did get that second treatment done today! 701 more words

Options for Eyebrow Lifts

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent defining features on the face. However, it is also first to give into the effects of gravity through sagging and aging in the skin. 232 more words

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Non Surgical Options for Brow Lift

People that have the opportunity to achieve a rejuvenation without going under the knife typically explore all of their options. If the sagging skin and tissue are caused by a relaxed forehead, a noticeable improvement can be provided with Botox alone. 172 more words

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Candidates for Direct Eyebrow Lift

At first thought, you may wonder why any patient would willingly choose a facial technique that could leave noticeable scars. The direct eyebrow lift does involve incisions in the skin just above the eyebrow area, but the scars often fade away until they seem almost invisible. 161 more words

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Direct Brow Lift Vs. Lateral Brow Lift

The area around our eyes is unfortunately one of the very first locations of our face to feel the effects of aging. Our brow begins to sag over the years, causing the arch in our eyebrows to flatten. 221 more words

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What You Should Know about Brow Lift Surgeries

Brow lift surgeries are particularly useful in addressing foreheads with thick horizontal wrinkles, sagging eyebrows, and prominent frown lines. There are a couple different brow lift surgeries that achieve improvements in these regions, though. 194 more words

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