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Purpose of Endotine Brow Lift

A traditional forehead lift is used to treat the entire area from the scalp to the eyebrow, causing a considerable amount of tissue trauma. Our expert in… 183 more words

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Non Surgical Options for Improving Eyebrows

There seem to be quite a few invasive options for patients who desire a rejuvenation to their eyebrow area. Fortunately, people who would like to avoid going under the knife have alternative solutions. 167 more words

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Do I Need a Brow Lift?

The average person looks into a mirror multiple times each day and may never notice that their appearance is going through changes. Yet, if others have started making comments regarding your expression, it could be a side effect of a sagging brow. 169 more words

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3 surprising facts of brow lift surgery

When people hear about a cosmetic surgery called brow lift, they often interpret it as a procedure that involves tightening and raising of the eyebrows. 343 more words

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Botox®: The unwanted effects

As we have said so many times before: Botox® is completely safe, and side effects are rare.  However, what happens when you don’t so much get a side effect as get too much effect?  947 more words


Botox for your troubles?

We’ve all heard the “money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy Botox and that’s the same thing” type of jokes, but is there more truth to the joke than meets the eye? 881 more words

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Aftercare for Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Every surgical procedure offered by our Los Angeles brow lift surgery expert has a specific set of aftercare instructions. The most important piece of advice is to refrain from physical activities and rest as often as possible. 160 more words

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