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Facial Beauty #4

During my research for lectures and presentations it has become clear that there are certain features that are important for facial beauty.

Overall beauty is difficult to define, however it also depends on the proportions and harmony of facial features. 483 more words

New Procedures

Ever wondered how a Thread Lift works?

Hey guys,

Another post on one of my favourite procedures with a more in-depth interesting video.

Of the numerous consults that I have had for the Thread Lift procedure, I find that a picture/ video speaks a thousand words, and the advantages and process of the procedure is much better appreciated with pictures and videos. 56 more words


Lift the Brow with Botox

Botulinum Toxin, or Botox for short, has appeared for many years from celebrities to people who can afford. It gives people a temporary effect of smoothening wrinkles and improving one’s appearance. 174 more words

Eyelid Surgery Penngrove | Facelift | Brow Lift

Have you been thinking about eyelid surgery in Penngrove? Consult with Dr. Barry Silberg about all facial surgeries, from brow lift to face lift. He is Sonoma County’s number one plastic surgeon and can help you achieve the natural look you’re going for. 7 more words

Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Penngrove | Facelift | Brow Lift

Dr. Barry Silberg is proud to offer facial surgery, including eyelid surgery, to Penngrove residents. As a board certified plastic surgeon with thirty years of experience, Dr. 26 more words

Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Cotati| Facelift Sebastopol | Brow Lift

Eyelid surgery in Cotati should be done by an expert. Same with a facelift in Sebastopol. Or a brow lift in Petaluma. Luckily, Sonoma County is home to one of the best plastic surgeons around! 17 more words

Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Cotati | Facelift Sebastopol | Brow Lift

From eyelid surgery for the residents of Cotati to facelift for people of Sebastopol, Dr. Barry Silberg is the local expert in all things plastic surgery. 28 more words

Plastic Surgery