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Brow Grooming is for Men, Too!

Gentlemen- eyebrow grooming isn’t just for the ladies! Cleaning up your brows can make you look more youthful and polished with minimal effort. Neglecting your brows can give you a furrowed look, age your face, and make your entire look sloppy. 254 more words

Beauty Discoveries

Hi guys !

It’s been so long since we talked about Beauty on here! We recently discovered some products and beauty services that have become our all-time favorites. 777 more words


Elf Eyebrow Wax Stick

I like a brow wax that keeps my brows in place all day, by the same token I don’t want the wax to feel heavy like there’s a two inch coating on them weighing them down. 266 more words

Makeup & Beauty Mania

W7 Brow Parlour🎀💕

I am reviewing the W7 Brow Parlour today, I received this for Christmas and never really tried it as I live by the ABH Dipbrow Pomade but recently I thought I would give this a go as sometimes I get bored of products when I use them day in day out. 260 more words