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  • Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel faces criticism for his department’s repeated failures to stop Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz
  • Israel has been accused of using his department for political purposes…
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4 Broward Sheriff Deputies Stayed Outside Of School During Mass Shooting

I guess Blue Lives do matter in this case since during a shooting taking place inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Not one of the deputies went in and try to stop the situation from escalating further with more causalities. 142 more words

Four Cowardly Cops in Parkland

Growing up, we always tell kids that they are supposed to trust the police officer.  That they are their friend and that they can go to them for help.  938 more words


The burning spark

were safe, they thought;

would learn to earn,

you wouldn’t know;

is that spark, not a glow?

from a flaming gun.

a moment,  the eyes were curious, 23 more words


Officers Guarding Former Deputy's Home After Inaction During Mass Shooting

(Palm Beach County, FL) – Police officers are guarding the home of the Florida deputy who took a position near the scene of the massacre at a Parkland high school last week but never went in.   142 more words

Gun Control

Cop Was Present During Entire High School Shooting and Did Nothing

What is the difference between this and rolling up in an APC dressed in a soldier wanna-be suit and “securing the area” until the shooting stops? 314 more words

School Resource Officer Never Attempted To Help Students, Suspended Without Pay

(Parkland, FL) – The armed officer on the scene of last week’s high school shooting in South Florida is resigning after it was revealed he never entered the building during the rampage. 211 more words

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