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"Spring Grizzly on the Teklanika River"

Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis)
Denali National Park, Alaska
Canon 7D
Canon 100-400mm lens @ 400mm
1/1250 sec @ f5.6
iso 200
© Teklanika Photography 2015


Smarter Than Your Average Bear

So I know that lately I’ve been posting about how unmanly I am. I can’t build this, I can’t fix that. Well listen, I’m not writing this blog to make myself look like a superhero… I’m here to tell the truth about how things are. 320 more words


I’m just checking through my catalogues of bears from the past few years, making sure all my ID shots are up to date for this year. 46 more words


Croatia: Bear Hugs In Home For Abandoned Cubs

There is a sanctuary, a refuge for brown bear cubs in a small village Kuterevo, Croatia. Besides abandoned brown bears, baby brown bears that due to an accident or poaching have been separated from their mothers and are too young to live independently have found a home in Kuterevo, on the slopes of Velebit Mountain in Lika – just one and a half hour drive from the coast. 700 more words

I’ve posted a few photos from our 2013 trip to Alaska but haven’t used my first picture taken at dawn at Silver Salmon Creek.  I think this fits the theme  

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the pages turned...

sometimes it’s in the immeasurable glimmer flashing by that we catch notice of the years slipping by.

so it was when i got word that eric carle, he who cut and glued the tissue-paper colors of the first childhood i inhaled by heart, he who wrote the rhymes, and pounded out the rhythms of measured bars of caterpillars and brown bears and grouchy ladybugs who ate the page, he would be among the short list of honorees at my firstborn’s college graduation. 958 more words



A fall evening as the sun falls behind the mountains that encircle Glendale Cove. As I paddle home for the day Lillian appears and stands out from the fading greens around her with a gloriously vibrant winter coat.