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Brown Dwarfs

A brown dwarf is an object that didn’t quite make it to stardom. It’s sub-stellar without enough mass to sustain hydrogen-1 fusion like a main sequence star. 142 more words


This Week's Science News - 31st July 2015

Earthquakes, Ebola, Brown Dwarves, paralysis, leeches and one very old tooth…. this week in science.

Queensland Earthquake

Over the weekend, residents of south-east Queensland experienced several earthquakes. 666 more words


Too Big to be a Planet, Too Small To be a Star

In space clouds of dust and gas are pulled together by the force of gravity. The particles all contact towards a central point. As it does so, gravitational potential energy is converted into thermal energy, heat, causing the core to heat up. 607 more words


Astronomy: Venus-Mass Planet Orbiting Brown Dwarf

An international team of Polish, Korean, American, Israeli, and Italian astronomers have announced the unusual discovery of a Venus mass planet OGLE-2013-BLG-0723LB/Bb, orbiting a cool brown dwarf star. 359 more words

GSE2 - Surprise Dwarfs and Water Giants

Two weeks out and I’ve put another few hundred light years behind me. I’ve been making maximum jumps. At first it was to just get where I was going. 981 more words


brown dwarf weather, anyone?


Concept art shows “what the weather might look like on cool star-like bodies known as brown dwarfs. These giant balls of gas start out life like stars, but lack the mass to sustain nuclear fusion at their cores, and instead, fade and cool with time.” (Spitzer/JPL)

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