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Brown Dwarf: The object you should start to love...

You probably didn’t realize it, but when you started classifying on BackyardWorlds.org you were actually helping us search the nearby solar neighborhood for cold hidden worlds called brown dwarfs.   839 more words

A Busy Week

Last week we launched our latest project, Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, and it’s been a busy seven days indeed. Our amazing volunteers have once again demonstrated their awesome power by producing over over 1.5 million classifications while on the hunt for nearby brown dwarfs and our Solar System’s hypothesised ninth planet. 34 more words

Citizen Science

Epsilon Indi B

Epsilon Indi is a nearby star system in the constellation Indus. Two of its three stars belong to Class T, a group which consists of… 326 more words

EXO-LIGHTNING Part I: what can we learn from the Solar System?

Is lightning a phenomenon only occurring on Earth? Or is it universal? How can the knowledge we learnt from Solar System lightning help with discovering lightning on exoplanets and to understand these very different worlds? 1,194 more words

Our Work Explained

Brown Dwarf Found to Have Water in Atmosphere and Earth-like Temperature

For the first time ever we have discovered clouds of water around an astronomical body outside of our solar system. WISE 0855 is a brown dwarf about 7 light years from earth, so extremely close in cosmic terms, and was first discovered in 2014. 447 more words


Астрономия, статия на деня: първият спектър на WISE 0855-0714 – кафявото джудже на което можете да карате ски

Според различни оценки температурата на WISE 0855-0714 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WISE_0855%E2%88%920714) е в границите 225-260 градуса по скалата на Келвин, което съответствува на -48 до -13 градуса по скалата на Целзий. 139 more words