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451 Nearest Brown Dwarf

The nearest brown dwarf is actually two of them in the binary system Luhman 16, which lies 6.59 light-years away in the southern constellation Vela. 156 more words


WASP-South finds the smallest known star

In order to qualify as a proper “star” (as opposed to a brown dwarf or a stellar remnant) it needs to be producing nuclear fusion of hydrogen in its central regions. 205 more words

WASP Project

How (and why) do we measure the masses of exoplanets? Part I: Radial Velocity and Astrometry

Back in ye olde days of exoplanet science (the 1990s), the surest way to demonstrate the discovery of a planet–as opposed to a star–was to measure its mass.   1,497 more words

Astronomy Basics

Worlds Around Brown Dwarfs: When is a Planet a Planet?

I’ve always found brown dwarfs to be fascinating objects, and as such I’ve recently been re-reading papers about their formation and unusual chemistry. Brown dwarfs are strange, transitionary objects; they’re sort of in between being a planet and a star. 1,182 more words