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TRAPPIST-1 (also known as 2MASS J23062928-0502285, which handily contains its location on the sky) is about 12 parsecs away, or 39.5 light years. That means it’s one of the closest 500 stars to the Sun, and we now know… 691 more words


Local solar space: the very nearby and coolest known brown dwarf, WISE 0855-0714

The above image is found by google and taken courtesy of a website located in Siberia: credit: http://za-neptunie.livejournal.com/55097.html. It shows the detections of WISE 0855-0714 by the WISE and Spitzer infrared space telescopes. 144 more words


Parallaxes and proper motions of 134 southern late M, L and T dwarfs

Stars in nearby solar space exhibit large proper motions because they are moving against a background of more distant stars. All stars have their own motion through space and most stars in the solar vicinity share approximately the velocity and direction of motion of the Sun. 288 more words


New nearby high proper motion objects from the AllWISE survey

Many years of work have gone into the quest to find the nearest objects outside the Solar System. The holy grail of a proper motion search based on (thermal) infrared data where low mass stars and brown dwarfs emit most of their radiation and where extinction by dust in the galactic plane is low has been achieved by the latest… 402 more words


From ND: "Notre Dame physicists discover rare brown dwarf, essential for testing theoretical models"

Notre Dame University

April 06, 2016
Gene Stowe

A team led by Justin Crepp has discovered HD 4747 B, a rare brown dwarf. As a new mass, age and metallicity benchmark, HD 4747 B will serve as a laboratory for precision astrophysics to test theoretical models. 921 more words

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