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Scientists Think They've Solved an Important Mystery About Brown Dwarfs

Are they stars? Are they lost planets? Brown dwarfs, the galaxy’s dark, wandering orbs, are some of space’s most perplexing features. They’re larger than Jupiter but smaller than stars, glow on their own and, well, they’re just really strange. 12 more words


Sciency Words: Brown Dwarf

Today’s post is part of a special series here on Planet Pailly called Sciency Words. Each week, we take a closer look at an interesting science or science-related term to help us expand our scientific vocabularies together. 480 more words

Sciency Words

Exoplanet Explorer: Gliese 504b “Pinkie Pie”

Continuing our exploration of the exoplanets, today we’re visiting a planet called Gliese 504b.

Gliese 504b isn’t the kind of alphanumeric gobbledygook we usually get for exoplanet designations, but still… I prefer actual names, or at least nicknames. 377 more words


A Pair of Lonely Dwarfs

Luhman 16AB is a double star system composed of two brown dwarfs. It’s only about six light-years away, and is the third closest stellar system to Earth—after the triple star system Alpha Centauri and Barnard’s Star. 183 more words


Brown Dwarfs and their Big Siblings

My latest article is up at Sky & Telescope.  I discuss two recent studies suggest that brown dwarfs, or so-called “failed stars,” are nevertheless more like stars than planets. 103 more words

Brown Dwarfs

The Little Stars that Couldn’t[1]

In the cosmic cast of characters, there are shining stars and an assortment of planets orbiting some of those stars like bit players. 408 more words

Degenerate Stars

A Busy Week

Last week we launched our latest project, Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, and it’s been a busy seven days indeed. Our amazing volunteers have once again demonstrated their awesome power by producing over over 1.5 million classifications while on the hunt for nearby brown dwarfs and our Solar System’s hypothesised ninth planet. 34 more words

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