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VLT/SPHERE non-detection of the proposed brown dwarf in the V471 Tauri system

Image and text credit: European Southern Observatory (ESO) science release. A tertiary brown dwarf companion in the V471 Tauri eclipsing binary system has been… 725 more words


Real-life sci-fi world #4: Earth around a brown dwarf

Welcome to Real-life Sci-fi worlds.  We are using science to explore life-bearing worlds that are the settings for science fiction stories.  Up today: an Earth-like planet orbiting a brown dwarf. 2,093 more words

Conditions For Habitable Planets

on the Sizes of Stars

Stars are easy to understand.  The definition of a star is pretty clear: Stars are self-gravitating masses of gas* that sustain nuclear fusion in their cores.  689 more words


Introducing John Gizis

This week features John Gizis. He is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Delaware in the USA. Instead of studying extremely distant luminous objects  with our most moderrn telescopes, he studies dim, nearby stars— think M, L, T and Y dwarfs. 116 more words


A determination of the low mass end of the main sequence and the hydrogen burning limit

Image credit: P. Marenfeld & NOAO/AURA/NSF. The ordinate is the stellar radius.

In research accepted for publication in the Astronomical Journal, the RECONS (

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Press release: Planet-like object may have spent its youth as hot as a star

WISE J030449.03-270508.3 belongs to a class of cold, extremely low mass objects, known as Y dwarfs. Only about twenty of those are known, and this one shows a peculiar spectrum suggesting that it may be metal-poor and/or older than previously identified Y0 dwarfs. 55 more words


Grab Your Parka, We've Discovered The Coldest Brown Dwarf Yet!

Brown dwarf stars are the T-Mobile Girl of the universe. You remember her? She was the girl in the pink dresses, who for some reason became a… 426 more words