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Kid Cowbird

I think this is a juvenile cowbird. I wonder who it’s foster parents were??

A pretty calm bird, exploring the offerings at Chez Tray.

Feathers look pretty new and in good condition. 11 more words

Bird of the Week: Brown-headed Cowbird

Historically, this bird followed the buffalo, preying on insects they kicked up. It couldn’t afford time to stop and nest, so it learned to drop its eggs in other birds’ nests, with each female laying up to 40 eggs per season. 58 more words


Look Outside My Window!

Never mind the weather, I had a nice week with the birds. Like being surprised by this beautiful fledgling Eastern Towhee, last week I saw a juvenile one and I felt so happy, now to see an even younger Towhee it’s great!… same evening I was on the deck looking at my recently mowed lawn when I noticed a little bird flying toward me and then sit on a branch about 2 feet from my face, it was the young Towhee and it wasn’t scared, he twitted a couple of times looking at me and flew off again. 227 more words


Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater)

I saw this male at Burnaby Lake, my second time seeing these cowbirds after seeing some at Reifel a few days earlier. These birds are brood parasites; they do not build nests. 68 more words

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It's Only Summer

Life goes on in Northwest Georgia… It is Summer and we get high temperatures daily, the humidity of this season is a classic of Georgia. We just have to pretend that it’s just “peachy”.   126 more words