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Brown-headed Cowbird [Molothrus ater] ~ #43

I took a few trips to Burnaby Lake over the past few weekends. I had my camera body back from service but not my telephoto lens :-( . 160 more words


Photo of the Week: Brown-headed Cowbird

This week’s photo is a brown-headed cowbird. I shot this while using my car as a “blind” during a lunch break one day, using the same technique as when I shot last weeks’ song sparrow. 46 more words


Go to the Light

We all know that without light the miracle of photography is practically impossible. Cameras nowadays are very sophisticate and advanced technically but still have the need of capturing light in order to realize an image. 141 more words


Brown-headed Cowbird

The Brown-headed Cowbird is another new bird in my catalog. The past few weeks I have seen, and shot, a pair of American Goldfinches, a Song Sparrow and now the Brown-headed Cowbird. 238 more words


O Sole mio!…La,la!

Sometimes the temperature of a sunny day is a bit too high for some birds, this factor makes them look for the best way to refresh themselves, some go to a shaded place and  some other find the way to find some fresh water! 139 more words


Chez H.J.

Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m running a restaurant of the avian kind, if you catch my drift, I cater meals for every bird that come this way daily, regardless if local or just passing by, they find meals already served. 293 more words

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