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Teach Your Children The Right Passwords!

Teach  your  children  the  right  passwords!

~ by James J. S. Johnson

4 We will not hide them [“them” refers to God’s prophetic words – see verses 1-3…

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Brown-Headed Cowbirds

Several readers have told me that birds are building nests on their property, and some have sent photos.  Martha on Reindeer has two nest boxes that are supposed to be for Western Bluebirds but are now occupied by nesting House Wrens.  593 more words


Ghost Birds: When Flooding Makes A Ghost Town

With memories of Hurricane Katrina and its tenth anniversary still fresh upon us, we reel as our friends on the other side of the world — in… 1,181 more words


Look Outside my Window!

Welcome once again and join me to look outside my window. Let me tell you  about the past week, it has been raining heavily every day, on off plus conditions outdoors were uninviting to do any photography. 227 more words


Look Outside my Window!

Having rainy and dark days only makes me feel kind of melancholic because I don’t see the birds often and later when I see them, brings to my mind the fact that soon a number of them will be departing to their long trip to the South. 204 more words


Play It by Ear

We are dealing with a real crazy weather lately. One day is very cold and the next is warm, rains a lot or there’s no rain at all. 201 more words