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Portraits of Birds

Brown-headed Cowbird  (M) – Molothrus ater

© HJ Ruiz

Notes on backyard birding with a surprise

The other morning, I found something exciting in my backyard just outside my window. I first noticed a bird flying around under the porch and around one of the posts. 440 more words


Sin Tax?

the Face of Everyman always felt queasy when approached by a member of this species.   Why did they have license to lay eggs in other’s nests; then move on?  42 more words

Male Brown-headed Cowbird: A Better Look at Black Beauty

This male Brown-headed Cowbird, whom I call Black Beauty, (2 photos) has become a many-times daily visitor to our bird feeder along with his mate.  I posted earlier about them but here are better photos of the male, taken yesterday. 55 more words


Black Beauty

These birds are new to me as of a few weeks ago.  They come daily to our feeder, above are male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.  I wonder why they have such a strange name being members of the Blackbird family.  52 more words


Brown-headed Beauty

A Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) here perched in a flowering bush, resplendant in his shiny Spring plumage.


Pair of Cowbirds

Pictures: Here is a male and females Brown-headed Cowbird.

Exercise: We walked 3.6 miles today and it was a windy walk but despite the weather we had a great walk. 30 more words