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Birds Behaving Badly / Brood Parasites

Amazing and unusual techniques have evolved for the defense and propagation of species in the Animal Kingdom.  For instance, the squid ejects its veil of ink to cover its retreat; the skunk squirts its malodorous spray; the porcupine has its quills; and the opossum feigns death, even with the the drooling mouth, when all else fails. 784 more words


Water Park?

It was a good idea to keep a deep dish full with fresh water, because it serves two purposes, one is to have birds quench their thirst and two, take a dip and splash a refreshing bath. 157 more words


Hungry Birds

From all the birds I get  in my backyard daily, right now it’s the Brown-headed Cowbird the most numerous, there are more females than males. They are at the feeders at any time of the day, regardless of the weather temperature. 113 more words


Brown-headed Cowbird

Wasn’t sure about this bird’s identification but was told it was a Brown-headed Cowbird recently hatched this spring. I am not a fan of the cowbird but this one was sort of cute.