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And... we're back! (Ta daaa)

It’s taken a good long while, but Maison Vee’s is finally back on Etsy, hooray! Starting with the classics I have in stock, while I’m experimenting with new designs… I’ll be adding more over the next month or so, but if you have any requests, please get in touch!



Two Owls

Two Owls Sculpture
3.5 x 2.5 x 3 in

These owls can not be separated – as it should be.


My Attraction to the Owl.

A rustling is detected yards away on the leaf covered ground. Although the night seems to work like a black veil concealing visibility, the unsuspecting prey can be seen. 296 more words


Twit Twoo! We love getting commissions here at I Am Acrylic HQ – it’s a real challenge to turn an idea in someone’s head into an actual 3d product, but that’s part of the fun! 170 more words

I Am Acrylic Stuff

Where are all the bloody trout hiding?

This afternoon was an amazing session on the Tees. The weather was lovely – warm with occasional sunshine and a gentle breeze – and fish were rising everywhere. 277 more words