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Brown Rice

With more than 30 years of brown-rice cultivating experience, Riceborn provides an entirely diff erent type of brown rice, based on its unique processing method. Its patented machine and method precisely peels the paraffi n wax layer off each grain without losing any nutrients so that consumers can enjoy the brown rice with the “white rice like” texture with the same “cooking time” as white rice. 225 more words

Special Report

🍅 Tomato + 🍳 Egg + 🌱 Spinach! 西红柿炒鸡蛋加菠菜

Try this spin on the classic Tomato and Egg with spinach!

Practically every person from a Chinese household has his or her own version on Tomato and Egg. 488 more words


Lemon Chicken & Rice Pilaf

I received a great perk when I married my husband. I learned their family recipe for Lemon BBQ Chicken. Without divulging this scrumptious family secret, Foodies Galore has created a variation of the recipe that will satisfy all taste buds. 276 more words

Healthwise Lifestyle

Rice, Bean and Citrus Salad

This tasty side dish was a brainchild of a bean and orange salad I’ve had at family parties over the summer. It’s light and refreshing, perfect to serve along with a big piece of meat like steak and surprisingly, it feeds a crowd! 185 more words

This Girl Has Recipes!

Salad Pizza


  • Brown Rice Tortilla
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Arugula
  • Balsamic Reduction
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Pine Nuts
  • Optional: Salmon (not pictured, but when it tastes even better with salmon on top)
  • 43 more words

Healthy Brown Rice Pudding

There are some days when I just can’t eat enough food, I scour the house for snacks and eat more than I should at every meal. 194 more words


Chicken with Mushroom Rice

May 13, 2016


(Serves 6)

1½ cups uncooked brown rice

2 (14-oz) cans 99% fat-free beef broth

2 (8-oz) packages sliced fresh mushrooms

1 shallot, minced… 139 more words

Healthy Alternative