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Chicken is my absolute favorite protein, I can eat it in many different versions. I love recipes that are simple and easy to follow that allow me to prep them quickly and don’t need much of my attention to cook so I can do other things around the house.

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Vegan fayre in Kingston

Finding great, local vegan/vegetarian restaurants is not as easy as you may think considering how many column  inches our health and well being is given in general media these days. 320 more words


Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

When outside temperature drops down below 50 ºF, Sunday evening is a roastie night for me. I go to a corner stall of Thompkins Square Park Farmer’s Market right by my apartment during the day. 282 more words


Peanut Butter Spinach in brown rice with roast chicken

One of my favourite vegetable sides is spinach in peanut butter. From reading my food posts on here, you’ll see how much peanut butter is an important and a feature ingredient in most Zimbabwean dishes. 221 more words


Smoked Turkey and Black Bean Soup

RECIPE #91, DAY #113

ORIGINAL RECIPE: This recipe idea was shared with me by the guy behind me in line at WholeFoods*

TIMING: 3 hours. 518 more words


Tuesday Transformation- Leftover Brown Rice Pudding

The advice about making a large pot of beans, rice, or other hearty filler at the beginning of the week, then tossing them into salads, soups, or whatever ever else along the rest of the week is genius. 367 more words


Acorn Squash Salad with Brown Rice, Roasted Leeks, and Hemp Hearts

This vegan beauty of a salad came into my head the other day when I went for walk with my mom down to the beach. The rain is really getting into full swing here in Vancouver and the kaleidoscope explosion of leaves are all over the sidewalk, I felt totally inspired by the colours that overlapped all over the sidewalk and street. 579 more words