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Gussy Up Your Brown Rice With Three Simple Ingredients! PLUS: Another Use For Bacon Jam!

My last post featured my recipe for Stuffed Peppers, and when I made them, I paired them with an easy side dish that was perfect for spring: … 562 more words

Fried Rice with Cashews

I swear, My Whole Food Life is a goldmine of tasty recipes. I find many of my favorites from this site! This fried rice with cashews recipe is an easy stir-fry with pretty minimal vegetable chopping. 210 more words


Brown Rice Champorado

If you want to incorporate brown rice into your diet but do not particularly enjoy its texture and taste, this dish could just be a game changer and make these grains a staple in your pantry. 459 more words



Home made Seeded crackers! Good for all quinoa loving hippies. So incredibly easy and so incredibly tasty.


This is me eating half the batch in one day. 7 more words

Pineapple & Chicken Sausage Stir Fry

In celebration of my new knives and walnut cutting board, I bought a pineapple to chop up!  I haven’t had fresh pineapple in such a long time, so I jumped at the first chance to buy one now that I have a large enough surface to chop it on and a knife big enough and sharp enough to handle a pineapple! 325 more words


Growing Grains: The Final Frontier in Edible Gardening

Recently my office moved to a new location with a large cafeteria. The food is good and the bonus is the monthly educational program presented by registered dietitian nutritionists to promote healthy eating. 268 more words


Brown Rice Apple Porridge

I first tasted brown rice porridge at a yoga retreat a couple of years ago. The rice from the previous evenings meal was re-cooked for breakfast with delicious results. 281 more words