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Artisan Spotlight: Going Green with Brown Sheep

The American textile industry has a long history of boom and bust cycles since the first mills were set up along the waterways of the east coast in the early years of the industrial revolution.While most yarn, textile and clothing production has moved offshore, a small number of stubborn visionaries have dedicated themselves to ensuring a future for American-made yarn. 677 more words


Checkered Heel and Stripey Toe

It’s raining and my back hurts. I guess I’ll blog.
Knitting has been a bit rough lately because my back is aching. The good news is that I’m on the mend, after many physical therapy (brutal!) sessions, and now visits to a chiropractor. 310 more words

My Knitting Life

New Pattern Release: Muireann

She’s finally here! The top-down girls’ cardigan you’ve been waiting for. Or, at least, the pattern I’ve been taking ages to release to you.

I wrote this pattern in 2011 and it’s been in the back of my mind since then to get it into shape for general release.  446 more words

Knitting - FOs

One trip EVERY month: October - Who says Canberra is boring?

Some months, rather than leave town, I go tripping around my local area and have just as good a time as if I’d taken a trip to the sea.  564 more words


New years resolutions, revisisted

Well, I can knock 2 items off the list.  My Lopi  Ulf-Hildur is finished.  I tried the duplicate stitch on it and hated it, so I ripped it out.   345 more words


.... --- -. . -.-- / -.-. --- .-- .-..

I finished up my second Honey Cowl.

I prefer to call it the Morse Code Cowl.

I like this pattern best in two colors to make the dots and dashes pop. 125 more words


Second things sometime need a little attention too...

…a sequel to In praise of first things.

Years and years ago, after I made a few more garter stitch scarves for friends and family, and falling just as hard for knitting with wool as I did for alpaca, not to mention… 287 more words