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Beginner Baker - Banana Bread

Hi Folks,

Today I experimented by making my first ever banana bread!

Now, I don’t have a mixer, I don’t have the proper banana bread pan, I don’t have vanilla (nor do I ever use it), but I do have an oven, bananas, sugar, flour, and eggs, and trust me, that’s really all ya need to make your apartment smell heavenly!   247 more words


Decadent Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a Surprise!)

In The Goddess’s little world, there aren’t too many things better than Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Particularly fresh out of the oven, all gooey and creamy soft in the center, with just a hint of crispness around the edges.  707 more words


Easy, Kid-Friendly Sweet and Sour Meatballs

I love it when I find a recipe that I love, and even better when my kids love it. This is one of those, and yes I just used love 3 times, it’s that good. 363 more words


Bacon Jam

So I had a lot of extra bacon, and with its expiration date fast approaching I didn’t want to let all that salty, smoky, fatty goodness go to waste. 361 more words


Alchemyst Vape - Capn's Oatmeal

Ok so this must be a secret (not anymore!) New blend from Alchemyst Vapes, today we have Capn’s Oatmeal. It’s not on their website so I’ll give you the info I do have. 456 more words