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How Lawyers Should Use Trump's Racism Against Him

Bigots are mentally addled people. But it’s not so much a cognitive or IQ problem they share in common; it’s more a stew of intellectual sloth, chemical imbalance, personality disorders, and their culture’s celebration of prideful ignorance. 852 more words

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The Freedom to Choose a School is Simply a Matter of Principle (Guest Blogger: Matt Halvorson)

In response to NAACP-American Federation of Teachers, Inc. ganging up on charter schools, dozens of articles and blogs have dedicated space to the NAACP-AFT, Inc. corporate merger and the subsequent beatdown of the greatest threat to their ill-gotten empire.  2,309 more words

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About that Malcolm Gladwell podcast

I know many people enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s recent podcast about the Brown v. Board of Ed decision (Revisionist History, S2 E3: Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment).  1,507 more words

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Recent News Round Up (a busy time in school integration/segregation news!)

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May 17th was the 62nd anniversary Brown v. Board of Education which begat more than a few retrospectives…  and all of them ended with either the disheartening pronouncement that our schools are increasingly segregated now (like  1,351 more words

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63rd Anniversary Of Brown v. Board Of Education

The 63rd anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision of Brown v. Board of Education occurred Wednesday, marking over six decades since schools constitutionally desegregated. In a… 180 more words

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What we lose when we lose track of Brown

Today being the 63rd anniversary of Brown, I decided to go back and read the full court decision, which is short and very readable. A lot of this may be familiar to readers, but wanted to start with some background for those who don’t work on this issue on a regular basis. 769 more words

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