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You Can't Take the Sky from Me! - The Nine Alignments of Firefly

Happy 4th of July weekend, happy Independence Day! If you set the holiday in space, it would probably be like Firefly – you can’t take the sky from me! 21 more words


Time to Cut Adam Baldwin Loose, Browncoats

“Just days ago, a white man wrapped in a Confederate flag shot nine black people,” the man who played Jayne appears to have thought when waking up this weekend, “so I’m going to tweet about how slavery might have been pragmatic.” 272 more words

Pop Culturist

Welcome This is Our Spaceship

We’ve alluded to it, we have made sly references, we admitted it quietly when my Uncle Tom guessed right…Pearson Ariel Hull #412 shall from henceforth be known as the Sailing Vessel… 428 more words


ANCHAUTTES: The 57th Contributes To $1.47b ISK Worth Of Hurt

I have told the Crew and written here as well that one pilot can make a difference.  Your actions, however small you may think them to be, can have a major impact on those around you and to those you face. 295 more words


To Speak of Fandoms

I was going to compile a list of fandoms and what their fans were called, but I found a pretty comprehensive list during my research. So now I’m a leaf on the wind, caught up in thoughts about all of my favorite books series and TV series. 520 more words

Life Event

Not Really Wordless Wednesday

(I’m not dead- yet- and I haven’t abandoned blogging- yet- but with the advent of nicer weather it seems I haven’t sat down for more than a few minutes at a time. 316 more words


Spring Recruiting: Faction Warfare Pilots

The 57th Overlanders Brigade is running a Spring Recruitment Drive for Faction Warfare Pilots.  Over the next few weeks we are looking to bolster our numbers as we prepare for the summer months of grinding Plexes, defending systems and blowing up anything that stands in the way of us achieving another Faction Warfare Victory for the… 56 more words