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"This Land" is Our Land

Hands-down the best part of this campaign has been hitting the pavement and talking to fellow Browncoats and others who want to see our descendants living off-world.   1,074 more words


Shiny New Website

The Browncoats Burlesque website has been pretty darned quiet for the last couple of years…

But everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!!!

Err…I mean, when Lady Gallifreya decided to take up the duties of “Miss Universe” in her spare time and ensure that our webship doesn’t run out of gas. 75 more words


Feast Your Eyes!

Now that you’ve had a chance to cool off a bit after Saturday night’s show, we’re going to be naughty and get you all hot and bothered again! 72 more words


Rocket Science Night a Real Blast for the #SpaceXSerenityCrew

The evening of Friday, January 15 was a somewhat unique one for Take Back the Sky.  Our tabling experience at “21+ Rocket Science Night” at the Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh marked the first time our #SpaceXSerenityCrew made an appearance at an event that focused on the hard science of spaceflight instead of the fantasy and conjecture of science-fiction.   636 more words


DC Comics Decisions Inspire #SpaceXSerenityCrew

I’m a huge fan of science-fiction, and my first love is Firefly, but there’s more to this geek than my coat of a brownish color.  For example, I’m also an avid reader and collector of comic books.   772 more words


Firefly and Writing

Like most browncoats throughout the world, I have been in a perpetual state of mourning, struggling to reach the acceptance phase of the grieving process. The grief isn’t ever present like it was in the early days. 319 more words