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Recommendation: Readability

Here’s a nice useful software program!  It removes the clutter from a webpage so you can read an article “in peace” so to speak.  It’s called Readability and it’s an add-on to your Internet browser to clean up the page for easier reading.  33 more words

Home Life


Every now and then one of my co-workers will see me working in Firefox and wonder what the green line I’m drawing is. Enter FireGestures. FireGestures is possibly one of my favorite productivity tools, an add-on to the Firefox browser. 69 more words


Tuvaro Toolbar

Hey everyone! Have you ever had a browser plugin installed, and then wondered, why on earth did you install it in the first place? I bet our feelings are mutual when it comes to… 622 more words


Watch where you click…the 2013 version (or it is ok to “decline” something and still proceed)

So it’s been a while since I have posted something…I had to move my blog to a new location and need to work on my mailing list. 392 more words

MIXI.DJ Toolbar

I sometimes wonder. Are really toolbars that useful? I don’t even use that additional search bar I have on my Firefox browser, let alone utilize any toolbar, even though I spend more than half of my day on the Internet. 584 more words


Certified Toolbar

It seems like we’re getting loads of these toolbars nowadays, ain’t it? They’re kinda annoying, because they’re sort of useful, and yet they’re not exactly, so why on earth should we have on our computers, right? 622 more words


Yontoo Layers Client

Here we go again with things that are not exactly threats but they are. Don’t know what I’m talking about? I mean browser add-ons like Yontoo Layers Client, that are not computer viruses and YET we cannot trust them completely. 529 more words