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Rumble Road

This week we’ve been digging through the whopping 400+ submissions for the latest GBJAM. For our next entry, we’ve stepping onto the mean streets of… 320 more words


Splix.io Review!!!!

Splix.io is a free to play .io game. You are a circle trying to conquer as much territory as possible, while other players will try to do the same. 87 more words


Day #273: I'm Pretty Sure It's Haunted

It’s been a busy day of audio editing and vacation prep, so I won’t be able to start the month off with the bang that I’d originally planned.   141 more words

Video Games

Cuba's Days

It’s a balmy day in October of ’62 and you, the then American President John F. Kennedy, have just under 2 weeks to defuse The Situation. 572 more words


CaveBlade: Combat Update

Warning: terrible graphics ahead!

It’s another week of CaveBlade work, and progress is steady. As you can see from the screenshot, I replaced everything with… different graphics. 227 more words

Video Games

Fun with processing.js

I started checking out various visualization tools for the web during the last few months. A project which I found very interesting is processing.js. This is a JS port of the processing language, an easy-to-use language to write visualizations or interactive media stuff. 124 more words

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Secret of Adam (demo)

Secret of Adam is an old school JRPG-style game in the vein of SNES classics. Successfully Kickstarted way back in Jan, it looks filled with exactly the kind of stuff that makes a new retro game a new retro game. 588 more words

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