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The Void Project (aka Project VOID) Reboot!

It has been many years since I have restarted the Void, and recently felt the need to really REALLY do some work on it. I rehashed the whole thing (again) and am starting over. 65 more words



It feels like a bit of a cop-out to open a discussion about a modern game with “when I was a child, I played videogames and it made me feel x.” Its been done to death, and usually comes up as a way for the writer to secretly make it All About Them. 1,597 more words

Video Games Of The Oppressed

TagPro: Capture the Flag

Genre Tags: Online, Browser, Capture the FlagMultiplayer

Tagpro is a browser based Capture the Flag game, in which teams of four attempt to steal the enemy flag and return it to their base.   585 more words

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Explore the Estate for yourself! Introducing "Adventures at the Gaming Estate", an in-site adventure game!

(Link fixed!)

Good day, my friends, and what a good day it is!  I apologize for my inactivity lately, but I was not truly inactive…just working behind the scenes. 122 more words

MiniDayZ is DayZ in your browser, bro!

Along my internet travels, I stumbled upon this great time killer.  Behold! MiniDayZ!

Bohemia Interactive has created a free-to-play game for your browser that mimics DayZ on a smaller scale.   172 more words


Jr3u review- Attack On Titan Tribute Game

Attack on Titan is the animé equivalent to deep fried ice cream. Short and sweet but crunchy at the same time. Sometimes, very crunchy. ( 246 more words

Jreu Reviews

The Town of Salem Experience: Part 2


Greetings, my good fellows!  I apologize for my recent inactivity; but I am back with  684 more words