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Rec. PC Game #1 : Town of Salem

First of all, I’m sorry for not posting my own gameplay screenshot. These are images from Google.

I saw this game on Gamejolt around 1 year ago I think. 429 more words

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MS Paint Racers

A while back we posted about a driving game in progress called Slipstream that emulates the classic look and feel of Outrun and games of the era. 305 more words


Science Kombat

She blinded me with science! Also, a radiation beam to the face. Actually, it was probably mostly the beam. Science Kombat seeks to answer the age old question, “who would win a fight…”? 504 more words


Bomb on Basic City

Time to dust off that old Megadrive/Genesis, since Studio Vetea has gone out and made a brand spanking new game! Set in some kind of inverse social commentary on Space Invaders, you must fly over cities and bomb the crap out of them for no reason other than “because you can”. 434 more words


News: Play any NES game.. in 3D!?

A new NES emulator has emerged on the scene, with the rather unusual feature of automatically transforming the games from their repressive 2D chains into glorious liberated 3D dioramas. 182 more words


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