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Cuba's Days

It’s a balmy day in October of ’62 and you, the then American President John F. Kennedy, have just under 2 weeks to defuse The Situation. 572 more words


CaveBlade: Combat Update

Warning: terrible graphics ahead!

It’s another week of CaveBlade work, and progress is steady. As you can see from the screenshot, I replaced everything with… different graphics. 227 more words

Video Games

Fun with processing.js

I started checking out various visualization tools for the web during the last few months. A project which I found very interesting is processing.js. This is a JS port of the processing language, an easy-to-use language to write visualizations or interactive media stuff. 124 more words

IT And Computers

Secret of Adam (demo)

Secret of Adam is an old school JRPG-style game in the vein of SNES classics. Successfully Kickstarted way back in Jan, it looks filled with exactly the kind of stuff that makes a new retro game a new retro game. 588 more words

1 Player

Spaceplan is the perfect game to leave on a browser tab at work

It’s Friday afternoon in August. Some inexplicably over-productive colleague has scheduled you to join a meeting you don’t really need to be in. You need to pay attention, but if you took 10 seconds here or two minutes there to zone out, that would be okay. 230 more words



Video games have been criticised for being dangerously addictive. Apparently this is because they tap directly into our primitive urges, such as wandering damp dungeons and getting stabbed by goblins.  350 more words


The Henry Stickmin Retrospective Review (PC)


The Henry Stickmin games are a series of browser games where you play as the aptly named criminal Henry Stickmin and help guide him in his attempts to steal things, escape prisons, and the like, and is usually presented in a cinematic and comedic format. 297 more words