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Sesame Street Fighter 2

There’s a lot of awesome and humorous mockups out there by talented pixel artists (and artists in general). Link and Megaman in Street Fighter 2… 419 more words

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Stormfall: Age of War is the RTS game I've been craving!

I have not seriously played an RTS (browser/flash) war game in a couple of years. I’ve wanted to, so badly have I wanted to, but I hadn’t found one that felt right. 972 more words


Flight Rising registration opening

Flight Rising, the dragon browser game that I’m part of, has a registration opening from February 4-7. Flight Rising registration opening announcement

Just putting this out there to spread the word to anyone interested in joining.


Flight Rising

Not sure what else to do tonight. Just gonna link my Fight Rising account.

my Flight Rising lair

Basically a browser game about dragons that you can raise, dress up, feed, breed, and flight with. 73 more words

Personal Junk


Lab is a new freeware Wolfenstein 3D clone, playable in-browser. It plays a pretty decent homage to the lupine first person shooter, and Doom too, I suppose, but the square rooms seem more Wolf3d.exe than DooM.bat if you know what I mean. 125 more words


Saboteur: Enhanced Online Edition

The original developer behind the ancient classic ninj-em-up Saboteur in 1984 has gone and created an enhanced online version. Now we can all enjoy infiltrating nondescript installations and getting killed by guard dogs… 236 more words


Strategic browser game

Crisis – strategic browser game about war in 2048 where you should assume a role of the commander of insurgents.

The world in “Crisis… 69 more words