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Up is Down, Left is Where? The Night Henry Allen Died

I really want to love “The Night Henry Allen Died.” Everything about this browser game at Armor Games appeals to me. I love the isometric graphics. 346 more words


Escaping from SBKMan

Continuing the Renaissance of Girl Adventurer’s Casual Reviews, I combed the last few weeks of Weekday Escapes over at JayIsGames.com. Apparently ole “Jay” is… 210 more words


Remake Roundup - Super Mario Bros. (Part 1)

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally back with another Remake Roundup, where we examine an arcade classic and unearth modern remakes!

This time around we take a look at the venerable classic… 1,864 more words


World's End

As my hillbilly cowboy roundhouse kicked yet another boar rider off the edge of a cliff to his untimely death, I couldn’t help but think “this is… 826 more words


Browsing Random Petsites

Lmfao, I keep forgetting to update this blog, but Dinosaur Planet Amino keeps me busy with having to monitor, make events, the like.

Anyway, I’ve been into those petsites that you play by clicking around and adopting random creatures through various methods. 636 more words


Video Game Review: Little Alchemy 2

Time wasting games for the mobile are one thing, but what about games you can also play on your browser? Looking for something quick and easy, with a lot of potential for building up the hours? 569 more words

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Kingdom of Loathing

Welcome to yet another entry in the multiple-award winning Tue Dee Tueday feature we’ve all come to know and worship over this nigh on last month. 543 more words