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The Republia Times

Bostan, Lesrenadi, and True Glorian. To some, those names won’t mean anything, but a fan of the popular indie game Paper’s Please may be reaching for his stamp right now. 674 more words


Tail Gunner

A loy-poly flight sim/shooter, that reminds me (in my head) of that one scene from Indiana Jones 3. Sit in the cockpit of an old-timey fighter planes and shoot down enemies before they shoot you. 133 more words

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Nothing Left: A Quick Review

I have a complicated relationship with embroidery. My paternal grandmother gave me my first counted cross stitch kit when I was maybe four years old. It had widely-spaced plastic mesh in place of fabric and absolutely no needles: you pulled the thick yarn through with your fingers. 670 more words

Quick Review

Let's Shake On It - The Trump Handshake Video Game

American Hand Fighter II is an absolute gem of the internet. This video game, or maybe more of a game video, lets you play as everyone’s “favorite” Commander-in-Chief as you go on a globetrotting journey to eight exotic locations for the most awkwardly intense battles known to man. 186 more words


Review: "Rachel" (Free 'Blade Runner' Fan Game/Parody Game)

Well, I was in something of a “Blade Runner” mood yet again and, during an idle Google search (whilst trying to decide whether or not to replay the classic Westwood “Blade Runner” game, or to continue playing another 1990s game I plan to review in the future… 835 more words


Nihilism is fun and you should play it. The browser game, I mean.

As the title says, Nihilism is fun. And I don’t mean the whole philosophical concept that your life doesn’t matter, but a game I found on the internet. 182 more words


Sampai Kapan Granblue Fantasy Staff Menghilangkan Ban Pada Akun Saya?

Udah hampir 3 minggu GBF (Granblue Fantasy) memban akun saya. Saya sebenarnya tidak keberatan jika di ban tapi setidaknya beritahu sampai kapan jadi saya tidak menunggu-nunggu tidak jelas sepeti ini. 257 more words

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