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New Retro news: Dolor

Dolor is an open source Zelda-style game currently in development. The open source bit means anyone will be able to copy it and make their own Zelda game with it. 143 more words


The Case of the Mysterious Maulings

When all the guests have gathered and the lights are struck out, only to flicker back to life revealing that the host has been burtally murdered, eyes dart suspiciously across the room. 235 more words

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Memento XII

The week is almost over already. How time… flies. Get it? We don’t need roads. Ahem. Perhaps exhuasted by the amount of Back to the Future retrospectives on the social mass, but intriguied by time travel still? 481 more words

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I Have One Day

Welcome to the second installment of ‘Back to the Retro’! While Marty McFly’s change to the timestream caused Biff to become fabulously wealthy, he may have gotten lucky. 531 more words

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I know, I know I haven’t been updating my blog as promised, but can you please give me a chance to explain myself first?? puhleaseeeee?? 407 more words


Game Review for Elvenar

So Prunk decide he want to try play a browser game and choosed Elvenar.  It casual simulation game that remind Prunk of Facebook games like Farmville.   228 more words

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From "A Little Bit Hmmm" to "Satisfied"

I just wrote about one particular element of Persistence that I wasn’t quite happy with.

With a little more testing, I decided to remove that part of the game and make it simpler to understand. 100 more words