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The internet is the great frontier, enabler of dreams with endless possibilities. At the same time, it is also a wild place where many invisible dangers lurk. 203 more words


Cisco Webex Meeting Center won't launch

Interesting issue today; when attempting to join any Cisco Webex Meeting Center or conference the system fails to launch at all.

It shows the site link you can click but then fails to launch (even after a reboot attempt to clean slate start this). 655 more words

Resisting Surveillance Part 1: Operating system and browser, the basics

Alternative operating systems: Gnu/Linux distributions

When buying a computer, the consumer also buys an operating system. These are mainly Mac OS X for Apple computers, and different versions of Windows for other computers. 747 more words

Internet Freedom

What is Tor and Why Should You Use Tor Browser?

Let’s talk about Tor (The Onion Routing Project), a secure anonymizing network that aims to offer privacy, and hence protection, to anyone who needs it for any reason. 1,290 more words

Dealing with multiple browsers in selenium

As technology grows we have to deal with multiple things. Things which are similar in behaviour and functioning but still different. One of the case comes up when we have to deal with multiple browser in selenium. 401 more words