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4 Malicious Chrome Extensions Put 500k Users at Risk of Click Fraud

Presence of spyware and malware in Chrome browser extensions we use to surf the web is nothing new as every other day we hear about a new strain of malware identified in an extension.

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How to view Gmail​ emails in a preview pane in a browser on pc or mac?

If you prefer to read emails in a browser on your pc or mac, a preview pane at the right or beneath the emails you might need to do the following steps to enable this function. 152 more words


Palemoon 27.7 is out

, for those that don’t know, and for those who liked Firefox in the past but thought it got overloaded in recent time, is a great browser.  671 more words


Web Browser functions - Web Design

A Web Browser functions as a platform to use the internet on. A web browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari connects to a web server data base. 338 more words


It does seem to be the week for this sort of thing

I was surfing on a news website, and I noticed the bookmarks on the browser bar disappearing one by one. What the heck?

Checked my back up browser, and saw the same thing happening there! 78 more words


Pale Moon Developers can't handle criticism?

It’s fine if someone criticize you as long the respect not gets lost and as long the criticism is constructive. Recently there rumors and story’s about Pale Moon, to be specific the developers reject valid arguments and criticism. 640 more words