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Chronicles of Corporate Fail: Hiring the Ignorant

As most people know, some problems can be completely avoided by choosing wisely. For instance, if you want to avoid all the problems that come with drug use, then don’t use drugs. 382 more words


JWT (JSON Web Tokens) Jots

good article about JWT must read


Token Based (Security / Authentication)

means that In order for us to prove that we’ve access we first have to receive the token. 349 more words

Angular Js

Web Browsers

Just like your operating system and applications, you should keep your web browsers up to date. That is Tip 13 for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month… 197 more words

Cybersecurity Awareness

Google Chrome hanged? | Open task manager

Google Chrome is one of the fastest growing and upgrading browser today and working as a developer/engineer sometime we face a situation where it hangs; I know it is irritating and you can’t really do anything about it, but to wait patiently until it behaves like a gentleman. 117 more words


A uBlock Origin update was rejected from the Chrome Web Store

A few weeks ago I wrote an interesting post about an update I was seeing on Chrome and went to a minute-long tirade about it. I left the post because my editor said he had seen someone testing the four/step resource clearing file extension and was in no hurry to update his browser. 536 more words


Google Chrome about to block insecure content on HTTPS pages

For the past decade, Google was a huge HTTPS proponent and has successfully pushed it to the next level. But now Chrome is enhancing its security operations by blocking the mixed content. 188 more words


Someone knows every website you visit

If you visit a site that uses HTTPS (your bank for example), then that data is encrypted between your browser and the server. Your internet provider (ISP) cannot see this data. 243 more words

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