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Google Chrome's new Data Saver tool removes images to cut data use by up to 70 percent

Google’s latest Chrome feature includes more ways to improve your web browsing experience by reducing data consumption by up to 70%. Chrome’s Data Saver achieves the impressive consumption savings by blocking images when the web page initially loads, although it does give users the opportunity to manually select to show images if they want to. 238 more words



Smartphones or smart phones are mobile phones with advanced mobile operating system that have the capability to run multiple programs concurrently with internet and intranet accessibility. 86 more words


Canadian Weatherman vs Dog (Video)

Your browser does not support frames. Click here to view the frameless video..Canadian Weatherman vs Dog (Video)Ripple, a dog from Edmonton Humane Society, steals the show from weatherman Mike Sobel during Global Edmonton’s weather forecast…via Read more: … 8 more words

Fake message "INTUIT Security Warning" regarding browser update will download trojan

MX Lab, http://www.mxlab.eu, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by email that is masked as a message from Intuit QuickBooks with the subjects like: 346 more words


Mozilla Firefox: “We Don’t Need Google’s Money Any More”

Firefox is one of the most loved web browsers around. The parent organization Mozilla has now revealed that its tight bond with Google doesn’t exist anymore and it is becoming more dependent on newer partners like Baidu, Yahoo, and others. 309 more words


HooligansGame: Bodrite svoj klub, budite uz svoju državu!

Pozdrav dragi čitaoci!

HooligansGame je online browser igrica za sve ljude koji bi želeli da se bore uz svoj klub i državu. Reč je o jednoj veoma atraktivnoj i zanimljivoj igrici, posebno na našim prostorima. 253 more words


データ節約アプリOpera Maxの新バージョンは音楽ストリーミングのデータを50%節約 [ #cbajp ]

Operaはブラウザで知られている企業だが、最近の同社はAndroid用のデータ節約アプリOpera Max に力を入れている。InstagramやFacebookのような画像の多いアプリで帯域を節約することが当初の目的だったが、今年からはYouTubeなどのサービスからビデオをストリーミングするときのデータ節約機能を加えた。そしてさらに今日(米国時間11/22)は、一部の音楽アプリもサポートすることになった。