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Re-dreaming Firefox (1): Firefox Agents

Gerv’s recent post on the Jeeves Test got me thinking of the Firefox of my dreams. So I decided to write down a few ideas on how I would like to experience the web. 839 more words

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Google Chrome Themes!

Google Chrome is a great browser but let’s be honest, looking at the same old grey toolbar and blah background can get pretty boring. An easy way to change that is to install a theme for your browser. 46 more words

The search engine that plants trees

Go directly to 1mn40 to understand how the website works. And find out more about here.

Also, did you know that it was more ecofriendly to directly type the adress of the website rather than look for it on a browser everytime? More about it here.

Little Smart Ways To Save The Planet

HDE、クラウドセキュリティサービス「HDE One」でWindows/Mac向けセキュアブラウザーを提供開始 [ #cbajp ]

株式会社HDEは28日、クラウドセキュリティサービス「HDE One」の機能を強化し、Windows/Macからクラウドサービスへのセキュアなアクセスを可能にするウェブブラウザー「HDE Secure Browser」の提供を開始した。「HDE One」は、Office 365やGoogle Apps for Work、Salesforceなどのクラウドサービスと連携して、情報漏えい対策、デバイス紛失対策、不正ログイン対策をクラウド上で実現するクラウドセキュリティサービス。



The CRM Client Diagnostics Tool

The following tool runs latency tests and is useful in identifying situations where bandwidth is limited and system performance suffers as a result of this fact. 123 more words


Mi recorrido por la Deep Web

Deep Web, la otra cara del internet.

Todos hemos navegado en internet. Pero, ¿sabes que solo vemos una pequeña parte de el?. El internet  es una super red de computadoras conectadas que comparten archivos y paginas web. 364 more words

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