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Now sites can fingerprint you online even when you use multiple browsers

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Researchers have recently developed the first reliable technique for websites to track visitors even when they use two or more different browsers. This shatters a key defense against sites that identify visitors based on the digital fingerprint their browsers leave behind. 780 more words


Pale Moon

Pale Moon is an open source web browser that offers fast browsing speed adopted by earlier versions of Firefox. The tool helps you import options, passwords, history, bookmarks, and other details from Chrome or Internet Explorer When running for the first time. 119 more words

Web Browsers

Geek Phantom is accessible via all mainstream browsers, we do suggest Chrome when visiting Geek Phantom. It’s not at all necessary but with chrome, your tab changes color according to Geek Phantoms theme which changes pretty much nothing, only makes it more appealing.

Sexy Bridge Building | Bridge Constructor | Free Bridge Building Puzzle Game Gameplay

Bridge Constructor is a free HTML5 puzzle game where you build bridges while being sexy and staying under budget. Well, you do build bridges. While not the most unique idea for a puzzle game it’s fairly well done and actually rather relaxing to play, with decent graphics and nice relaxing music.


Due Diligence

When ever I receive a request to bid on a new job, I perform due diligence to avoid potential problems. Today I was asked to quote a price for a new business card. 19 more words


Ontdek wat Facebook weet over jou

Data selfie is een browser extensie die u tracks terwijl u op Facebook aan te tonen u uw eigen gegevens sporen en onthullen hoe machine learning algoritmen uw gegevens gebruiken om inzichten over je persoonlijkheid te krijgen. 28 more words