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Can I use this feature in a given web browser in a given version?

If you are developing for the web you certainly were confronted by the question if a given web feature (webrtcURLSearchParams, …) is supported by browsers and which versions of them. 12 more words


A Faster Way To Find Information in a Company Web Site

How many times have you been looking for something specific in a company website but couldn’t find it? Are you trying to find information on a company website and having trouble finding it? 288 more words


A new privacy based browser for Android : Firefox Focus

There’s are many browsers available in the play store.  People generally prefered browers in terms of speed and data crunching. But we can see a rise in interests for privacy based browsers. 252 more words

Make your chrome browser awesome with these extensions

Google chrome is the most used browser by millions of users. Your chrome browser though perfect can be better, if you add these extensions.

1. Save Data… 767 more words

How to Fix Flash Player Issues on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is well-known to provide easier and faster web browsing experience. However, you might face Flash Player problems at times, such as full tab, Flash add-on hangs, or it often crashes, when using the Google Chrome. 439 more words


Return PDF/TXT/XLS/PXLS to browser in ASP.NET MVC using crystal report

This example is using SAP crystal report for Visual studio. Can get a copy here for free.

Below sample show how to generate different file type format report to the browser dynamically. 333 more words



I installed the software Google Chrome for a browser.

The first step was to click the save file to download Google Chrome.

The second step was clicking on the ChromeSetup.exe to launch the total Chrome installer. 25 more words