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Adding a theme to Seamonkey

I ran a test with the Manjaro KDE version this morning and discovered that Manjaro allows to install directly Seamoneky, my favourite browser. While scrolling on the release page of Seamonkey, I discovered a link for themes, and soon, I had my first MaDonna theme installed. 117 more words

The Hoax of Private Web Browsing

Most modern web browsers have a setting for a "private mode", with various names like Stealth mode or Incognito mode or what have you. The idea is that the browser won’t save a history of the sites you’ve visited, and won’t save any data sent or received from the sites, like cookies (data the sites like to store) and forms that you’ve filled out. 284 more words

Random Observations

Stop Spilling the Beans

I’ve written about Same Origin Policy a bunch over the years, with a blog series mapping it to the Read/Write/Execute mental model. 39 more words


Building New Dev Box(es) for Dynamics 365

As we are building new workstations (preferably laptops) for a new team of developers, here are my recommendations+observations.

What would you add/remove?


Dual 23″ monitors for Windows 10 workstation with i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 500GB SSD with Local Admin Role and Full Internet Access. 257 more words


Add user agent overrides in Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a wonderful web browser. I use it as a daily driver. Some websites think it is outdated and will actually send a page saying, “Your browser is outdated. 98 more words

Building your .APP website with NameCheap and GitHub Pages–A Visual Guide

I recently bought a few new domain names under the brand new .app top-level-domain (TLD). The .app TLD is awesome because it’s on the HSTSPreload… 370 more words


Fight Phish with Facebook (and Certificate Transparency)

As of April 30th, Chrome now requires that all certificates issued by a public certificate authority be logged in multiple public Certificate Transparency (CT) logs, ensuring that anyone can audit all certificates that have been issued. 241 more words