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WordPress Admin Switches from PHP to JavaScript

WordPress powers about 25 percent of all websites on the Internet, including this blog. It’s just made a major change to its code.

The popular content management software was originally written in PHP, a popular web programming language that’s been around since the mid-90s. 138 more words


The browser battle – who was 2015’s winner?

PC World has put Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera to the test in a battle of internet browsers.

They’ve been tried, they’ve been tested, they’ve been simulated and a winner has prevailed. 202 more words

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Confusing Ad Trackers With Fake Data

Want to muddle your online movements? Set up streams of fake data. “AdNauseam, clicks every ad on every page I visit, baffling ad networks. When I do a search, TrackMeNot sends a stream of fake queries in the background—like ‘conan o’brien’ and ‘watch tokyo samsung’—so Google and Bing can’t easily profile me either. 15 more words

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Browser Extensions that Steal Your Privacy

Some browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox allow outside parties to track you indirectly. The extensions themselves are passing this information without informing you properly. 166 more words


Browser Extension Designed to Help Medical Students Improve Wikipedia

A new browser extension is designed to help medical students contribute to Wikipedia. “Built by DocGraph with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), Batea will improve clinical Wikipedia articles by understanding how well they are working for a large group of clinically sophisticated users (especially medical students). 22 more words

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Plugin Works Around Government Censorship of the Web

Researchers have developed a new plug-in designed to bypass government censorship of the Web. “The Chinese government’s ‘Great Firewall’ blocks many foreign websites, such as news sources and social networks. 64 more words

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Google Cleans Up Search Result URL

Oh, this is wonderful. Google has apparently cleaned up its search URLs. Before they looked like hashbrowns and you had to selective editing if you wanted to pass them on. 27 more words