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How DNS works?

The Domain Name System is used to resolve human-readable host names like http://www.abcd.com into machine-readable IP addresses like  DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as mail services. 672 more words


Email Tracking Links are the Worst

Note: The non-secure email link vulnerability described in this post was fixed before I posted it publicly. The Clinton campaign’s InfoSec team was polite, communicative, and fun to work with. 991 more words


FBI plans to install malware on computers, mobile devices using VPN or TOR

Our government is authoritarian:



And the sad irony is that the death of democracy occurred with a Democrat in the White House.

Human rights workers, attorneys, activists, protestors, journalists and sources all depend on privacy to protect themselves and their clients including refugees, immigrants and the disenfranchised. 45 more words


Issue installing CRM 2016 for Outlook on Windows 10

A while back one of my customers reported getting an issue installing CRM 2016 for Outlook on a Windows 10 machine.  They were getting an error message that the installation has failed due to the fact that the version of Internet Explorer was an earlier version that Internet Explorer 8! 197 more words


PCMech Really Likes the Brave Browser

PCMech really likes the Brave browser. “We’re familiar with the big name browsers out there. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and even Microsoft Edge are all names we relate to right now. 59 more words

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#253 Noisli: Improve focus and increase productivity!

Do you work in a noisy open office like me? Do you find it sometimes impossible to concentrate? Well Noisli could be just the thing for you. 94 more words


Chrome is helping kill HTTP @TechCrunch @hirimalibe

2016 might be the year that HTTP finally dies. Chrome’s security team announced today that the browser will start marking websites that use insecure HTTP connections to transmit passwords and credit card data as insecure, beginning in January 2017.

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