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PC Magazine: Microsoft Chastises Google Over Chrome Security

PC Magazine: Microsoft Chastises Google Over Chrome Security. “Microsoft this week threw a subtle jab at Google by revealing a security hole in Chrome. In a Wednesday blog post, Redmond examined Google’s browser security, and took the opportunity to throw some shade at Chrome’s security philosophy, while also touting the benefits of its own Edge browser.”


Tom's Hardware: 'Access Mars' Lets You Explore Mars In VR--From Your Browser

Tom’s Hardware: ‘Access Mars’ Lets You Explore Mars In VR–From Your Browser. “Unless you have superhuman powers, the only way to ‘visit’ Mars is by looking at online images captured by the Curiosity rover. 59 more words

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block කරපු websites වලට යන්න ඕනද??


මේකත් පොඩි extension එකක්. මේක නම් හැබැයි ගොඩක් platform වලට මේ විදිහටම වැඩ කරනවා. කලින් මං popup windows ගැන කතා කරපු article එකේ කියලා තියෙනවා කොහොමද extension වලට යන්නේ කියලා chrome එකේ නම්. 256 more words


Pop Up windows එන එක කරදරයක් ද?

සාමාන්‍යයෙන්  අපි use කරන browser වල Pop Up window ගොඩක් වෙලාවට එනවා.pop up window එකක් කියන්නේ අපි browser එකේ window එකක් open වෙලා තියෙද්දී තව ටැබ් එකක් ඉබේම එන එක.මේක වෙන්නේ ගොඩක් වෙලාවට වෙන website එකකට redirect ඒ කිවේ යනකොට. 73 more words


Chrome Field Trials

Back in April, we announced:

Beginning in October 2017, Chrome will show the “Not secure” warning in two additional situations: when users enter data on an HTTP page, and on all HTTP pages visited in Incognito mode.

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Google Blog: A cleaner, safer web with Chrome Cleanup

Google Blog: A cleaner, safer web with Chrome Cleanup. “Chrome already has tools to help people avoid unwanted software. For example, Safe Browsing prevents many infections from taking place by warning millions of users. 23 more words

Tweaks & Updates

Stealing your own password is not a vulnerability

By far, the most commonly-reported “vulnerability” reported to the Chrome Vulnerability Rewards program boils down to “I can steal my own password. 66 more words