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You kids had one job: to make everything amazing

In between me starting to learn to ‘computer science’ and stopping writing compiled code in about 1985/6, the world of information systems moved from punched-cards and teletypes to on-line editing and batch-processing to full screen editing then windows and code management and source-code level debugging. 342 more words

Information Systems

Google's Chrome Strikes Another Blow Against Flash

Starting today, September 1, Google will actively pause Flash-based advertisements by default in its widely used web browser Chrome, increasing browser speed and security.

Google’s wildly successful Chrome browser will, on Tuesday, begin blocking web advertisements based on Adobe’s Flash technology. 351 more words


Capturing a Paste Event in Firefox

Imagine yourself building a web app that supports image uploads by simply capturing your computer’s paste keyboard shortcut. Sites like imgur.com already support this behavior and it adds an extra level of convenience for what would otherwise require several additional button clicks. 253 more words

Google Is Doing Something About Autoplay Video in Chrome

Google is shutting down autoplay video in Chrome (yay!) “In a post on Google+, Chromium evangelist François Beaufort laid out an upcoming change that should pop up in Chrome pretty soon: autoplay media will no longer autoplay unless you’re looking at the tab. 30 more words

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Chrome Will Begin Pausing Flash Ads By Default, Starting In September

Google’s Chrome web browser keeps getting better. According to a new post on Google+, the company says that, starting on September 1st, Chrome will begin to pause many Flash ads by default… 555 more words


Mozilla Updates Firefox to Patch Two Serious Vulnerabilities

Mozilla has updated its flagship browser Firefox to version 40.0.3 late Thursday, patching a couple of substantial vulnerabilities found in the popular, open-source and cross-platform browser. 378 more words


Flash Ads Will Get Frozen in Chrome

No, not that Frozen.

Flash ads will get a big freeze in Google Chrome. “The web giant has set September 1, 2015 as the date from which non-important Flash files will be click-to-play in the browser by default – effectively freezing out “many” Flash ads in the process. 37 more words