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Settling in with 2

In the realm of browsers, Firefox was my first best friend. Growing up with Internet Explorer 5, then 6, wasn’t exactly a horrible experience: it was my window into the world and with Microsoft dictating web standards onto that world, at least everything worked. 1,147 more words


No Chrome For Me

Way back when, say, around December, 2008, I downloaded and installed Google Chrome. At the time I first tried it, I was also having connectivity problems. 262 more words


Chrome to Start More Aggressively Blocking Flash

Google will start being more aggressive about blocking Flash in its Chrome browser. “Google has detailed plans to start blocking most Flash content with Chrome, with the change targeted toward the end of this year. 37 more words


Opera Browser Gets a Low-Power Mode

Wow, look at Opera, keeping it up with the innovation! Now it’s got a low-power mode. “Grab the latest developer version of Opera and you’ll have an option to scale back energy use by tweaking page redraw behavior, background tab activity and video playback. 43 more words

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The struggles of WebTV

The growing popularity of the internet in the late ‘90s had people curious as to what the web was all about. More people started going out and buying computers and subscribing to an internet service provider to explore what this emerging technology had to offer. 1,209 more words

Web 1.0


Even in 2016 there are many people that still believe that hackers only go after businesses and organizations. Technology bad guys are just like any other type of crook. 1,279 more words

Computer Security

This Browser Claims To Improve Your Laptop's Battery Life By Up To 50%

Opera is testing a “power-saving” mode for its desktop browser, claiming that it can extend a laptop’s battery life by up to 50% compared to Google’s Chrome (and earlier versions of Opera). 366 more words