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‘Absolutely No Economic Justification For This Tax Cut’

Donald Trump told voters the GOP tax plan would ‘cost him a fortune,’ but the Senate bill would save him $35 million. Republican tax expert Bruce Bartlett explains to Joy Reid how it hurts everyday families. 20 more words


GOP Tax Plan Raises Taxes ‘On Poor To Benefit Wealthy’

‘There has never been a tax cut in American history in which taxes were raised on the poor to benefit the wealthy,’ Joy Reid’s guest Bruce Bartlett says of the GOP tax plan. 20 more words


GOP Economic Adviser: Tax Cuts Most Irresponsible In U.S. History

Republicans’ trillion dollar tax cut is being paid for by cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and even some Republicans don’t know that. Bush admin. 13 more words


Here They Go Again

I am amazed at how they can do it time and again, yet Republicans blatantly lie about their bills and try to convince the public that their bills really don’t do the things that they actually do. 910 more words

From Bruce Bartlett: Tax Cuts Don’t Work

One Of The Designers Of The Gospel Of Tax Cuts Says: It Is Hogwash

(25 minutes total for both videos)

At the national level, we are about to head into a major debate on the budget. 1,084 more words

Blog For Iowa

The republican President Donald Trump and the US congressional representatives are hard at work in trying to pass a tax reform bill/ tax cuts. So far, the outline of the bill is short on details. 1,097 more words

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