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Is Fox News full of BS?

With the departure of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show there’ll be one less voice calling out Fox News for its bullshit. Was Stewart really justified in his constant criticism? 832 more words

Life, The Universe…

George H.W. Bush economist shocked Chris Hayes when he said this about his Republican Party

Fri Aug 14, 2015 at 07:12 AM PDT

Bruce Bartlett, a senior policy analyst for George H.W. Bush was a guest on All In with Chris Hayes… 598 more words


The Audience for Fox News

Conservative historian Bruce Bartlett, whose specialty is supply-side economics and who served in Reagan and Bush-41 administrations, has collected the results of numerous studies about Fox News and its role in American politics. 323 more words

Two Men Arrested Following Alleged Falmouth Kidnapping Attempt

FALMOUTH (CBS) – Police say two well-known residents with lengthy criminal records tried to abduct a middle schooler Wednesday.

It happened at 7:45 a.m. as the 13-year-old girl was waiting for the bus on Manauhant Road. 195 more words


Four Lions

Another Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act is expected before the end of the month. This time, the King v. Burwell case will decide if federal subsidies can continue to be offered to lower income Americans through the federally operated marketplace (healthcare.gov). 717 more words


Can Bruce Bartlett save the GOP by bursting its 'bubble'?

Bruce Bartlett has 24-karat conservative credentials. He worked in the Reagan White House, the George H.W. Bush Treasury Department, for former Texas Rep. Ron Paul and the Heritage Foundation. 99 more words


Fox News's power is overrated

I want to share this link with readers of this blog.

It comes from Jack Schafer, senior media writer for Politico. com and it offers an interesting analysis of the power that Fox News has — or doesn’t have — on the rest of the media and the voting public. 398 more words

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