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The Score

In the past two months, President Obama has issued an Executive Order on immigration, unveiled a partnership with China to curb pollution and most recently proposed making the first two years of community college free for qualifying participants. 748 more words


Cooking the Federal Government's Books

And, perhaps, our goose.

As the 114th Congress opens for business, the Republican majority has already made a very important decision, one that will go largely unnoticed outside Wonkville but which nonetheless will have an enormous impact on public policy. 835 more words

"Tax Cuts Pay For Themselves": Behold, The Magic Kingdom Of Dynamic Scoring

While most citizens were distracted by the holidays, the enlarged Republican majority in Congress was laying golden pavers for its magical kingdom — a fabulous place where taxes are cut, military spending is not, and budgets balance effortlessly. 581 more words


A Sunday Afternoon Comment

On October 20th I woke up and discovered that my eyesight had malfunctioned and, as a result, everything I looked at was a double image, one atop the other.  757 more words

Barack Obama

Calling It Quits

The midterms are coming and it is becoming increasingly clear that the Republicans will retake the Senate, making Obama’s last two years in office miserable for him, and for the nation. 3,470 more words


'What in the hell?!' Meet two jerks who think deadly plane crash is 'good' for Joni Ernst

Last night, Iowa Libertarian Senate candidate Doug Butzier was killed when his plane crashed. While many are mourning his loss and sending prayers to his loved ones, a few people have taken a slightly different approach. 447 more words

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