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Fox News's power is overrated

I want to share this link with readers of this blog.

It comes from Jack Schafer, senior media writer for Politico. com and it offers an interesting analysis of the power that Fox News has — or doesn’t have — on the rest of the media and the voting public. 398 more words

Ronald Reagan

'The Fox Effect' As Dangerous As Any External National Threats: Part Deux

Yesterday we published a piece regarding one conservative aficionado’s posit about how Fox News has literally moved the US Congress and the nation to the socio/political Right. 638 more words

Fox News

A Few Underlying Issues

Even political junkies are bored. The next presidential election is a year and a half away and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. She has no serious competition. 3,310 more words

Political Junkies

'The Fox Effect' As Dangerous As Any External National Threats

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On a daily basis, my Internet meandering and scrouging around sometimes leads to interaction with someone who obviously spends a great part of their day watching Fox News. 803 more words

Talking Points Memo

The Score

In the past two months, President Obama has issued an Executive Order on immigration, unveiled a partnership with China to curb pollution and most recently proposed making the first two years of community college free for qualifying participants. 748 more words


Cooking the Federal Government's Books

And, perhaps, our goose.

As the 114th Congress opens for business, the Republican majority has already made a very important decision, one that will go largely unnoticed outside Wonkville but which nonetheless will have an enormous impact on public policy. 835 more words