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The Evil Dead (1981)

When you go out into the woods tonight, you’re sure in for a surprise which is what Ash, Linda, Cheryl, Shelly and Scott were in for when they decided their spring break would be as far away from civilization as possible. 1,022 more words


Episode 12 - Army of Darkness (1992)

Four writers meet and discuss horror films. Listen to the twelfth episode in which Stefania Seccia, Jeremy Shepherd, and Sam Smith discuss the cult classic Army of Darkness (1992). 28 more words

Horror To A Tea

Mad Max vs The Evil Dead.

I was reading the other day of how Ash vs Freddy vs Jason film almost came to be a film series. But some how this idea fell through the wood work and became a comic book series. 421 more words

Bruce Campbell

The Evil Dead

I usually try to keep away from posting articles about the huge horror films that everyone has already seen a million times, because I feel like everyone’s already said everything that needs to be said. 637 more words

80s Horror

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)

Elvis Presley and JFK are alive and living in an old people’s nursing home. Slowly decaying with age and boredom, they get a new lease on life when an ancient Egyptian Mummy wearing cowboy clothes turns up feasting on the elderly residents souls. 409 more words

Cult Films

TV Review: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (1993-1994)

Original Run: August 27th, 1993 – May 20th, 1994
Created by: Jeffrey Boam, Carlton Cuse
Directed by: various
Written by: various
Music by: Velton Ray Bunch, Stephen Graziano, Randy Edelman… 515 more words


The ramblings of a mad man: My Evil Dead Theory.

Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the theory.

To me the Evil Dead is one of the best franchises in existence as it offers guts, gore and Bruce Campbell. 556 more words

Bruce Campbell