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Canadian Football League negotiation-list information should be public knowledge

Ever so topical, we open today by asking: Canadian beef or American beef?

Actually, the meaty issue at hand is one cranky Canadian columnist’s beef about how Americans — whomever they happen to be — can be rendered anonymous by their CFL rights-holders. 722 more words

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Evil Dead 2 (1987)

A group of strangers are trapped with a malevolent demonic force in an isolated cabin deep in the woods.

Evil Dead 2 is more of a bigger budget remake of Evil Dead than a true sequel and it’s where Sam Raimi perfected his trademark comic strip style. 193 more words


Bringing back Tearrius George was a puzzling decision

Tearrius George was a member of a turnstile-laden Saskatchewan Roughriders defensive front during the team’s turbulent 2015 season.

The veteran tackle erupted for one sack in 17 regular-season games with a Roughriders squad that posted a CFL-worst 3-15 record. 731 more words

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Shaun vs. Maniac Cop (1988)

Directed by William Lustig

Starring Robert Z’Dar, Bruce Campbell, Tom Atkins

A wrongly imprisoned cop, murdered in the slammer, comes back from the grave killing his way through innocent civilians on his way towards revenge against the precinct he believes sent him to his death. 630 more words


Ash vs Evil Dead

Alright, so this Starz Original Series is based on the old cult classics of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. With it being a Starz series it has all the funding it needs for top notch CGI effects and complete freedom from censorship, so excessive gore and nudity are excessive. 266 more words

"Con Man" The Series

One of the stars of a cancelled science-fiction television show yearns for a career apart from going to conventions, dealing with the thousands of fans who worship the show, even ten years later, and doing lousy voice-work or starring in low-budget/low-quality science-fiction movies. 638 more words

Shaun vs. Intruder (1989)

Directed by Scott Spiegel

Starring Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez and Danny Hicks

The overnight crew of a small town grocery store get the second worst news of the day when they’re told they’re losing their jobs.   733 more words