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CrossTalk: Trump vs. Obama

Now for the pushback. The Deep State’s war on Donald Trump enters new territory and this time the focus is on what the Obama Administration may have done to sabotage Trump’s transition team and the new administration. 14 more words


CrossTalk: Trump Revolution - 100 days to prove himself?

Does the start of Donald Trump’s presidency mark the beginning of a political revolution? Or is Trump a quirk of history and a short-term protest phenomenon? 25 more words


US War with China Another Vietnam War in the Making

A disastrous, purposeless war with China to defend the global credibility of the United States is imminent. Only vocal citizen opposition to the war communicated to the… 1,017 more words


Video: CrossTalk: Hillary's Reckoning?

Hillary Clinton and her never-ending scandals. The FBI’s decision to continue its investigation into her use of emails presents the troubling prospect of a protracted political crisis. 21 more words