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BREAKING: Congressman Finally Makes Move to Impeach Barack H. Obama… It’s About Time!

By clyde Apr 9, 2015

After 7 years of numerous high crimes and misdemeanors, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives finally just made a move that could set off impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama. 436 more words


Neo-con stupidity - Bruce Fein

Stupidity, thy name is neo-cons.

Their trademark is to hallucinate about “moderate forces” from South Asia to the Sahel; and, to urge the United States to partner with them to defeat extremism and spread democracy, the rule of law and secularism throughout the solar system. 281 more words


Libertarian calendar for September

September 30
Washington DC

Book Forum

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 12:00PM

Featuring the author Todd Zywicki, Professor, George Mason University School of Law; with comments by  405 more words

Robert Sarvis

Tea Party calendar for September

September 16

Washington DC

A Debate Between

John Yoo & Bruce Fein


The Constitution and 

Foreign Policy


Rand Paul


Barack Obama & George Bush… 245 more words

Bruce Fein

Where's Robin Hensel?!!

Robin Hensel  is in Duluth for a Federal Court settlement hearing with Judge Brisbois. The hearing will take place  7-23-14. Constitutional attorney, formerly part of the Reagan Administration, … 169 more words

Little Falls

Well, if this Little Ditty isn't Ironic

Response to Letter to the Editor: http://mcrecord.com/2014/06/26/there-are-bigger-problems-than-signs/

Okay so this author is saying wake up everyone the world has bigger issues and then criticizes Robin Hensel for raising questions about equitable enforcement of the “symbols” in people’s yards after the city forced her to take her symbols down when no one else in the community had to. 540 more words

Little Falls