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Nothing cool and technical tonight

Sorry, no meaningful post last night or tonight.  Last night I worked/trained until 2100, and tonight I had to reconnect with my firstborn over Lego Star Wars II and then replace the LCD in my laptop.   188 more words


TAPR DCC: Digital voice, Yaesu, and Bruce Perens

So right toward the end of the first day of the conference, TAPR reps promised a special visitor and announcement.  I didn’t even have enough context to guess who that could have been.   1,430 more words


Has Free Software failed?

Bruce Perens, author of the Open Source Definition, is quoted in LCA: Addressing the failure of open source complaining about our failure to make Free Software, or as he prefers to call it, Open Source, dominant in the world. 561 more words

Open Source ioe12 Part 1

I watched the Revolution OS documentary and found it very interesting. Obviously, it had a particular perspective on events and this has to be taken into account when viewing, but there was a lot of useful material that I personally found useful and would to take away with me after watching. 988 more words

Mark Morley

Open Source

A tradução do termo em inglês “Free Software” é designado em português por Software Livre. Este tem por base um processo de evolução na partilha de código-fonte, que constitui uma filosofia em forma de quatro liberdades: 230 more words

Smart Red Hat Employees

Sure, I may have had a little fun with Red Hat here, and joined a little criticism of the company here and here.  But at the end of the day, the company does have some pretty sharp guys working for it.  370 more words


Acacia Getting Sleepy? Or Just Getting Warmed Up?

Bruce Perens has an article over at Gigaom about the lack of transparency in the recent settlement between Software Tree and Red Hat. Perens worries about whether the open source community is “in peril” as a result. 614 more words