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Gothamites Take Down The Kandorians (The Master Race)

Batman seeded the rain clouds with kryptonite which is why the Kandorians aren’t able to use all of their powers and are susceptible to injury. 7 more words


Batman And Superman VS Quar (The Master Race)

Superman and Batman fought tooth and nail in the first volume of this series, so satisfying to see them team up on a common enemy even if it’s brief. 7 more words


Thursday Ten: best-dressed heroes

I love it when my heroes get the bad guy in the end, but I love it more when they’re dishing out justice well-dressed. Today, I present… 327 more words

Thursday Ten

October 19 Trivia Rankings

It was a fantastic night for trivia, Quizlings. I hope you were able to make it. If you didn’t, you missed out on how you could get your share of 25 raffle tickets. 127 more words

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Batman 9 review

The last two issues of Batman tied into the Night of the Monster Men crossover. I’d say as a whole the crossover is ok, but unless you’re really interested in Batman and his allies fighting a bunch of giant monsters created by Hugo Strange, I wouldn’t really recommend it. 346 more words

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Review - Gotham "Anything for You"

Hello everyone! Megan_Highwind here with this week’s review of Gotham. This week’s episode starts off with showing us that Oswald is confident in his new position as mayor and does not seem to be having issues with keeping the other villains in line. 448 more words