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Batman 66 - that Boner story, and Robin becomes Batman II

A really good Joker cover, even though it has nothing to do with the Finger, Schwartz and Paris story in Batman 66 (Aug/Sept 51).

Panels from this story have circulated on the internet for years.  228 more words

Batman 64 - Vicki Vale has a sister, and Killer Moth returns

The cover of Batman 64 (April/May 1951) loosely ties to the story inside, though the scene pictured never occurs.

Vicki Vale returns in this story, illustrated by Sprang and Paris.  269 more words

DC Comics

Batman 61 - the new Batplane, and the Penguin unmasks Batman

A new Batplane, streamlined for the 50s, gets introduced in Batman 61 (Oct/Nov 50), by Reed, Sprang and Paris.

Batman and Robin wind up having to bail out of the original Batplane, which crashes intact, and falls into the hands of a group of criminals, who plot to use it in crime.  240 more words

Batman 52 - Batman visits the vikings, and the Joker's happy victims

There’s a sportier version of the Jokermobile on the cover of Batman 52 (April/May1949).

Carter Nichols is back for another time travelling adventure, by Kane and Paris. 263 more words

DC Comics

Batman 49 - Vicki Vale and the Mad Hatter debut, and the Arabian forerunner of the Joker

Despite the proclamation on the cover of Batman 49 (Oct/Nov 49), the Joker does not actually appear in this issue.

A new villain and a new romantic interest are introduced in the second story in the issue, by Finger, Schwartz and Paris. 332 more words

Batman 47 - Catwoman in fashion, and Batman finds his parents' killer

Batman’s origin gets retold, and the murderer of his parents gets identified in Batman 47 (June/July 1948).

The issue opens as Catwoman escapes from prison and adopts a new identity in this story by Finger, Lew Schwartz and Charles Paris. 269 more words

DC Comics

Batman 46 - the Joker's greeting cards, the prison chaplain, and Batman meets Leonardo da Vinci

Breaking into prison on the cover of Batman 46 (April/May 1948).

The Joker is back yet again, in a story by Cameron, Sprang and Paris. 245 more words

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