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Bruce Wayne's Reason For Being Batman (Rebirth)

This is some heavy stuff. I thought when he said “I am Suicide” at the beginning of the arc, that it was just a nod to him teaming up Amanda Waller.

From – Batman Vol. 3 #12


Harley Quinn vs Bruce Wayne

Harley Quinn vs Bruce Wayne (2016) is a Suicide Squad-inspired fan film/concept fight choreographed by professional stuntwoman Ilyana Eberhardt and featuring Ilyana Eberhardt as “Harley Quinn” and Brad Irish as “Bruce Wayne”. 103 more words

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Damian Wayne Turns 13

Damian Wayne is a douche, no doubt about it. But what makes his character intriguing is once in a while, when you least expect it, he shows a very vulnerable side that makes you feel sorry for him despite everything he’s said and done.

From – Teen Titans Vol. 6 #1


Batman 12 review

I’m not sure whether the title “I am Suicide” is becoming more or less clear as this story arc goes on. Either way, it’s a unique story arc. 550 more words

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Holy slot car racing Batman

What Batman and Robin did while not fighting crime

They went slot car racing on a track Aunt Harriet built for them. Watch in this blast from the past and Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred, and Aunt Harriet kick back for a racing session. Enjoy.

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