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World's Finest 155 - Who is Nightman?

Hamilton, Swan and Klein put together a decent mystery tale in World’s Finest 155 (Feb. 66).

Batman is to be presented an award commemorating his one thousandth case with Superman, but he declines, as Superman has more recently worked with Nightman.  120 more words

Lois Lane Installs A Superman Signal

It’s funny that Superman got a signal of his own before Batman did in this alternate universe.

Superman – Earth One Vol. 3


Batman - Earth 1

Batman – Earth 1 is an ongoing graphic novel series that details the start of Batman’s crime fighting career.  As the title suggests, Earth 1 is one of the many alternate Earths that currently exists in the DC Comics universe, with Prime Earth as the one where the current canon story line of… 220 more words


World's Finest 144 - the Brainiac/Clayface team

Hamilton, Swan and Klein save the Brainiac/Clayface team up for the last couple of pages of the story in World’s Finest 144 (Sept. 64).

Jimmy Olsen and Robin are far more important to the tale than the villains are.  135 more words

Lois Lane's Article On The Parasite (Earth 1)

See the news bit on the right corner? I absolutely can’t wait for Earth 1 Batman and Superman to team up.

Superman – Earth One Vol. 2


Review: Gotham (S1 E22/22), Monday 25th May, Channel 5

Last we saw, Barbara Keane had been saved from serial killer The Ogre, but probably lost her marbles in the process; Penguin had kicked off a gang war between Maroni and Falcone, with his own elevation in mind; Ed Nygma had gone seriously tonto, and Fish Mooney, escaped from Dr Dulmacher’s island, was nowhere to be seen. 753 more words


How Fox Can Make Gotham: Season 2 A Better Show

Season 1 of Fox’s Gotham is over. Boy, was it rough! Like most Batman fans (and, really, who isn’t these days?), I had high hopes for this show and, to put it nicely, they weren’t met. 1,270 more words

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