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What Flash Thinks Of Batman (Rebirth)

Refreshing to see this side of Batman and Flash’s dynamic explored further. As forensic people these two have one more shared interest aside from being super heroes. 21 more words


Batman Meets His Father From Flashpoint

Bruce and his father Thomas Wayne actually already met one another in the Convergence event, but it seems to be being glossed over. Was that event scrubbed from everyone’s memories after Rebirth happened?

From – The Flash Vol. 5 #21


Batman VS Fake Batman (Injustice II)

Damn… this fake Batman just made short work of Bruce Wayne! Notice how Bruce wasn’t even able to hit him? And what’s with the glowing chest panel? 42 more words


The LEGO Batman Movie – arguably the only canonical Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe

The LEGO Batman Movie – Actually a really fucking good time

I was honestly going to try write a blog post this month that wasn’t related to comic books/superheroes. 337 more words

Film Review

Gotham Season 3 Returns!

In the last episode of Gotham – the one right before a very, very, VERY long hiatus, we saw Bruce Wayne snap, and take his first tentative steps toward becoming The Dark Knight, as well as our first SERIOUS look at what The Joker could do. 72 more words


Top 10 Animated Batman Films

Written By: Mathew “JJ” Simoes

A few weeks ago (I think), Warner Bros released the ten-minute preview for Batman and Harley Quinn, and it looks awesome!   1,830 more words