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Henry Cavill, "Here's What The Batman and Superman Battle Boils Down To...."

In a fight between Batman and Superman, who would emerge the victor? The comic books, animated series and animated movies have attempted to answer this question in various ways, with both characters winning in various circumstances. 383 more words


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Day 3 of the great sickness of 2015: so… very… weak…  can… only… eat… semi-solids… it’s… a… good… thing… i… drew… this… in… advance… GAH   -dies-


Batman VS Superman (Red Son)

Red Son is an alternate earth (Earth-30) in the DC comics universe, where in Superman’s ship lands in Ukraine instead of the United States, and is raised as a Soviet citizen. 8 more words


Batman Beyond 2.0 Volume 2 Justice Lords Beyond Review

It’s time for another volume of Batman Beyond 2.0 and this was certainly an exciting one. The cover is easily the best that we’ve seen in Batman Beyond and it’s one of the best covers that I’ve seen in a comic. 1,373 more words


Review: Gotham – Season 1, Episode 20 “Under the Knife”

Watching Gotham is like hanging out with an exhausted toddler who does not want to go to bed. One minute you think everything is going to be fine. 1,470 more words

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Review - Gotham: "Under the Knife"

It was another great episode of Gotham this week! I have really liked these past two, so I can only imagine that the final two of the season are also going to be awesome. 453 more words