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Five Ways DC Comics Could Better Use Tim Drake

The time was 2010-2011. Tim Drake had taken up the Red Robin mantle in the wake of Bruce Wayne’s “death” and after Damian Wayne was made Robin. 538 more words


Gotham Academy Vol. 1: Welcome to Gotham Academy by Becky Cloonan, Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl

DC are coming out with some really intriguing and exciting series’ lately and this was definitely one I was excited to check out. Gotham Academy Vol 1 follows Olive Silverlock, a student who is returning to the academy after a summer away. 253 more words

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Batman and Robin: The Hunt for Robin

What do you do when the son you barely knew existed, and just recently got to have near you, is killed? Killed by order of his mother no less? 325 more words

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Daily doodle: Freehand

Using the drybrush tool, I freehand painted Batman. I like how the head turned out.

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle: I am Batman!

It must take a lot of practice to move with a cape and cowl.

DOn Nguyen

50 Shades of Wayne: Analyzing The Batmen of The Big Screen

I was thinking about Batman (because when am I not thinking about Batman) and how there hasn’t been a definitive live-action version of him on-screen. It’s always been about the villains, after all. 578 more words

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