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Engagement shoot - Renate & Michiel

It feels like yesterday the day Renate and Michiel came home to talk about their wedding! Now it is almost their big day!

It promises to be a beautiful special wedding, with a great location and a couple in love with each other!! 76 more words


Kim & Evert's Wedding!!

Kim and Evert got marriage recently, a great day with smiles and love!

Sun was shining outside during Kim’s preparation. One cannot avoid appreciating every single detail, and Lydia, Kim’s mother, had beautiful old pictures of her family! 421 more words


Engagement shoot - Michelle & Mark!

How nice to meet Michelle & Mark for our engagement shoot! We made some photos, visit some places and the results already promises us a beautiful reportage! 86 more words


Happiness! Lydia & Tom's Wedding!

We started early as most weddings. The sun was far away, red/yellow, through the window of Lydia parents’ house.

Throughout the day, it was noticeable how much love there was in the air, everywhere, in everyone. 528 more words


Willie & Jens's wedding, a day to remember!

An absolutely beautiful day and a perfect one to get marriage! Willie & Jens were radiant, top to bottom!!

There was so much love throughout the day that it was contagious… one moment in the church I felt my heart so big it would’ve  exploded! 415 more words


Laura & Henk, Enchanting Wedding!

What to say about love… about two lovely people in love with each other? Difficult to express in words. So I will do it with photographs ;-) 258 more words


Engagement shoot!

Soon I will be joining Willie & Jens again at their big Wedding day!

It is a blessing to witness the love between them, the warmth, that sparkle, that wonder!  147 more words