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Watchman Nee & Wesley Harris

I’ve spent some time today updating my Bookpedia¬†catalogue. If you own a mac, and you have lots of books, go to bruji.com¬†right now and buy a copy of the program. 308 more words


Hoveria reaches 200 pages

The grind continues and has now passed the milestone of 200 pages in the second part of the KoTohLan series, the work our hero Magnus Thistle is doing in Hoveria. 1,858 more words


Bruji's Bookpedia; AKA Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Just when I thought nobody was reading this blog, I get a comment from Conor, the “Top Dog” over at Bruji’s site telling me to post my impressions of the Pedias (CD, DVD, etc.) when I got a chance. 1,167 more words