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Green Chickpea Pancake For One

Some weekends are just the stuff dreams are made of. This one was one of them. Sunny summery skies and welcome heat (despite technically it still being spring) were the backdrop to some seriously good times: karaoke with friends, a Blue Jays game under an open dome with family and poolside pedicures + margaritas at a friend’s house. 321 more words


15 Ways to Make a Bagel Way, Way More Exciting

Here’s a little fact about me: Bagels are my favorite food. Like, actual favorite food. Half my online passwords reference the humble round, overly dense carb in some form or another, and if I weren’t so aware as their status as the kings of empty calories, I’d eat a bagel (or two) every day. 43 more words


Breakfast Strata 

At my last job, our weekly department meetings also had a rotating snack schedule. Our new VP took “snack day” to a whole new level and brought a Veggie Strata, one with sausage, homemade biscuits with syrup and fresh fruit. 186 more words