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Brunei: A sultanate of ironies

A solemn Muslim prayer plays as the plane prepares for departure in the Terminal 1 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. All around us, Muslim passengers bow their head as they pray for the safety of our 2-hour flight. 1,648 more words

Project 25

Graduating soon?


So, you’re graduating in three months or so. Some of you may already have concocted a clear plan for your grand return to Brunei. Most would just want to take things slow for a few months, years of burning the midnight oil and chasing deadlines made you weary. 597 more words


Brunei - The green heart of Borneo

Hi all,

Dear family, friends, and readers of my blog,

It was a while ago, but I’m still on earth. I have found a gorgeous, green paradise in the heart of Borneo: Brunei! 898 more words

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Brunei's Adventures (IV) - Post JCC and e-tour

Section 1 from my platoon was the first to reach the gate that marks the official end of the whole JCC. Seeing them gesticulating so wildly and excitedly makes me feel so happy to see them back in camp, alive and kicking. 1,080 more words

National Service



I graduated from university at the end of 2013 so it has been more than a year I’ve been unemployed which qualifies me to be an expert on this matter! 1,117 more words


Rice to Meat you!

Pardon the title, it popped in my head and I just had to. This post, after all, is about rice dumplings. One of my favourite things to eat of all time! 617 more words


Brunei's adventures (III) - My version of JCC

Editor’s note: This is the exact piece of reflection written down after extrication from the survival site back in the comforts of my bunk.

Lying down on the soft mattress in bunk is a million times better than to lie on a makeshift shelter formed using thick tree branches. 1,323 more words

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