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how to go to brunei from malaysia

It was november 11, when me and my friend went to cross by sail  from brunei going to malaysia, but we have to decided one which one to choose meri or labuan.Since labuan takes promising to us then we had to packed our bag and leaved. 3,341 more words


South China Sea: China To Start More military Exercises

May 4, 2016

China’s military will carry out more military exercises in the South China Sea this month involving advanced warships and submarines, state news agency Xinhua said on Wednesday, terming the drills routine. 160 more words

April 2016 WADAA-DIA Roundtable

The April 2016 roundtable with the Defense Intelligence Agency was held at the Embassy of Brunei last Thursday, April 28, marking the first time that the quarterly event was held outside of the Pentagon.  55 more words


Burrito Bowl-ing

Time flies and I’m slowly losing track of all the heavenly platters that Mona whips up on the weekends.  I still have good memories of the recent recipe she cooked up which was a burrito bowl – a Mexican dish consisting of rice, chicken, salad, herbs & spices, cheese, fairy dust, angel tears… the works basically. 126 more words

Mapping Brunei

A talk I gave at Brunei Geek Meet on the 29th April 2016 as a follow up to our Data Hackathon about my journey of creating a Brunei map and and bus routes… 325 more words

Needs, wants, & happiness: Spend on happy!

In this post, I link a few articles featured on Rockstar Finance, a site that curates and posts three quick and easy articles every day from different blogs.  2,976 more words


Journey - Fridge Magnet - Brunei

When my very first visit to Brunei, I got this

By Kate