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Lanfang Republic, how much can you do in 42 years?

Lanfang is a playable nation in the late game at Europa Universalis IV. It is playable at January 1778. At the same time, the game ends at January 1821, so there are only 42 years of game play left. 1,020 more words

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Imagining Brunei: Miguel Syjuco's "Ilustrado"

Just a quick post to flag up another mention of Brunei in fiction – this time in Miguel Syjuco’s Man Asian-winning Ilustrado. Throwaway references, as in… 86 more words


A Fallen Leaf by Hariz Fadhilah

I am a fallen leaf −


from my tree,

I am


from my kin,

I cannot,

be reattached,

I follow the wind,

as my direction, 124 more words

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There are times that I really don’t feel doing anything, anything creative or something that inspires me.  You know that feelings when you just sit there wondering what you should do, but even though you do know what you should do but something doesn’t feel right. 622 more words


Bridge That Shine Over The Capital City

On the 14th October 2017, Brunei Darussalam made another historic moment. The Capital city of Brunei Darussalam, Bandar Seri Begawan was influx of people with different race coming together as one to witness the Grand Opening of the bridge that links the capital and Sungai Kebun in Mukim Lumapas. 446 more words


Sungai Kebun bridge Opening

It was an eventful night with gorgeous fireworks display. After deciding that we’d head on down to Bandar to join the opening ceremony, maps showed super heavy traffic all the way in. 77 more words


Breathe by Marina

I parked my car as close to the beach as I could. I could hear my father’s voice warning me not to do so; he feared the beach’s environment might rust the metal parts of my car. 404 more words

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