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Is STS All Talk and No Walk? Steve Fuller

Author Information: Steve Fuller, University of Warwick, S.W.Fuller@warwick.ac.uk

Steve Fuller holds the Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick. He is the author of more than twenty books, the next of which is… 1,258 more words


Bruno Latour, The New Climate in Harper's Magazine (open access)

Bruno Latour, The New Climate in Harper’s Magazine (open access)

By Bruno Latour, from The Great Regression, a collection of essays edited by Heinrich Geiselberger that will be published next month by Polity.

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Migration and the Poor Image

Ramona Beattie

In this time of mass information, of the digital bureaucracy of the internet mirroring the real almost entirely, systems are built for fracture; instability of systems becomes the rule, and not the exception. 550 more words

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Latour and the non-space and non-time of Modernity (part 2 of 3)

See my first post above.

Latour’s appropriation of the concept of utopia is quite different.

Latour understands utopia to be a representation of a certain spatial conditioning effect that is imposed upon the human subject by the epistemological regime of Modernity. 1,959 more words

Bruno Latour

Latour and the non-space and non-time of Modernity (part 1 of 3)

Latour’s diagnosis of Modernity and its spatio-temporal conditioning effect culminates in his description of contemporary Western society as being characterised by ‘utopia’ (the condition of being ‘without space’) and ‘achronia’ (the condition of being ‘without time’). 512 more words

Bruno Latour