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Bookending the crisis of modernity: Latour is finishing what Nietzsche mistakenly started

I’m currently writing the final chapter of The Human Remains, addressing Bruno Latour’s modes of existence project and work on Gaia in relation to Serres, Malabou, Meillassoux and Badiou’s accounts of the human. 529 more words


Embodied ways of knowing in physiotherapy - unexplored competencies?

Each day over the next week I’ll post up an abstract for a paper being presented by a member of the Critical Physiotherapy Network at the In Sickness and In Health conference in Mallorca in June 2015.   378 more words


Gaia Global Circus @ The Bloomsbury Theatre Review

As you enter the theatre you can’t help but notice the giant sweeping piece of silk held up by helium balloons, shaped in a crescent across the stage. 293 more words


Scott Lash & Bruno Latour recuerdan a Ulrich Beck

Gracias a la gente de Estudios de la economía, por aquí.

Interview with Bruno Latour from Festival of Ideas in Valparaíso, Chile

In November 2014, Bruno Latour was in Chile for a Festival of Ideas in Valparaíso and was interviewed by Patricia Junge, Colombina Schaeffer and Leonardo Valenzuela. 35 more words

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Bruno Latour: Modernity is Politically a Dangerous Goal

In November 2014, Bruno Latour visited Chile to participate in the Puerto de Ideas festival in Valparaíso. During his visit he generously met to talk about his work with some local followers. 5,687 more words