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2015 Millennium Conference, LSE, 17-18 October 2015 - Bruno Latour as keynote

2015 Millennium Conference, “Failure and Denial in World Politics”, LSE, 17-18 October 2015 – more details here.

Programme:  DRAFT 2015 Millennium Conference Programme

Call for Papers:   …

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the Divergent Proposal.

The other week I read a post that I believe was by Donna Haraway ( I could ne wrong) that was addressing something to the effect that was “the cresting and crashing of the Speculative Realism wave”, and again I was left in an odd sort of state. 1,878 more words


A Rather Disturbing Journey In My Mind

Your question about how I keep my shelves like they are, have really got me thinking about a lot of things. To get to some kind of answere let me take you on a rather disturbing journey in my mind: 429 more words

At the end without space or resources

To understand what kind of society we have – or ought to have – you must consider the purpose of various institutions and what kinds of honors ought to be bestowed. 257 more words


A Preliminary Situation of Latour's [PRE] / [NET]

The issue that concerns Latour shall be used here as an example of how The Philosophical Hack plays and how it can be applied. Note: Reality is a necessary situation, and Latour’s project, as well as Prof Sassen’s in my previous post,both which stem toward an inclusion of what is either invisible and or excluded, are already situated away from any previous iteration of such projects, as they are firmly situated in real modes. 313 more words

Bruno Latour - Modernity is at its end

There are no more revolutions in store to impel a continued forward flight. There are so many hybrids that no one knows any longer how to lodge them in the old promised land of modernity. 13 more words