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Review: 'A Philosophy of Christian Materialism'

Readers of this month’s edition of the journal Modern Theology can look at my extended review of this excellent book:

A Philosophy of Christian Materialism: Entangled Fidelities and the Public Good…

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Badiou, Latour and Saint Paul

At the very outset of his Saint Paul: The Foundation of Universalism, Badiou lays out the possibility of a philosophical reading of Paul:

Basically, I have never really connected Paul with religion.

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New Introduction to Latour's Thought

This looks like a useful introductory study to Latour’s thought, written by a thinker who himself is close to Latour and well-placed to consider his overall corpus. 100 more words

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Translation of 'Facing Gaia' is now due

Hooray, here at last is the promise of the English translation of ‘Facing Gaia’, some time in 2017.

Before then, if you want my own potted summary, find it here.

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Michel Serres and Pollution

I read these meditations of Graham Harman and Bruno Latour on the subject of ‘waste’ with interest.

In The Natural Contract (1992), Michel Serres defines ‘pollution’ as the act by which human subjects define themselves apart from the world of relations, thereby enacting the epistemological bifurcation of ‘knowing subject’ from ‘known object’ that is characteristic of Modernity. 842 more words

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Latour as a Reader of Emile Durkheim

I have posted bits of this before, but if you’re interested here’s a short essay on Latour’s reading of Emile Durkheim’s 1912 text in social theory,  137 more words

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