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'We are indeed at war'

– How do you explain the rise of antiscientific thinking and “alternative facts”?
– To have common facts, you need a common reality. This needs to be instituted in church, classes, decent journalism, peer review. 353 more words


Europe alone—only Europe

Bruno Latour, translated by Stephen Muecke

I begin with the simple idea that climate change and its denial have been organizing all of contemporary politics at least for the last three decades. 1,832 more words

Theologies of Retrieval

Dr John Reader and I attended a very interesting launch event for this new book in Oxford last week. The idea of “retrieval” is of course an important one for , whose hiatus is “reprise”. 23 more words

Bruno Latour

Assemblage and Asseblage Theory

“Assemblage” is a term used by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari to counter all claims to presence or center in favor of the many material ways that objects come together over time. 591 more words

Literary Theory

Bruno Latour

I came across an interesting interview with Bruno Latour, a sociologist with an interest in Science and Techology Studies (STS), who was involved with what has been called the… 661 more words

The Scientific Method

Facticity Plasticity

The New York Times has apparently told its reporters they can’t tweet anything partisan.

If only the Times had called me (hey Baquet! call me!). 800 more words


If you need a "way-in" to Latour's writing on religion....

Here is an excellent short introduction to the theology of Latour by the ever-wonderful John Reader: do check it out.

Bruno Latour