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Kierkegaard, Schmitt and Political Theology

Here’s a little article of mine, recently published, on the conception of the human self ‘coram deo’ with reference to the work of Kierkegaard. 125 more words

Bruno Latour

The Surplus of Objects

In Immaterialism, Graham Harman offers a provocative critique of Latour’s social theory, praising Actor-Network Theory as “the most important philosophical method to emerge since phenomenology in 1900” (pg. 577 more words


Sorry for the hiatus

I’m sorry for my lack of activity on the blog recently (as some of you have reminded me!) I have recently been ordained into the Church of England and have found my time taken with weddings, funerals and baptisms, rather than by the words of Serres, Voegelin and Löwith as I would wish. 42 more words

Bruno Latour

Books received - Freud, Carceral Notebooks 12, Derrida, Latour, Eribon

Two volumes of the Penguin Freud library, issue 12 of the Carceral Notebooks; the most recently published Derrida seminar, Théorie et pratique; Bruno Latour’s… 59 more words

Science and Philosophy; or, Toward a Philosophical Science, or, a Science of Philosophy.

Its happening.

Do scientists argue over facts? If they agree on a subject, such as water, an instrument and its calibration, such as a thermometer, do they then argue that water does not freeze at zero degrees Fahrenheit ? 553 more words


It’s No Game: Post-Truth and the Obligations of Science Studies, Erik Baker and Naomi Oreskes

Author Information:Erik Baker and Naomi Oreskes, Harvard University, ebaker@g.harvard.edu, oreskes@fas.harvard.edu

Baker, Erik and Naomi Oreskes. “It’s No Game: Post-Truth and the Obligations of Science Studies.” 5,516 more words


Shout It Out Monday - Fiddling While Rome Burns

Because I have been reading the essay collection The Great Regression at work during my lunch break, I didn’t read it at all during my vacation last week (And while I fully intended to catch up and keep up with comments here and all your wonderful blogs, that didn’t happen. 385 more words

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