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Some quick thoughts on laïcité

Some tweets on the mythological function of the concept of the ‘secular’:

It is no surprise that the rendering of 'religion as a mode of existence' has originated with Bruno Latour, a Frenchman, …

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The World-Historical Institution of [REL], part 1 of 2

The presentation of ‘religion as a mode of existence’ that I’ve offered in various posts above remains close to the technical nomenclature of Latour’s own system. 984 more words

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The Characteristics of [REL], 3 of 3

The third characteristic of is hesitation. Hesitation is the reflex of reprise. It resists transcendent closure (‘religion is this or that experience’) and continually refers back to the performance of entities in the common world for its definition (‘this or that experience… 892 more words

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The Characteristics of [REL], 2 of 3

The second consequence of , which evidently follows from the first, is that it will display strong inclusivist tendencies. That is to say, if it functions via reprise, will be alert to the arrival of new and unexpected entities by which that reprise might be furthered. 736 more words

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The Characteristics of [REL], 1 of 3

Having shifted up to the mode of existence itself, a general description of can now be provided. Three characteristics in particular can be noted.

First, religion experienced as will take the form of progressive composition. 169 more words

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Thinking about the French thinking

Dr Sudhir Hazareesingh is a very important mediator of and commentator on French thought for an English audience (this book, for example, is a good start for anyone dipping their toes into the field). 302 more words

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Specifying Religion as a Mode of Existence

Continuing the general bent of this blog, which is towards a clarification of Bruno Latour’s concept of religion as a mode of existence .

Having identified the empirical site that ‘gives’ it ( 469 more words

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