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The Don As Art

Part of the noose that is knot this week is the Meredith Vieira/Don Trump extravaganza that took place on The Today Show, April 7th 2011. 491 more words

notes on beyond the pleasure principle, from july 2

Outer layers buffer stimuli exciting Pcpt. Cs. Events encrust on the surface of the organism. Not only in its lifetime, but also on evolutionary timescales. 563 more words

New conceptions of Technology

Why a new conception of technology?  Without question we turn on lights, check our phones, take some sort of transportation, eat engineered food, engage in a multinational banking system, etc.   2,278 more words


Latour on the Challenges of Identity Politics in India

Here is a very useful interview of Latour conducted by Gaurav Daga, one of his students. Well worth a read.

Bruno Latour

Stephen Muecke on Souriau

This is a lovely and very well-written piece in the LA Review of Books from Stephen Muecke on Étienne Souriau and the concept of instauration. Well worth a read. 244 more words

Bruno Latour