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Latour's Actor Networks and Implications for Social Movements, or, Anti-Vaxxers Find a Black Box

Having focused so closely on texts about social movement and the methods and assumptions therein, I turn now to methods that can be brought to social movement rhetorical study. 1,269 more words


Digital mapping as double-tap: cartographic modes, calculations and failures

I have a new co-authored, open access article (with Sybille Lammes) recently out in Global Discourse. Entitled ‘Digital mapping as double-tap: cartographic modes, calculations and failures’, the paper is a constructive reading of Bruno Latour’s latest project: … 410 more words


The Great Pretender

The last thing political rivalry admits to is identity; that there is no difference. Differentiating grounds, no, founds political discourse in the US, grants it legitimacy. 551 more words

Bookending the crisis of modernity: Latour is finishing what Nietzsche mistakenly started

I’m currently writing the final chapter of The Human Remains, addressing Bruno Latour’s modes of existence project and work on Gaia in relation to Serres, Malabou, Meillassoux and Badiou’s accounts of the human. 529 more words


Embodied ways of knowing in physiotherapy - unexplored competencies?

Each day over the next week I’ll post up an abstract for a paper being presented by a member of the Critical Physiotherapy Network at the In Sickness and In Health conference in Mallorca in June 2015.   378 more words


Gaia Global Circus @ The Bloomsbury Theatre Review

As you enter the theatre you can’t help but notice the giant sweeping piece of silk held up by helium balloons, shaped in a crescent across the stage. 293 more words