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Bruno Latour

I came across an interesting interview with Bruno Latour, a sociologist with an interest in Science and Techology Studies (STS), who was involved with what has been called the… 661 more words

The Scientific Method

Facticity Plasticity

The New York Times has apparently told its reporters they can’t tweet anything partisan.

If only the Times had called me (hey Baquet! call me!). 800 more words


If you need a "way-in" to Latour's writing on religion....

Here is an excellent short introduction to the theology of Latour by the ever-wonderful John Reader: do check it out.

Bruno Latour

Comments or Corrections Gratefully Received!

To my faithful readers: I attach below a little introduction (slightly redacted at the end) to a thesis I’m writing on Latour’s “political theology”. Any comments or corrections would be gladly noted on timothy.howles@keble.ox.ac.uk. Many thanks.


Bruno Latour

Rethinking Durkheim

This looks like an interesting inaugural event from the new British Centre for Durkheimian Studies, based here at the Faculty of Theology & Religion, University of Oxford. 62 more words

Bruno Latour

Kierkegaard, Schmitt and Political Theology

Here’s a little article of mine, recently published, on the conception of the human self ‘coram deo’ with reference to the work of Kierkegaard. 125 more words

Bruno Latour

The Surplus of Objects

In Immaterialism, Graham Harman offers a provocative critique of Latour’s social theory, praising Actor-Network Theory as “the most important philosophical method to emerge since phenomenology in 1900” (pg. 577 more words