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Shout It Out Monday - Fiddling While Rome Burns

Because I have been reading the essay collection The Great Regression at work during my lunch break, I didn’t read it at all during my vacation last week (And while I fully intended to catch up and keep up with comments here and all your wonderful blogs, that didn’t happen. 385 more words

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Holland Festival: Democracy in the Anthropocene

The arts festival Holland Festival in Amsterdam has installed a Parliament of Things (after Bruno Latour) to explore questions of democracy in the Anthropocene. One of the speakers at the Parliament is Eva Meijer, who will also speak at our non-human animals event on 23 June. 104 more words


Theology and New Materialism

If you are in or near Oxford next week and are interested in philosophies of “new materialism” and how they might relate to contemporary theology, do come to this event: 113 more words

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Bruno Latour's Anti-sacrificial Politics

Absolutely wonderful to see this lecture on Latour from one of the best critics around (and my old French tutor!), Martin Crowley, delivered at Oxford.

Bruno Latour

Latour and the non-space and non-time of Modernity (part 3 of 3)

This is the third of a three-part series. See here for parts one and two.

Just like the concept of “utopia”, the concept of “achronia” (literally “being without time”) functions in an equivalent way for Latour. 459 more words

Bruno Latour

Is STS All Talk and No Walk? Steve Fuller

Author Information: Steve Fuller, University of Warwick, S.W.Fuller@warwick.ac.uk

Steve Fuller holds the Auguste Comte Chair in Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick. He is the author of more than twenty books, the next of which is… 1,258 more words


Bruno Latour, The New Climate in Harper's Magazine (open access)

Bruno Latour, The New Climate in Harper’s Magazine (open access)

By Bruno Latour, from The Great Regression, a collection of essays edited by Heinrich Geiselberger that will be published next month by Polity.

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