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Historicizing Bruno Latour's "Why Has Critique Run out of Steam?"

Last fall on Twitter I participated in a brief exchange regarding the historical context for Bruno Latour’s celebrated essay “Why Has Critique Run out of Steam? 385 more words

Time is Longer That We Think..

If we think there was a post-modern era, and now we are in a another era, think again. While I have my difficulties with Bryant, he at least appears to engage with ideas and text in a manner that defies ‘temporal eras’. 265 more words

Long extract from the essay by Latour and Stengers on Souriau

Univocal have provided a long extract from the essay by Bruno Latour and Isabelle Stengers, Le sphinx de l’œuvre. You can find it here. Well worth a read.

Bruno Latour

The Modern of Post Modernism; The Anthropocene, Object Orientation and the Possibility of Ground.

I feel it is time to clear the air; the smoke of post-modernism still seems to linger. It is time we come to terms with what Post-Modernism means, what it meant, what it is. 1,286 more words

Soren Kierkegaard, Peter Sloterdijk and the History of [REL]

The Reset Modernity catalogue looks wonderful. I actually submitted a piece myself, which didn’t get accepted. I was very disappointed of course – but the… 4,164 more words

Bruno Latour

More thoughts on the spatio-temporal shifts of Modernity

Last week we looked at some of the spatio-temporal shifts that Latour understands as having occurred in Modernity, and the new form of space-time that Latour’s philosophy encourages us to embrace as an alternative. 660 more words

Bruno Latour