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Bruno Latour - There are no apparent winners or losers after modernity

If so many of our contemporaries are reluctant to use this adjective today, if we qualify it with prepositions, it is because we feel less confident in our ability to maintain that double asymmetry: we can no longer point to time’s irreversible arrow, nor can we award a prize to the winners. 72 more words

Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour - Image explaining that networks never are stable

The tiny networks we have unfolded are torn apart like the Kurds by the Iranians, the Iraqis and the Turks; once night has fallen, they slip across borders to get married, and they dream of a common homeland that would be carved out of the three countries which have divided them up. 9 more words

Bruno Latour

Bruno Latour - We Have Never Been Modern

Bruno Latour’s We Have Never Been Modern (1993) is one of my favorite books. Not only is Latour really witty. He also, in my opinion, gives a refreshing description of “the moderns” – the children of modernity. 72 more words

Bruno Latour

Mail Art as Knobs Instead of Nodes.

When we talk about networks, we usually imagine a structure of dots with connection lines. However, the images of networks show a peculiar place where dots and blobs are suspended in empty space. 361 more words

Interesting links: June 2015

Regarding climate change, June 2015 is about Pope Francis’ encyclical – see articles in The New York Times, The New York Review of Books… 520 more words


sorting the entanglement of assemblages and networks

I was fortunate enough to participate in the RSA Summer Institute, taking the New Materialisms workshop with Thomas Rickert and Byron Hawk. The company and conversation were extremely generative, both for my own developing project(s) and bringing new perspective to theory in the readings. 1,520 more words

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