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Latour and the non-space and non-time of Modernity (part 2 of 3)

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Latour’s appropriation of the concept of utopia is quite different.

Latour understands utopia to be a representation of a certain spatial conditioning effect that is imposed upon the human subject by the epistemological regime of Modernity. 1,959 more words

Bruno Latour

Latour and the non-space and non-time of Modernity (part 1 of 3)

Latour’s diagnosis of Modernity and its spatio-temporal conditioning effect culminates in his description of contemporary Western society as being characterised by ‘utopia’ (the condition of being ‘without space’) and ‘achronia’ (the condition of being ‘without time’). 512 more words

Bruno Latour

When there’s a lack of techniques, when by chance a strike or breakdown deprives us of a means of communication or transport, everyone learns, walking and talking, that the social world is indeed flat, that it has to be composed piece by piece, staircase by staircase, concierge by concierge.
Bruno Latour & Emilie Hermant


Bruno Latour, Sociology of Technology and Design

Design and technology should not be thought as weapons used to make people do what we want, but tools to improve lives. 757 more words


Robots don't kill workers, do they?

Actually, robots do kill people.

A 21 year old external contractor was installing the robot together with a colleague when he was struck in the chest by the robot and pressed against a metal plate.

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The Anthropocene in "Tegenlicht"

The latest episode of the Dutch TV programme “Tegenlicht” (VPRO) was entirely devoted to the Anthropocene. The documentary (in Dutch/interviews in English) featured contributions by Bruno Latour, Andrea Wulf, Jan Zalasiewicz, and Phil Gibbard. 8 more words


Is Latour's "diplomacy" actually "conservative"?

Paradoxically, Bruno Latour’s anti-scientism is accompanied by a conservative regression towards institutional demarcations and by his legitimisation of the hierarchies that are internal to the institutions demarcated in this way.

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