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Some new posts from Latour on Brexit

Brexit would be terrible for the rest of Europe, but imagine what will become of Shrunk Britain: the inventor of global reach a rump state.

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The value of remaining

I am worried about the escalation of rhetoric with regard to the British EU referendum.

In my humble opinion, this is very much a function of the discourse of ‘facts’ that has characterised the debate from the beginning. 454 more words

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Latour and the Religious Justification of Evolutionary Theory

Political theology A shows that rather than being secular, the Modern understanding of ‘the natural world’ is in fact Religious.

This is because the category of Nature subsumes ontological pluralism to transcendence; that is, it accounts for the agonistic interactions of the plural actors (human and nonhuman) themselves by a principle that is external to them, namely, Nature—‘a second level, floating above the first level, that of struggling and thriving organisms’. 637 more words

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La religion comme un élément structurel du système philosophique de Latour

Que devons-nous faire de la religion de Bruno Latour?

Il me semble que la question est actuellement particulièrement confuse. En realité, peut-être devrais-je m’exprimer en des termes plus fermes encore: il me semble que cette question est… 1,858 more words

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Literary Networks and Cultural Collaborations

A one-day conference at Birkbeck College invites proposals of previously unpublished papers

Literary Networks and Cultural Collaborations:
From 19th Century to the Present Day

One-day conference… 546 more words


Religion as a structural component of Latour's system

What are we to do with Bruno Latour’s religion?

It seems to me that the issue is confused at the moment. In fact, perhaps I might express myself in even stronger terms: it seems to me that that the issue is… 1,396 more words

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Notes on Face à Gaïa (Lecture 3)

Lecture Three: Gaïa, figure (enfin profane) de la nature

Remember, these are just some notes on the book. They are provisional and unedited. No responsibility claimed: take them or leave them! 2,107 more words

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