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The Empirical Site of Religion

In recent posts, I’ve laid out the crossing. This is the pernicious amalgamation to which religion has been subjected in Modernity and that has caused its rationality to be obscured and abused. 1,621 more words

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Latour on Paris Attacks

Latour on Paris Attacks: 

What is so discouraging about the terrorist acts is that our discussion of what motivated the operations is as insane as the acts themselves.

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The Other State of Emergency

In typically apposite fashion, Latour has just published an opinion piece  on the repercussions of the 13-11 Paris attacks on the COP-21 civil society protests, which develops his Schmittian understanding of the ‘state of war’ or ‘state of emergency’ that we currently find ourselves in.  28 more words

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French Philosophy Today: New figures of the Human, low-res cover

Today I received the first low resolution mock-up of the cover for my new book: French Philosophy Today. New Figures of the Human in Badiou, Meillassoux, Malabou, Serres and Latour.  12 more words

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Face à Gaïa: A Review by Patrice Maniglier

As readers of this blog will know, Bruno Latour’s recent book, Face à Gaïa, is not due for translation into English until next year… 1,220 more words

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The Terrorist Attacks in Paris

This was a poignant series of tweets from Bruno Latour and the AIME team, posted a couple of days ago in response to events in Paris. 269 more words

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The Role of the Hermit.

The hermit is a conventional scapegoat. The categorization imposed upon a person allows the conventionally faithful their comfort in reality.

“…the act of insaturation has to provide the opportunity to encounter beings capable of worrying you.

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