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你眼中的Bruno Munari?

2016秋天Green Tots繪本館選擇介紹一位在中文搜尋較少資料的Bruno Munari作本次繪本沙龍主題。

“The new Leonardo”

來自義大利米蘭的Bruno Munari曾經被畢卡索讚譽為義大利”新世代的達文西”。達文西身兼科學和藝術工作。Bruno Munari也不枉多讓,屬於1930世代的他將藝術理念大膽嘗試呈現於不同的領域。在那個年代的大多數仍被古典藝術束縛,認知’專精才是專業’的年代,Bruno Munari卻大膽的將創作呈現在影像設計、兒童繪本、家具設計、玩具創作,他勇於試驗的性情可以由經典的書In the Darkness of Night窺見。在當時童書多是以單色印刷的年代,這本書材質與印刷應該算得上當時繪本中的LOUIS VUITTON。

也因為這本書…讓Green Tots所有成員們一致選擇Bruno Munari作為本次繪本沙龍話題的起點…

In the Darkness of Night… 81 more words

英文繪本 Picture Books

Exhibition: Franco Costalonga at GR gallery NY

 Chosen for  THERESPONSIVEI.COM  by Eva Zanardi  

GR gallery                                                                                                                                                        255 Bowery, New York – NY, 10002

Visitor Information: Tue‐ Sat 12:00pm – 7:00pm

GR gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the Italian artist and kinetic and op art innovator Franco Costalonga. 175 more words

Op Art

ML178: Inca Pax (Tutamen)


1. Bruno Munari, Design as Art (Penguin Modern Classics), Paperback, September 1, 2008.
2. Bruno Munari, Talking Forks, 1958.
3. Bruno Munari, Scultura di Viaggio (Travelling sculpture), 1958-1989. 109 more words


bringing me joy are

… books by Bruno Munari on drawing trees and drawing the sun. Online descriptions suggest they were written for children but I think what is meant is children of all ages.  54 more words


What? Two Bottles? Start Looking Sideways...

Always roaming in and out of book stores and on book sites, a few years ago I saw the book The Art of Looking Sideways… 278 more words

Graphic Design

Beatrice Alemagna Q&A

It’s a great pleasure to welcome Beatrice Alemagna and hear about the books that shaped her as a reader and helped make her a creator of unique picture books. 685 more words