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Tus ft Bruno - Shqiptare

Η ώρα έξι έξω έχει φέξει είσαι τόσο σέξυ τα έχω παίξει σε ρωτάω την καρδιά μου γιατί έχεις κλέψει είμαι από την Αλβανία μου λες με μία λέξη ξέρεις για την Φουρέιρα πόσο τον έχω παίξει;

Tekste Shqip

How Love Works

I love him. Bruno, that is. I love him from the same place where the love for all creatures in my care is formed, deeply and fully; there is not a separate pot — one for “mine” and another for those in temporary care. 506 more words

Life Made Full With Animals

Bruno Multi Stick Blender



其實未嚟日本之前都有睇過呢d blender,但以前好少煮,所以無買。上年初初到,都有去睇,不過當時仲有空閒時間,自己慢慢煮都得,就無買。到今年忙,又再諗起呢樣野,竟然仲啱啱新出粉紅色,真係註定要買!



Meet the writers: Bruno

Hello everyone,

my name is Bruno and I am one of the many bloggers on this site.

Well ok, that’s kinda obvious, with that title up there saying “meet the writer” and all, and I think I’m wasting way too many of the available characters just rambling on not really getting anywhere, so let’s start with the real deal, shall we? 389 more words

A few more hours of silence.

As promised here is a second part of the impressions from Soma training from 25th of October. The full explanation of the day is in the first post, you can read it… 626 more words

BRUNO - German Shepherd X Collie - 8 Months Old

BRUNO at a glance:

  • Sex: Scrumptious Young Man (Dog)
  • Age: 8½ Months Old
  • Breed: German Shepherd X Collie
  • Good with Children Aged 7+ (Has never lived with any, but is young and energetic)
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